Meanwhile, Jackie wants Tiffany to join a fancy social club managed by the snobbish Mrs. Mason. View Bill Boulware’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. When Calvin asks Brenda to his basketball ball, she is not able to go because she is still one week away from being 16 years old. Because of his suspicious behavior, everyone thinks he's a killer. She breaks off the engagement, but since neither will accept the ring, Mary takes it for safe-keeping. He winds up staying with the Jenkins. Mary goes on a hike with the Buttercups, the group of young girls (like the Girl Scouts) that Alexandria wants to join. Lester comes home from work sick, with the assumption that he has the flu. In the first season, both Helen Martin and Curtis Baldwin, who had only been recurring stars, appeared in nearly every episode. The show went into syndication in the fall of 1990. When Mary is concerned at Calvin and Brenda's nonchalance about teenage pregnancy, she designs an experiment with their sex education class where the kids must take care of an animal. 227 is an American sitcom television series that originally aired on NBC from September 14, 1985, to May 6, 1990. She persuades Brenda to re-write her paper on Mortecai. But when Jackie's car breaks down, Marion must drive them. View Bill Boulware’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. After Austin gives Marion computer-aided financial advice, a computer mix-up gives Marion a large sum of money. When Sandra is dating a man who wants to open a sleazy nightclub down the street, Mary starts a petition to keep it from opening. When Lester goes to watch the game at a friend's house, Mary and the ladies decide to have a girl's night out. Luckily for her, the wife of the gentleman who bought the lamp comes by her apartment to give it back to Mary, because she did not like the lamp either. The pilot was rejected, and Jackée left the show; however, she was a guest star in seven of the final season's episodes. Rowena (Phylicia Rashad), Jackie's adventurous sister, fools Marion and Clayton into a wild, wild trip with her and Jackie, which leads them into using their survival skills. Once a wealthy socialite, she enters the work force for the first time and gets her own place to live. Bill Boulware: September 18, 1995 () 201: Marion and his friend Carlton Banks discover that a boy is dating both Tiffany and Carlton's little sister, Ashley, at the same time, so they decide to teach the duplicitous guy a lesson in respect. Mary says that she can't do that, so Sandra poses as Mary when the owner comes by to talk to Mary about the damages. He played college football for Florida State University, and was recognized as an All-American.A first-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens in the 1997 NFL Draft, he played his entire pro career for the Ravens. She shocks Sandra when she plays "Minuet in G." Guest star jazz musician. When the deal is sealed, the kitchen staff all quit, right before a Japanese tour group arrive to eat. The show was created as a starring vehicle for Marla Gibbs, who had become famous as Florence Johnston, the sassy maid on The Jeffersons, and had starred in Houston's play in Los Angeles. Marion awaits news on an NFL franchise. Marion wants to get Blake out from under Eddie's bad influence. Mary is upset that whenever Lester watches the football game, she doesn't get any attention. Pearl and Rose each put in $500 and receive a stock of the restaurant. But nothing is more of a rude awakening than when Sandra witnesses Cathy going into labor and she sees how Jim was there for her every step of the way. ), When Mary's brother Lewis comes to town on business, she decides to set him up on a date with Rose. According to Gibbs, 227 was originally offered to ABC, but sold to NBC. Most episodes revolved around Drexell's unwillingness to teach his students lessons by the book, or trying to be a good father to his daughters. But when everyone leaves the room, he steals all of their presents. The Prince finds out about the plan and his chauffeur grabs Calvin while the Prince takes his place in the ceremony. Rose has a great time but does not reveal if they went through it or not. They all get lost and decide to stay in a cabin until the next day. Because she loved him and didn't want him to be lonely, they married so soon. Rose sells the building at the same time that Eva Rawley (, Mary's organized a charity benefit featuring diva Beverly Morris (, Mary and the gang try to draw a bead on new landlord Julian Barlow (, The women head to a spa to prepare for a beauty contest. But Tonia has a bad feeling about the young man's intentions – feelings Marion initially discounts. The next day, after no one has arrived to see the car, Mary wants to remove her note. Jackie squeezes into a less-than-lavish but charming house owned by former football player Marion Hill, whose stellar career was ruined by a freak accident. They become suspicious when a skater (, When Mary and Lester are on their way to the airport their tickets are stolen by a pick pocket who is running from the cops. The two go back and forth with whether or not they want to marry each other, until finally Conchita realizes that she does love Carlos and they decide to get married. However, military life becomes a frightening experience when the camp comes under attack for real. She solicits Mary's advice on what to feed her and how to get her to fall asleep. He played college football for Florida State University, and was recognized as an All-American. The real. One of Drexell's few friends at the school was P.E. But Jackie unexpectedly brings the party back to the house and upsets Marion's romantic evening. They decide that they are not ready to get married and need more time to decide whether or not they are ready to get married. They both assume that their mates were cheating with each other, until they realize that their mates used to go to separate cities in Vermont. When Tiffany's social life causes truancy trouble, Marion plots to make her party until she can party no more. She apologizes for saying that she'd marry him just to make her parents mad, and they get a divorce. Sasha and Marion arrive at this point. But it turns out that he's actually writing a novel. NBC aired daytime reruns of 227 from September 1989 to July 1990. The D.C. choir brings in Brenda, Tiffany and friends to sing with their choir, which gives them a unique, youthful sound. He feels dejected and decides he may as well not take the GED test as planned, because people will always see him as an ex-con. Guest star. Mary still does not like him, however he charms everyone and eventually wins Mary over. Meanwhile, Maxwell tries to reconcile with Mercedes with the help of a counselor. He also formed Boulware Enterprises, Inc. to run his promotion Boulware Wrestling Association. They decide to build a large manger on the empty lot to hold the service. He still has their presents. But she wrongly thinks he is in love with her and aggressively pursues him by sneaking into his room wearing sexy lingerie. When they get there, the guy (, The IRS audits Mary and Lester. When Olympic Gold-Medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee drops out, they turn to their partner, ex-pro football star Marion, to use his star power to step in and save the day. They do and they pass the test a second time. Lester eventually finds them all in the laundry room and opens the door so they can leave. [3] Selected Minisodes from the first season are available to view for free on Crackle. King was loosely associated with the Dudes With Attitudes in early 1990 during their feud with the Four Horsemen. Well, now Mary is rooting for Sandra to stay away from men. The series started airing on OWN weekend nights starting December 2, 2017. Her husband, Lester (Hal Williams), had his own construction company, and their daughter, Brenda (Regina King, in her first television acting role), was boy-crazy yet smart and studious. Marion visits his grandmother in Queens, and also sees Natalie. Marion weighs an offer to endorse orthopedic shoes for seniors while on his annual spiritual retreat. They believe that she is too young to date (14). Marion spends Valentine's Day with Alex, but their romance becomes complicated when Tonia, Alex's cousin and Marion's physical trainer, surprises him and reveals that she has a crush on him. After a breakup, Marion is sued for damages over the "little lies" he uttered during the relationship. She fixes Rose up with a date, Ray the mail man, but he breaks his leg and can't go. In the fourth season, an 11-year-old child prodigy named Alexandria DeWitt (Countess Vaughn) became the Jenkinses' houseguest.