A brief overview of what you are going to explore is sufficient; try not to delve too far into your ideas too quickly. Speaking as one of the students who hated it back in Year 12, I know how frustrating it is to have to write pieces with such vague guidelines. Difference Between Context and Content Definition. Are you cramming the start of your paragraph with yellow and then discussing it all at the end? The more impactful and profound those statements are, the easier it is to impress your assessors. These were some of the more popular themes of that era, and so form context of the Oedipus Rex. Always pick something that underpins the argument you’re writing. You may also want to try something slightly ‘hybrid-y’ as the year goes on, especially if you find the expository style a bit dry. Figure out the meaning of the word from clues in the sentence. because you’ve got something on either end of your piece as a framing device to hold it all together) and is especially impressive when it’s relevant to the prompt. For instance, your topic sentence might explain that ‘Changes in the world around us can have a significant impact on our self-image.’ Notice that I haven’t said what that impact is, or why this is the case? During this entire period, Calvinism was popular within the English churches; however, it was controversial. Your priority here should be to address the prompt as quickly and as clearly as possible! Next up, and arguably most importantly, we have your body paragraphs. To keep it simple, though, break apart your paragraphs evenly, and distribute your ideas between them. It can also make the intro feel a bit ‘list-y’ if you’re just like ‘Firstly… Furthermore… Moreover… However…’ So instead, concentrate on unpacking the prompt in general terms, and delve into the questions/ideas you want to explore in your piece. Designed by Ehsan. That way, you’ll be able to support the point you make about the author’s intent with some background. This is commonly known as ‘bookending’ (i.e. A great place to start, if you’re concerned with the balance of evidence to discussion is to take two coloured highlighters and annotate accordingly. If you manage to set things up well at the beginning here, it not only puts your marker in a great mood, but it can help shape your content too. There’s also the ‘hybrid’ style that involves combining two or more other forms, which is also a great option for those looking to write more unique pieces. Firstly, you’d have to consider whether you mostly agree or mostly disagree; then: If mostly agreeing: Examples of Context in a sentence Without context, many conversations that you overhear only a part of make no sense whatsoever, and can often be kind of weird. In what way do they help you? Here, your task is to make to focus of your body paragraph as clear as possible to the assessors. ‘Although external forces can have some effect on our perspective, ultimately, individuals have a far greater control over their own views of the world than other influential factors do.’).