BotW showed they had an amazing foundation for extensive player experimentation and invention and weapon impermanence played a big role in that as you were constantly changing things up and if things went south and you somehow found yourself without a real weapon you still had your core tools to use; Stasis, Magnesis, Cryonis and Bombs. I've only made a few but I don't think they can. Prepare to be amazed. Two instances of Feathered Edge are now correctly named. One anecdote I've seen repeated often is that weapon scaling continues for some time after enemy scaling is completed. A subtler mechanic weapons have is the ability for some to upgrade to a better weapon once certain point thresholds are reached. ), it will never load in with a modifier. These weapons also participate in weapon scaling and will upgrade if applicable. Ah, okay. It's possible to get white modifiers on things such as Tree Branches and Pot Lids, but it's very rare; it's impossible to get yellow modifiers on these weapons. I plan on possibly posting this in the other places I posted my original thread, but I want to see how it's received here and on the general Zelda Subreddit before I do so. I feel like there should have been a really late game option to make preferred weapons unbreakable. Sorry about any formatting errors as well. It is possible to get yellow modifier bonuses on really weak weapons. Will my progress be deleted if I apply the DLC pack? Instead, a weapon needs to meet a certain criteria in order to receive these upgrades. Added threshold for when Meteo, Blizzard, and Thunderstorm Rods revert to their weaker counterparts with yellow modifiers which had been mistakenly left out previously. All of these cases are likely a result of the weaker and stronger variants being fairly close in strength, which is a quality that has the most influence on when a weapon is upgraded, which leads us to the three factors that influence the how many points are required for any given upgrade to a weapon. Added a link to the video that provides an in-depth explanation of the difficulty scaling systems. One-hit Obliterator has been added to the list of weapons programmed to never have any modifiers regardless of circumstance. So it's not like weapon degradation was a solution to that particular problem. does that apply for the shiekah armour too? Well, that's about everything I have to share. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Added a mention of other exceptions to the general pattern for knowing when a weapon will receive an upgrade. Going back to old zeldas and only having the regular sword is incredibly boring, I loved changing between different kinds of weapons and their elemental versions on the fly. stamina . This was my first playthrough of BoTW when I didn't know anything about these things. Ancient Proficiency is 80%. Modifiers come in waves. share. Thanks for putting in the work, it looks great and I will surely visit again when my mind returns to me. What happens when wolf link loses hearts? Thanks for the Kite Shield information, I added it to the list. The first, as mentioned, is strength, and it is directly tied to the second: weapon class. What is your solution to prevent the player being supremely overpowered for the majority of the game by completely coincidentally stumbling across a powerful endgame weapon? Max. I remember getting an 8 damage Boko Bow once. I wanted to have some hard numbers on how my damage was being affected by the various buffs available, so I took some time damaging a guardian in Moderate Test of Strength with different weapons, armors, and buffs active, and then reading the damage done with Champions's Tunic. This is an incredible write up. This also applies to the amiibo-exclusive weapons, with each having their own point thresholds for obtaining blue and yellow modifiers. Against a Guardian, you can add another 50%. It's possible to get white modifiers on things such as Tree Branches and Pot Lids, I've tried to outline which yellow-modifier weapons go extinct at this link. I'm absolutely sure about the blue Durability Up shields from amiibo is the highest possible bonus, since, yes, the white Attack Up weapons from amiibo are the highest as well. Level 1: … … For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You're adding the buffs incrementally rather than multiplicatively. Indeed, there are always exceptions. The reason I've brought up the previous thread is because the same mechanics that determine when certain enemies receive upgrades are also used for gradual weapon upgrades, so it's a good idea to have a grasp on them before reading this. Those are all yellow bonus Attack Up +'s, right? Biggoron's Sword (Yellow) threshold added. thanks for the