Now, the hard part is over, all that is left to do is to put everything back together but before we do that, we will want to install a couple of cables to control our IPS screen’s brightness. This is a good time to reinstall the D-pad, Start and Select & B and A buttons back into the shell. This console uses an IPS LCD instead of the traditional 101 LCD, which you'll find in most 'brighter-modified' consoles. $19.38.

Before placing the motherboard into the shell, put some tape around either of the remaining wires so you can differentiate them. The screen fits perfectly into the front half of the shell, you don’t need to add any spacer as you do in the GBA IPS mod. 1 x Foam Inserteval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'cheapergamer_co_uk-medrectangle-3','ezslot_7',112,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'cheapergamer_co_uk-medrectangle-3','ezslot_8',112,'0','1'])); Here’s where I got my supplies from for this project: –, Get your FunnyPlaying GBA SP IPS screen here, GBA SP (I actually already had a spare but you can pick one up cheap from eBay ), Screwdriver set including Tri-wing and Philips from Amazon. Place the GBA motherboard into the shell and give it a quick test with some batteries. Also, if you prefer the form factor of the SP, I also have another guide on installing a GBA SP IPS screen mod, please check it out! The original Game Boy Advance has the better form factor when compared to the GBA SP and Game Boy Micro, however, lacked a backlit screen making some games almost unplayable. Store; About; Contact us; Get directions. We can now attach the screen portion of the case to the bottom. On the back of the GBA, there are 6 x tri-wing screws we need to remove, as well as one small Philips head screw hiding in the bottom the of battery compartment. Specially customized for IPS screen Thank You!

If you are reusing your current shell keep these safe, if you are replacing the housing like I am, you usually get a whole set of spares which I will be using. AGS-101 screen into an original Game Boy Advance. Connect the ribbon cable to the motherboard port and hold the battery in place to test.

Push the middle portion of the tape through we only need the edge. This is super simple as it just clips in. Connect your cable into the GBA’s motherboard, shiny contacts should be facing towards you as you do this, and you’ll need to push down on the brown tabs once again to lock it into place. The item does not include conductive pads.
This is optional, but I would personally recommend doing if possible. The Game Boy Advance gives you console-quality gaming in your pocket - and its bright, colourful and finger-intuitive design is still a classic. I used a pair of ESD tweezers and they came off just fine! Being an IPS screen it benefits from a much larger viewing angle than the 101 screens and doesn’t look as washed out. Your email address will not be published. Refund in 15 Days, 4 PIXELS IN 1 IPS FULL VIEWING ANGLE LCD FOR GAMEBOY ADVANCE REPLACE 10 Levels Of Brightness V2 GBA PRODUCTS INCLUDE: eval(ez_write_tag([[970,250],'cheapergamer_co_uk-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_9',116,'0','0'])); Remove the tiny screw and the hinge cover will come off, set this aside if you are reusing your current shell. shipping: + $3.99 shipping . If you are still interested in the AGS-101 screen, please check out my other guide where I installed an AGS-101 screen into an original Game Boy Advance. once the board is back in the shell you can screw it down with the 3 Philips head screws from before.

We always stock the very latest kits so this is . It maybe not fit other screen.

Separate the top from bottom and move the bottom halve to one side. Open the shell of the SP & remove the rubber pads from around the screen bezel.

Note: I have a more in-depth article on how to reshell your GBA SP in which I go into more detail on how to disassemble and re-assemble the GBA SP which you and find here. The IPS screen is brighter, has better viewing angles and better contrast between colours. With the ribbon installed, I would recommend testing the screen before proceeding any further. Only 1 available and it's in 7 people's carts. Carefully, line up the tape the with shell and remove the bottom part being sure to make sure none is overlapping with the viewable windowed in the middle. With the screws out, gently lift up the motherboard to find the ribbon cable that is attached to the board. This, to me, is the most nerve-racking part of the install, the installation of a doubled sized tape.

