Contains sealed and self-lubricating bearings to minimize upkeep and assure durability.

Honesty. All the same high quality features as the 12 Cable Lasher, including dual magazines allowing you to load two 1200 ft. coils of 0.045 in.

All parts are brand new, 100% GMP manufacture and available for same or next day shipment.

Today the Lasher team consists of over six hundred able bodies all working together to produce tough, reliable tools, guaranteed. Even stinkwood was tried! Lasher slippage is no longer a problem. Note: The C2 lasher was introduced in 2003 with serial # 03-5035 C2.

This item keeps your lasher free of tree limbs, drop wires and nuisances which would otherwise obstruct your operation. The parts are made from plated steel, stainless steel, brass or aluminum. All parts are brand new, 100% GMP manufacture and available for same or next day shipment. Contact us with your information.Our team will provide you with a customized quote. WLL), Optional Accessory Handle (provides handle when overlashing), Lashes single or bundled cables up to 1 7/8 in. Up to 4" (102 mm) diameter bundle.

Similar to the Lineman oversize strand lock, simply remove the bumper plate and swap out the strand lock to allow your unit to latch onto strands of the larger size. Made for our newest lasher and similar to the Lineman and Eagle Halo Ring Guards, the Falcon Halo Ring Guard comes with additional adapter plates to fit your machine.

Gear drives and sealed bearings assure maximum durability with minimal maintenance. We even make chrome plated ceremonial spades. The design is suited for new construction or up to it's full 1-7/8in capacity.

The G Lasher is the largest of GMP’s lashers and it is designed to lash large single or combination aerial cables from 2 to 5 inches to a supporting strand. long (25 x 47cm). Use it to single- or double-lash a cable up to 3-1/2" outside diameter multiple cables up to a combined outside diameter of 4-5/8".

Be confident your Lasher … OUT OF STOCK The refurbished C cable lasher is perfect for lashing smaller diameter aerial cables to bare supporting strand with stainless steel lashing wire.

The Falcon Lasher is a completely redesigned lasher, incorporating design elements of our previous Eagle, Lineman and Model K lashers, as well as new design concepts that simplify the lasher to make it more robust and lower maintenance. 61700 - Eagle Lasher for aerial cable lashing. (6 mm) to 7/16 in. J2 Lashers make overlapping easy.