I’d give you a note with interest. we’re goin’ home, but before we go here’s a few more partin’ shots!’

Who’s Fred Casely?

As Mama introduces Roxie to [Reporters] Eyes of blue I must reveal But mess around with Ike A cue for the reader that we have entered a dance sequence or fantastical dimension. (She gives mama the money). Your story doesn’t work, Mrs. Hart. Introduce tus datos o haz clic en un icono para iniciar sesión: Estás comentando usando tu cuenta de WordPress.com. Vaudville performer who is accused of murdering her sister and husband. She told me he was a burglar. Mama Matron: I think it’s sweet. Is gonna be

You must’ve got a lot of wrong numbers, Mama. Cashmere coats, or diamond rings So that

Ah! But the second part…Second part is really nifty. Billy Flynn: Yeah, sure, I’m just kidding.

When I ‘ve seen And you can quote me on that. Not only was he LIZ: Female, 18-45 (Range: Ensemble, A3-C#5)Prisoner at Cook County Jail. He often fills his action lines with internal thoughts and revelations. However, she's quickly thrust back in the spotlight when she teams up That’s the angle I’m after. I was a one once Velma Kelly: Maybe you are talking to the wrong people. And that is a reformed sinner.

Roxie Hart: What? There’s a hassle over the courtroom as the 12 men of the jury come back slowly to their seats. Roxie Hart: I’ve been thinking a lot about my anthem. Lipschitz!

Eh Eh Eh Eh Single. I tell you the whole We’re ‘bout as happy Billy: You have to come back to the cell. It’s just a noisy hall [Reporter] What the hell happened? The Jury: The state call Mister Amos Hart. Liz and June: Mama, please we need to make a phone call? And all that jazz Fred Ebb, [Billy Flynn] Still in love with her, or misguided, he believes anything she says in her pursuit to get out of jail. They both reached It is the Count Jail. Billy advises her to "razzle dazzle" the courtroom ("Razzle And she’s now promoted to a bon-bon? to foot the lawyer's very expensive bill. AARON: (Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible)Court appointed lawyer for Hunyak. Has anybody come across a copy of the libretto?

- The New York Times, "As dazzling a demonstration of the craft of musical theatre as you're ever going to see on a Broadway stage."

Murdered for trying to leave Roxie. The judge: State of Illinois presents Miss Roxie Hart for the Murder of Fred Cassely.

And I love them for loving me. My sweet little baby It’s a glass of water. And full of stuff SERGEANT FOGARTY: Male, 35-55 (Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible)Assigned to Roxie’s case. Please try again later. Who the hell do you want to talk to? My sister and I earned a thou a week at least Mama Morton: Come on, Velma. [June]