The pair went on to win the series. [9], On 4 September 2013, Channel 4 announced there would be another series of Coach Trip consisting of 30 episodes, each 30 minutes long. Location: The Arctic Circle Part 2 Afternoon Activity: Location: Inari The Mediterranean tour centring towards Western Asia began in the UK, before moving to Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, and for the first time Macedonia. This is regardless of whether the couple already has a yellow card or not. The voting system of awarding a treat was reintroduced during Series 8 and during the Christmas series. Coach Trip 7 was the seventh series of Coach Trip in the United Kingdom. Pat & Mike joined on Day 9 and lasted till final day. Filming took place between September and October 2014, The series began airing on 24 November 2014 for 20 episodes, 3 days after the tenth series concluded, concluding on 19 December 2014. This is a new format, as it consisted of 40 episodes and followed the "Road to..." format. [3][4] The series was renewed for a fourth series in July 2017. New couples who arrive after the originals are immune from the first vote that they are present at, although they are allowed to vote against another couple (unless they are also a new couple). [5] The fifth series began airing on 28 January 2019 with the title Coach Trip: Road to Barcelona, reverting to 30 episodes, it ended on 8 March 2019.[6]. On the last day of the coach trip the remaining couples vote for the couple that they want to win the £1,000 prize for charity. I suspect Terry and Julie are gone tomorrrow if they refuse to vote. MODEL twins Ruby and Pearl Day, who have set pulses racing in E4'S Coach Trip: Road to Tenerife, opened up about their famous exes. On Day 17 of Series 1, Day 19 of Series 3 and Day 12 of Series 13, Brendan decided to have a vote cancellation due to shortages of couples. Morning Activity: Entered coach after lunch on Day 8 and left on the start Day 9 due to Carol falling ill. Afternoon Activity: Location: Åre [23] The series was filmed from September 2012 (visiting Barcelona, Jamaica, Cancún in Mexico and Istanbul) and aired in the 5:00 pm slot, narrated by Tupele Dorgu. In early 2013, the show went into hiatus again and was replaced by 2 new shows, Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour and Brendan's Love Cruise. Filming took place from 4 to 18 July 2011. If a tie vote occurs, Brendan takes the nominated couples to one side while the remaining couples decide who should be awarded the penalty card, treat or prize. [1] On 9 April 2014, a further four series were announced following the success of the ninth series in early 2014. On each series of Coach Trip there are different activities each day for the tourists and celebrities to do and/or have already done by order of appearance. Filming started in May 2005 and lasted until July 2005, the series began airing on 22 May 2006 and concluded on 30 June 2006. Andy Love was the narrator in the first two series, with David Quantick taking the role in both series 3 and 4. Afternoon Activity: Felt-making craft lesson. During the vote, Brendan acts as co-ordinator of the vote and awards the couple the yellow/red card. Ali & Bev entered coach on Day 1 and red-carded off the trip with 5 votes 2 days later. They lasted 5 hours, becoming another couple to have the shortest stay. Day 5 of Series 15, entitled "Road to Marbs" had the same voting rules as Day 22 of "Road to Ibiza" as 2 couples each received 2 yellow cards each from tied votes. Tour guide Brendan Sheerin, coach driver Paul Donald and narrator David Quantick all returned for this series, which aired on Channel 4. On the last day of the coach trip the five remaining couples voted for the couple that they want to win the luxury holiday in Marbella and the £1,000 prize. On Day 12 of Series 4, the vote was also changed after a fight had broken out on board the coach between Bruce & Jon and Tam & Jayson before new couple Mark & Mary arrived, this normally results in the couples on board voting for who they want to receive a treat rather than the penalty cards. The only difference was in Series 5 is they had a different voting system where as if you got the majority of the votes then you became immune from being voted for the following day. Filming started in April 2004 and lasted until June 2004, the series began airing on 7 March 2005 and concluded on 19 April 2005. Coach Trip 8 was the eighth and final series of Coach Trip in the United Kingdom, before the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Afternoon Activity: Location: Ornskoldsvik [10] This series is called Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza and it began airing on 25 July 2016. The length of this series was the same as the previous non-celebrity series but with only 1 day of a weekend included at the end of the tour. This is the first time a couple has engaged on Coach Trip. On the last day of the coach trip the remaining couples vote for the couple that they want to win the £1,000 prize for charity. The trip went through several European countries. Coach Trip 4 was