features dual intercoolers linking the Cessna turbocharger to the TCM tuned induction I have worked on a number of turbo models that have been modified by the installation of an intercooler. 185 Skywagon. They also require some additional work when it comes to oil changes and other work inside the engine compartment. The fact that doors were unavailable was causing some insurance companies to stop writing policies on these aircraft since they don’t like to insure aircraft they can’t repair. Time intervals for overhaul or replacement specified by manufacturers are not regulated by the FAA and there is no requirement to follow this criteria unless you operate the aircraft under a part 135 (charter) certificate or there is an airworthiness directive that requires it. The combination of these improvements add up to better overall performance. The handle is popped to this neutral position by a mechanical hydraulic valve that moves when pressure in the gear door plumbing lines builds to a certain point after the doors actually close. STC transforms the heavy hauling Cessna 210 into a quiet, smooth, speedster. The upgrade will cost some multiple of a typical overhaul or rebuilt exchange, but at least it’ll include the already budgeted standard engine change costs. Univair to the extent required by Federal law obtains approval from the FAA for the manufacture of replacement parts for aircraft. When I put the gear down the green light comes on and doors shut.

Another benefit to installing this modified system is that it allows the inspection required by the AD note to be extended to 100-hour intervals rather than 50 hours for the factory parts. The general rule is that it cost about one aviation financial unit (AFU – that’s one thousand dollars for single engine piston airplanes) per nautical mile per hour increase in cruise speed. Reluctantly, though, I finally answered the question and the Cessna 210 was the winner. Be patient when filling the last few gallons and wait a few minutes to verify the tank is completely full. I have only experienced the problem one time in all my 210 flying. Low experience pilots who can afford expensive, high-performance aircraft. Those who have read my articles know that there are not many aircraft I don’t like, but this is an airplane I love. There was very little damage except that the nose gear doors were destroyed.

The modified exhaust is not cheap but it’s a good investment, especially if your aircraft has an older system. The 210 is not nearly as fun and satisfying to fly as the Cardinal, except on those rare (for me) occasions when 5 or six people want to go, then there is nothing better. This work includes replacement of all the rubber seals, inspection of all the internal parts and proper set up of the valves inside. Fitted with an IO-550, updated avionics, and a comfortable cabin for the family, it is hard to see why I will ever want anything else. When the cycle finishes, the handle will pop down about an inch and a half, out of your fingers reach. The debates aren’t so much about the performance changes but more about future marketability of the de-turbo’d airframe. Larry said the engine would be ready in about 3-4 months. The production line ended with the T210R/210R in 1986, along with the rest of the Cessna line, due to economic conditions. They provide an effective cover in addition to a positive seal where water cannot get in. This procedure keeps your hand on the throttle during the initial climb, your eyes outside and a gives you a physical reminder of that handle position. It’s a different story at higher altitudes. Although Cessna began building aircraft again in 1996, the 210 series never came back. Pilots were reporting for the most part, the 550-engine upgrade for the Cessna 210 gets almost the same true airspeeds as the Cirrus. I think some remove the doors to make the airplane appear more modern, like the N model. Most of the new design high performance piston singles are based on the Continental tuned induction 550 series engine. I feel like it’s electrical. announces the receipt of STC SA02918CH to install Teledyne It all adds up to be an expensive upgrade but makes the airplane more capable. Jim's excellent photography is often on display along with his engaging articles. Advertisement Cessna 210 Silver Eagle By O&N Aircraft Modifications Price: $438,000 Price as tested: $380,000 (1993 conversion) Engine make/model: Allison 250-B17F/2 Horsepower for takeoff: … Read More "Cessna 210 Silver Eagle By O&N Aircraft Modifications" Either of these can be installed on a 210 that was originally turbo’d or normally aspirated.

Original fuel caps were a flush type design with a lever that used a cam action to tighten the cap against a big o-ring seal. An industry presumption is that the new airplanes achieved all their performance enhancements due to their great new airframe technologies. Statistically, these are the highest risk group of flyers. The time that makes the most sense is when you’ve determined the current engine must be retired. With a wider gear stance, the wheels entered the fuselage further aft when retracted. This is the main reason you find these early 210s selling for low prices. The engine now had a flatter oil pan, allowing the nose gear to retract more, which gave a more rounded and smoother look to the lower forward area on the cowling.

This is one the best written articles I have read and I don’t even own a 210…yet! Cessna 210 exterior replacement part series includes vertical fin caps, rudder caps, stabilizer tips, elevator tips, tailcones, and stingers. * The 550T.I. engine has a higher compression ratio for improved fuel efficiency and Become a Plane & Pilot Member to explore our complete range of flight reports, technique articles, gear reviews and aviation buyer’s guides written by our experts. Was able to make safe landing but ruined powerpack. Fuel is selected to the fullest tank and several seconds later the green light illuminates, indicating the gear is down and locked. In 1979, the “N” model would become the most popular of them all and nearly 2000 were built. Don’t do it! © 2020 Univair Aircraft Corporation. The exhaust system is still difficult to work on, but the elimination of this rear pipe makes it better and opens up access to the backside of the engine where mechanics occasionally need to work.

It’s no secret you will need a good mechanic. We have compiled the application data for a number of common general aviation aircraft so our customers can easily find their applicable standard The enhanced performance, safety and comfort of the 550 T.I. Only the 1967 and 1968 models have this increased dihedral that improves lateral stability and in 1969, it was reduced down to one and a half degrees. original configuration of rear or bottom mounted locations. On the “D” model 210 in 1964, the flap system was made electric rather than part of the hydraulic power pack like its predecessors and this further improved the 210’s reliability. have the latest engine technology, propeller technology, proven load This provides for better/faster climb rates and true air speed. I think good common sense should prevail with these calendar life cycles provided by the factory. This makes the aircraft much quieter and smoother both inside and out. The sequential nature of the locks, gear legs and doors moving in the proper order require the ‘trust but verify’ theory. Cessna Flap Gap Seal Kit, Cessna 170 thru 210 Models.