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Regardless of how bad a dancer you are, you find yourself dancing to the tunes of bhangra dance songs at parties. Like it and Rate it below.

The 80s and 90s were important decades in music history. Student, Rabia Khan talks to DESIblitz about her love for exercising while listening to Bhangra music, she says: “I have been working out for a year now and I have realised that when a Bhangra song comes on, I become way more energetic. We all know that it is hard to find the motivation to workout and commit to exercising daily. The best of all, Bhangra brings out that roaring laughter and glee in you.

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Undoubtedly, with this song you can do anything. @media(min-width:800px) {.flip_top {width:728px;height:90px;}} Bhangra songs are known for getting everyone moving or even exercising. This is the perfect way to burn calories while having fun. This song is sung by Ranjit Mani. This song instantly gets you going and puts you in the mood for exercising. Time your workouts to the rhythm of the beat, this will keep you motivated to push yourself further to complete that set of sit-ups. This is because it will make you want to keep going while you feel the strain of this exercise. Furthermore, it’s the global accessibility of Punjabi dance songs that has made it hugely popular in the West. This Bhangra song is good for doing some burpees, sit-ups or even 10 reps of lunges. Punjabi songs are notable for their peppy vibe in songs.

This song can be seen as more attractive to women when exercising to empower and motivate them. Lal Ghagra puts you in the mood to easily complete your full workout and exercise routine. “There’s just something about Bhangra, it really gets me going. ‘Sip Sip’ was released in 2018 and is danced to by many Desi’s at weddings or parties. Whether you are working out at home or the gym, this song is great either way. In 2018, Guru Randhawa re-made the famous Bhangra song, ‘Morni Banke’ for the movie Badhaai Ho.

More than anything, it will get you on your feet, dancing! DESIblitz handpicks 15 of the best Bhangra songs for your workout and exercise routines.

This article showcases a list of the best acoustic ballads and acoustic guitar songs. The catchy beats and lyrics in Punjabi dance songs get you to explore your wild side on the dance floor. Why not embrace and make the most out of your exercise and workout routine? Jasmine Sandlas also has another Bhangra song that is great to listen to while exercising called ‘Illegal Weapon’ (2017) with Garry Sandhu.

This song surely needs to be on your workout playlist. However, Bhangra songs can definitely change that and can get you into the right mood.

Listen to it while running on the treadmill at home or even at the gym. The intensity and zeal with which a young and old alike dance to the tunes of bhangra is testimony to the fact that these songs have appeal like no other. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Bhangra represents a range of emotions associated with happiness. Bhangra songs are upbeat, lively songs that are associated with the region of Punjab. Songs help to soothe the strenuous feeling of working out, however, Bhangra songs make everything better.

However, feel assured that ‘Lal Ghahra’ (2015) will certainly mentally ease the strain. Panjabi MC never fails to create amazing songs which also happen to be great for making exercising so much easier for everyone. If this legendary song does not get you into the spirit of exercising, we do not know what will!

Add this upbeat banger to your gym playlist and show everyone else how it is done! Some of the best acoustic rock ballads and power ballads performed by bands and artists came in this era.

Bhangra involves shoulder movements and hip movements which make the dance form an enjoyable workout activity too. In 2018, Guru Randhawa released the Bhangra song, ‘Patola’ for the movie Blackmail.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Traditional Bhangra has led to an explosion of free-from bhangra that has become exceedingly popular with youth. Put together a dance routine for your daily workout to this song and get into the spirit. The duration of song is 15:38. Boxer Amir Khan looking at a Move into Politics? Before carrying out any physical activities, ensure that you are in the right form of health and set realistic goals. My Favorite Quote 100 Greatest Acoustic Rock Ballads and Power ... 100 Greatest Rock Love Songs from the 80s and... 100 Greatest Acoustic Ballads And Acoustic Guitar Songs, 100 Greatest Acoustic Rock Ballads And Power Ballads Of, 100 Greatest Bollywood Dance Songs For New Year Parties, 100 Greatest Rock Love Songs from the 80s and 90s, 100 Greatest Acoustic Rock Ballads and Power Ballads of the 80s and 90s. Go for an early morning run with this song playing in your ears to wake your self up.