tests. Thank you! And what is the timing? I've attempted 15 times to open the Hylian Shield treasure chest, and it doesn't have a modifier. Any of these chests on the Great Plateau will contain weapons with blue modifiers; all others will contain weapons with yellow modifiers. A Lizalfos in Hyrule Castle carrying a Knight's Broadsword and Knight's Shield. Such a shame that my best weapons were reserved for Lynel mounting but I wouldn't use it elsewhere. Base damage is 55. In general, it seems that upgrades are given out every five to seven points should there be any valid recipients. Master Mode Flying Platform Treasure Chests. I take it you missed the written recipes posted in every stable and general store? It's also a work-in-progress. 3 Additional Modifiers, Level 3 1. Yes, i think planning the weapon inventory is part of the charm. Savage Lynel Sword at a base 58 AP: With Barbarian Set > 87 AP with 41 Durability. Now, not every specific instance of a weapon is chosen to receive these upgrades; otherwise, completing the Compendium would be an absolute nightmare. ancient armor set seems to be the best set overall for general purpose usage then, given its high defense and really good dmg buff that doesn't need food (ancient/guardian weapons are easy to buy/farm and are powerful already). I wish you could own more than one at once :/. I already looted the shield :(. Also in Master Mode, there are Vicious Sickle, Demon Carver, Windcleaver, and Duplex Bow in flying platform treasure chests. Not to mention that the 87 damage of Barb+Savage lynel sword can't be further increased whereas the 72 damage guardian sword can get another 50% from food buffs that are super common. There are also some weapons that are specifically programmed to never be able to receive upgrades no matter the circumstance in which they are obtained; these include: Weapons found in amiibo-spawned Treasure Chests will always have a blue modifier regardless of point total. BotW's loot system is miserable and completely defeats the purpose of exploring. I get the whole argument about them wanting to make you try out different weapons, but its not like other games havent found good ways to do that without a durability system. Major 2018/05/05 Update: For the sake of posterity, I will keep the original post as it is (with a few edits acknowledging this work), but recently, Leoetlino reverse-engineered extremely precise data regarding this mechanic. The long spin attacks are really fun, but everything else considered, the ancient set is so far above everything else in terms of both damage and defense and the barbarian set is pretty much useless once you have ancient and 3 bars of stamina. [ nd9k ] User Info: GrilledPuppies. Clarified that only Lomei Labyrinth Island will have weapons that receive modifiers. level 2 And even then, it's been datamined that it can only have a Durability Up modifier. /r/zelda is the hub for anything and everything The Legend of Zelda - the iconic Nintendo series. But does this mean an enemy has to be hit at least twice for it to work? But my weapon inventory is full so I have to throw away something just to take it with me. I started reading because I was intrigued, but turns out I'm still too tired and hung over from yesterday. For example, an amiibo-spawned Treasure Chest that rolled a Knight's Claymore will end up being a Royal Claymore if the point total has met the appropriate threshold (and it will have a blue modifier even if the appropriate point total for designated Royal Claymores having blue modifiers have not yet been met). Would shooting games be better if you didn't run out of bullets? Another one I can think of is the Knight's Broadsword held by a Lizalfos in a hidden room in Hyrule Castle, which is limited to blue modifiers. I think its mostly people being scared to lose their stuff instead of just going in and fighting with anything and everything and not caring about destroying your inventory to make a win happen. Yeah 58 damage on a one-hander is insane, but you only get one of them per lynel you kill and they have such crazy high health pools that you're at a net loss of weapons by the time you can pick it up. How many shrines do you have to do in order to be able to get modifiers for the hylian shield? As usual, I have found a couple exceptions to this as it would seem some elemental Lizalfos varieties can have weapons that receive upgrades despite they themselves not being able to. The Master Sword is designed to fight Gaurdians and clear dungeons. Goron relic remaining uses. Motorcycle. You can fight every enemy in Hyrule Castle with the Master Sword and it won't break once, and then watch it break on a Chu Chi the moment you leave the castle and it stops glowing.