This stuns to T'Challa, who had entered the chamber unseen to everyone else. "My friends, I know guilt. "You broke into The Raft and took out all the security by yourself. "Just like it was our choice to make a sacrifice play. Bucky survives the snap, survives to see two-thirds of the universe die, half turning to ash, the others killed because those others turned to ash. Steve breaks free of Tony's clamps as the chamber begins to come down around them. Then, to the shock of Tony and Bucky, Steve drops the shield to the floor. "It's not your fault, either of you," Steve said as he looked at them. Steve then rushed forward, using his shield to deflect a repulsor blast. "During the Hydra uprising, Nat and I found a secret bunker in an old SHIELD base. Tony stares at the Avengers symbol before taking off his glasses and walking inside. We've yet to figure out why.". Tony is forced to let Bucky go and all three of them fall, Bucky landing on a level as Tony and Steve both land on the ground. Rhodey pointed out. