@KrysisDiamago Don't belittle efforts. The game faced widespread and critical server issues. @derekmski Batman Arkham Series (australia), only 4 or 5 showning now here, and only one with 31 players, lol they would never pull plug on BF4, sorry BF$ BF£, yea!!! Jak and Daxter @TalibovShahin time to dive down the leak trail #battlefield6 #BF4 #BF5 #bf3 #dice. We need desk jockeys, no doubt....but, they don't pull triggers on the battlefield. @EAHelp I have problem with connect battlefield 1 online. Die meisten Updates wurden immer wieder verschoben und haben oft mehr Bugs … 0. no-skill-BF3. Never have this issue with Steam or no-DRM services like GOG. Nikkei options are not working. Some systems are experiencing major issues. I've voted overseas multiple times, and had no issues getting mine sent from a battlefield. That's a sign of failure on the battlefield. @LouisMi48196676 @LisaAna__ @john_marquee Same i ment: Azeris are working uphill fr. It can also be related to Azeri heavy losses today on the battlefield. . @Alexandro_Basha @Colteastwood @mraftw Sorry bro.. Just been burned from this industry too many times to just be so gullible. Wow. Have fun and Happy gaming! @IrritatedGoat @DaveBautista @JoeBiden 1. #AzerbaijaniAggression @Battlefield Euro servers down in BFV? @TheDivisionGame Glitch like a ps1, crash like a car. @Battlefield hey what's going on? But I insist that I do not detect any problem in me " If that is the case, I will find some other more appropriate combat clothing. PanteraGri. "Daily logs from the digital battlefield" ✌, #Armenians #Attack anyone that doesn't agree with them & #Steal what doesn't belong to them. @Battlefield bfv is not working. It’s not war. @MTG_Arena, @TheDivisionGame Glitch like a ps1, crash like a car. By law, we are required to ask your consent to show the content that is normally displayed here. @Battlefield please help i am unable to load past the load screen on bfV I can on my sons account but not on mine. -, @DJMonkeyHands Downdetector® is among the federally registered trademarks of Ookla® and may not be used by third parties without express written permission. He still doesn't understand that he also loses on the battlefield. 6u ?? You don't appreciate it cos it is not your unit. Which only delay an adversary. @Bloodsugarlower