In the past we have had GBA backlight mod installs using screens from the backlit SP variant AGS-101. ), luckily, cheaper backlit IPS screens are now available and are relatively easy to install. On the motherboard locate pad TP2, just above where the Start and Select button pads are located. Once they are in place we can sink the motherboard back into the shell. They are both very similar and if you're going for an overall brighter screen on your GBA they are both good options. With our GBA open, you’ll need to remove the 3 x Phillips head screws that hold the GBA’s motherboard in place, Un-screw these and put the screws aside. The IPS screen is a 4 times pixel integer compared to the original screen, This means for every pixel the original screen had, the IPS has four which results in a much cleaner image. Business hours. If you want to support Cheaper Gamer you can donate via PayPal here. Installation need to trim GBASP cover the edges of the shell. Once you have all three wires fixed into place, we need to begin soldering them to the motherboard. You need to use a lot of force to push these hinges through, be sure not to injure yourself in the process!*. For a long time, removing these hinges was necessary, the replacement shell does not come with replacements. …

I wish all old handhelds had IPS screen alternatives, fingers crossed for a Sega Game Gear IPS! If some does overlap slightly, you should be able to push it into place from the other side. We will next be removing the Philips head screw that holds the battery compartment together. It’s quite straight forward to do. With the battery is removed, we will remove the 6 tri-wing screws. JCD Multi-Color Buttons Keypads L R A B Buttons For Gameboy Advance … There are ten different levels but the GBA IPS screen will default to level 5. Game Boy Advance.
We going to be focusing on the motherboard next and will need to change over to a small Phillips head screwdriver. Remember to put it in place before closing the two halves. Be sure to screw the small philips head screw in to attach the hinge cover. Be sure to get them the right way around! These are NOT original parts but a third party alternative. *WARNING!! With the ribbon cable flat, you want to connect the small brown connector on the screen to the ribbon cable, they just clip into place. Now that we have our soldering finished, we can start to put everything back together. On your ribbon cable, find the pads ‘SEL’ ‘R’ & ‘L’, we need to solder a wire from each of these points. Just be sure to not dangle your wire across where any of the button pads are going to go. Add some flux to your points and you really only need a tiny amount of solder. $12.92. Free shipping . Install all the screws we took out and don’t forget the rubber pads around the screen bezel, they just push in. *This Section only applies if using original shell* if you are going to be using your original shell you will want to remove the screen. For GBA GameBoy Advance Console IPS Backlight LCD Screen Pre-cut Shell Part Kit. We can now reinstall the power switch, L & R buttons and side pieces. The GBA SP IPS Screen is far superior to even the AGS-101. GBA IPS screen (Comes with IPS screen, ribbon and self-adhesive tape), Soldering Iron (Needed for brightness controls only), Flush Cutters (If cutting original shell), Plastic Brackets (If using original shell), **You can pick-up a pre-modded Shell, IPS screen, Lens new buttons, screwdrivers etc all in one package here, you just need to provide a GBA**. Flip your Game Boy Advance SP over and make sure your console is turned off and you have removed any game from the console.

After this, screw the two halves together with the 5 Tri-wing screws we took out earlier (Replacement shells usually come with there own set). US $39.55. FunnyPlaying ship their screens in a rather fancy box, this is great as it affords a great deal of protection to the contents. Add some batteries or a battery mod and turn it on.

Game Boy Advance Shell Case Black Matt Black Soft Touch IPS GBA RetroSix ABS. Anterior shell × 1 GBASP Ribbon V2 × 1 NOTES. $10.98. As one side lift’s the other side usually closes slightly, so you may have to work it up slowly. Now you are finished you should have a fully working GBA SP with a very vivid IPS screen! You will now be able to pry apart the two halves of the GBA SP’s Shell. Required fields are marked *. $19.97.

Now, on to the GBA SP IPS screen itself. Nintendo Gameboy Advance Shell Housing Transparent Clear … In this guide, I will be showing you step-by-step how to backlight your GBA by installing an IPS screen. The top half of the shell causes a little trouble, the inside of the shell needs a very small modification in order to close with the new screen and ribbon cable installed. Remove the battery and put to the side.

You can use a rotary tool like a Dremel or even some flush cutters.