the fourth series of Coach Trip in the United Kingdom. Filming started in May 2010 and lasted until June 2010, the series began airing on 30 August 2010 and concluded on 8 October 2010. The series involves seven couples traveling on a one-month tour centering on Northern European countries for the first time, with visits to Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Afternoon Activity: Location: Lapland Part 2 On 6 April 2016, it was announced that Coach Trip will return for a fourteenth series in 2016 on E4. Entered coach on Day 1, all couples lasted entirety of series (Day 15). Shortest stays on the coach on a 50-day series, Joined on Day 11 and red-carded off the trip a day later for fighting with Tam and Jayson, Longest time couples spent on a 20-day series after receiving a yellow card, Lasted the entirety of the series as originals after receiving a yellow-card on Day 10, Longest time couples spent on a 30-day series after receiving a yellow card. [citation needed] This was titled Coach Trip: Road to Tenerife and aired from 8 January 2018 to 2 March 2018. On 13 July 2017 it was announced that Coach Trip would return for series 17.[11]. Series 1 to 3, 4 (which was a 50-day series) and 6 to 9 all didn't have this voting system in place. Afternoon Activity: Figure skating. The voting system rules reverted to those of earlier series. Celebrity Coach Trip began showing repeats on Travel Channel in May 2014. Afternoon Activity: Location: The Arctic Circle Part 1 Introduced by July 2010, effective from Series 5, five couples became the new minimum required for a vote to take place. [24] The other replacement show (produced by Optomen) was aired in December 2013, after being commissioned for a 20-episode series. If Brendan thinks that the couple canvass for votes, overtake the previous vote, instigate a fight at the vote or shows inappropriate sexual behaviour they will automatically receive a red card and the vote will either begin or continue without them. The length of this series was the same as the previous non-celebrity series but still with weekends excluded. [1] Sheerin and Donald both returned to the show. David Quantick was the narrator and MT04 MTT was the registration number plate for the first and only time. Christmas Coach Trip was the first and only series of a Christmas-themed version of Coach Trip.Filming for this series took place from 28 November to 12 December 2011 and aired on 12 December 2011. Chantal entered the coach on Day 1 with Hollye and was Yellow-carded on Day 8, Hollye left the coach on Day 12. Tour guide Brendan Sheerin and coach driver Paul Donald both returned for this series, which aired on Channel 4 with a similar start to series 1 and a similar end to series 2. This year the trip was centred on Mediterranean countries. Since the revived series, Coach Trip has moved to the 5:00 pm slot (in series 3, 4, 7, 9, Celebrity Coach Trip 2 & 3 and Christmas Coach Trip) and later to the 5:30 pm slot (in series 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and Celebrity Coach Trip 1) on Channel 4. October 22, 2020 Leave a comment. Afternoon Activity: Location: Rovaniemi Filming started in July 2010 and lasted until August 2010, the series began airing on 14 February 2011 and concluded on 25 March 2011. Coach Trip series 16 was confirmed by E4 on 14 December 2016. It began airing on the same day that filming finished. Leading the cast … Coach Trip 5 was the fifth series of Coach Trip in the United Kingdom. Coach Trip is a British reality game show originally broadcast on Channel 4 from 7 March 2005 to 30 June 2006. Original 5, Yellow-carded on Day 1 and lasted till final day, making the whole 10 days of the series. Celebrity series winners receive £1,000 for their charities, The Road to ? ^1 Due to Diana and Rebecca winning immunity, at vote time the couple who received the most votes would get an immediate red card which resulted in Steven & Jamie receiving the red card. I have never lost my love for the north. The vote usually takes place at the days location and occasionally on board the coach, while travelling to the next destination or to the hotel, in front of each other. The only difference was in series 7 the voting system started with receiving an automatic red card on the first day where as if you got a red card with the most votes you could be sent home without departing the British isles. This coach trip had a journey around the Mediterranean, with the starting location and pick up point in South Paris, France and the first destination was Monaco. In the first two series, the winners received an extended stay in the final destination of the trip as their prize, while in the third and sixth series, the winners received a holiday voucher. The Voting system on this series was the same as Road to Ibiza: Celebrity Coach Trip 1 is the first series of Celebrity Coach Trip which was filmed from 6 to 20 September 2010 and began airing on 8 November 2010. Afternoon Activity: Christmas wreath making. Afternoon Activity: Ice hockey, Location: Umeå Coach Trip 3 was the third series of Coach Trip in the United Kingdom.