Entering our 7th season of /DRIVE on NBC Sports, and with millions of YouTube and Facebook followers, The Drive is a leading authority of all things automotive. Remove the fuel filler cap and empty the contents of the fuel additive into the tank. So, if you own a diesel, this cannot be used with your car. 1 bestseller on Amazon in the Engine and Oil category and is one of the best for cleaning very heavy carbon build ups. The much less common type of fuel additive is a detergent. How are fuel injectors getting clogged up? Fuel injector cleaners are an upgrade from gas treatments since they contain polyetheramine (PEA), which is one of the strongest cleaning agents. It works with gasoline and diesel engines, 4-stroke or 2-stroke, which is a plus and it’s not very expensive either. Entering our 7th season of /DRIVE on NBC Sports, and with millions of YouTube and Facebook followers, The Drive is a leading authority of all things automotive. We recommend that you use it with a funnel to avoid spills. Users should reference the abundant information Chevron provides to achieve the most significant results. Many users claimed this additive made a noticeable difference in their car’s performance. One bottle of the product (12 ounces) is enough for around 16 gallons of fuel, or 1 ounce per 1 gallon of fuel in motorcycle engines. However, all those symptoms can be due to other parts of the engine, so be sure to always maintain your car routinely by regular oil, oil filter and air filter changes as well as spark plugs in the case of gasoline engines. or redline injector cleaner stuff seems to work pretty good. Other than the misleading label, the biggest downside of STP is that the bottles sometimes leak while in transit. They reduce carbon monoxide emissions, remove water in the fuel and get rid of any deposits that can harm your engine. Chevron manufactures a wide line of additives that improve the performance of lubricants and fuels. Despite being the cheapest per ounce, the additive only comes in large quantities. You can expect several improvements on your engine after treating it with a fuel engine cleaner, but these results won’t happen immediately — you often have to drive a few hundred miles for it to work. Drivers looking for fuel injector cleaners are spoiled by a huge amount of options, but we’ve made a list of the best fuel injector cleaners on the market today to make your buying decision easier. Ensure that the tank is filled to the maximum with fuel in the usual manner. Drivers who notice their vehicle underperforming can simply use the product once and immediately see an improvement. The only drawback with this solution is that it can only be used in gasoline engines, but on the upside, it is cheap. Its powerful formula and impressive results often make BG 44K a favorite among mechanics. While Lucas offers one of the best fuel injector cleaners, it isn't without setbacks. This makes for a safer overall product, which means accidentally using more than the suggested amounts won’t hurt your vehicle. For someone looking to keep their engine clean without worrying about repeated use, this system cleaner is your best answer. Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox. One bottle equals one treatment, and the neck is thin enough to fit into your gas tank. That is if it doesn’t have other problems already. Injection/Fuel System cleaner works best on long duration-continuous running scenarios. Much of that drop in performance is rooted in the deposits that build up in the engine over time—cleaning them out with an additive like this helps them run close to new. Lucas Fuel Treatment was chosen as our best value simply because it blows the competition away when it comes to price per ounce. Should I go to a professional to clean my injectors? Techron is also applicable to diesel vehicles. Even though your vehicle needs gasoline, fuel can leave deposits that can damage your vehicle’s system. I usually use the amsoil p.i. Lucas Fuel Treatment was chosen as our best value simply because it blows the competition away when it comes to price per ounce. Not only is it a good cleaner, but it also contains a synthetic lubricant that will reduce friction in the upper cylinder. As long as you follow the suggested amount and frequency, using different types of cleaners won’t have any adverse reaction. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Acton Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. A: Gas treatments work best when they are added to the fuel tank first, before combustion. See, fuel injector cleaners focus largely on the injectors in your vehicle. While octane boosters aren’t formulated with the strongest cleaning agents, they do a good job of increasing the octane level in the fuel. Most of the fuel injector cleaners have the same basic chemicals, but Red Line (the No. According to the company, it will clean and restore the entire fuel system, including the fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers. For another, it’s more interested in water removal than a lot of other additives. Most car manufacturers that have direct inject engines also have a fuel system additive available. I suppose I could talk to them on monday and see if they'd sell me a can, though I'm sure at an exorbitant price. You need a funnel to pour out the contents since the container doesn’t allow for spill-free pouring. It will also work on your two-stroke motorcycles, just be sure to put lower amounts in the tank – as much as it says on the instructions on the bottle. This is because these chemicals work well before combustion. This additive is the No. If you own a diesel vehicle, make sure the fuel cleaner you buy will work on diesel fuel systems. The company says that it will also not damage oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. If you swallow the fuel additive, see a physician as soon as possible. While it was originally formulated for Yamaha outboard motors, it works in all 2-stroke and 4-stroke gasoline engines (though it’s not for diesel). Archoil AR6200 is a treatment for all gasoline and diesel engines. It’s also great for the oil in both kinds of engines, helping it come out cleaner. Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment; 4. It also keeps gas stable, which is to be expected since it was designed for seasonally-used boats. Unfortunately, the product has a strong formulation with some chemicals that are considered to be harmful to the environment. My-'06 Outback 2.5 i Limited Wagon & Wife's '08 Outback 2.5 i Limited Wagon. The actual additives in a particular brand of gasoline are generally not disclosed by refiners. It will also clean your fuel system and lubricate it so it will last longer. Everyday Diesel Treatment is especially useful for diesel vehicles that sit for long periods of time, such as motorcoaches. The biggest thing that distinguishes this additive from the crowd is how concentrated it is: ¼ ounce treats a 20-gallon tank. These products generally use polyetheramine to break down carbon composites. Clogged up fuel injectors are so common that every auto-part shop has dozens of different so-called “Fuel Injector Cleaners” that purportedly can clean your entire fuel system and make your engine work like new again. Check Latest Price. Maintenance:Subaru Periodic Maintenance Part 1. This way, we offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks. What does it have to differentiate itself? The product also features deep cleaning action that removes gum, carbon, and varnish from the tanks to the injectors. The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.Read more. Using fuel injector cleaners is an easy way to make sure your car is operating at its peak and also getting better fuel efficiency. Rear Wheel Bearing Repair 02-07 Subaru WRX/STi, Motor Mount install for Subaru Impreza WRX/STi. The Star Tron Fuel Treatment is a strong fuel system additive that stabilizes gas (including ethanol blends) for up to two years. Some mechanics will advise you to use a fuel injector cleaner every year, or every 12,000-15,000 miles, before the oil change. There is a lot of speculation over whether or not these actually help to clean out your fuel system—with most people believing that dissolving is the best option. 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback - Green (203,000 miles). we soaked the valve in the 44k overnite. However, the use of such oil additives does not void warranty coverage. A 10 ounces bottle of STA-BIL 360 Performance can be used on up to 50 gallons of fuel, which makes it very cheap. Oil additives are generally bad as they usually have all kinds of additives that can solidify inside your engine (such as Slick50) and cause blockages and increased wear. It doesn’t contain alcohol or solvents and is made of heat-resistant oils to maintain its effectiveness during extreme pressure conditions in the engine. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. This is the way that every new internal combustion engine gets the fuel into the chamber, regardless if it’s a gasoline or diesel burner. STP Oil got its start in St. Joseph, Missouri. A: First, it’s important to check the container to ensure it has not been damaged or compromised in any way. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. It’s even more effective in diesel vehicles, where it cleans soot out of the engine and the particulate filter. It works on lighter vehicles of all types, carbureted or fuel injected engines. If the fuel cleaner has been sealed and kept in a dry climate, the product shouldn’t expire or separate. On a final note remember that Subaru can scan your ECU for previous tunes even if you went back to a stock tune and will void a warranty for that. It can pretty much drive you nuts getting … It goes further to breakdown excess water and sludge to smaller particles that can be burned away when the engine is in operation. The Best Fuel Injector (System) Cleaners Review. They help improve the quality of gas by getting rid of harmful carbon deposits for cleaner emissions and breaking down water particles that can dilute the fuel. Stanadyne Performance Formula is for diesel engines. Your browser is out of date! The valves will be cleaner and the engine will start more easily due to the more stable air fuel mixture. Considering that, it can improve performance and mileage of your car, as well as reducing NOx emissions. Red Line 60103 Complete SI-1 Fuel Cleaner, 5. It has antioxidants that prevent fuel separation. The occasional bad batch slips through and causes some diesel engines to belch smoke. Chevron is well known in the automotive industry, and for good reasons. A unique blend of enzymes in its formulation help to improve fuel combustibility and, in turn, provides more engine power and improves fuel economy, even if the engine was sitting idle throughout a season. All of our reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical experience with most products we include. I haven't tried the BG products, but that is what many of the Subaru genuine chemicals/additives/treatments are and they seem to be pretty well regarded. You can recognize all these products right away – they will either have “3 in 1” or even “5 in 1” description on the package. Some cleaners contain other chemicals that the manufacturers claim it makes them superior to others, but scientific studies have shown that polyetheramine is best at cleaning carbon build up and you should always look for additives that contain this chemical. Since the treatment only needs to be added every time you fill up, a single bottle will easily last you for months. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Unlike other cleaning systems that use harsh chemicals to dissolve composites, the Lucas formula uses a different approach. Lucas offers a fuel treatment additive that cleans, lubricates, and neutralizes poor quality fuel. Subaru fuel additive is a dispersant and not a solvent. The dealer list in my area is only a few small auto garages. If you’ve never experienced your engine losing power even if it was regularly maintained, you are one of the lucky few.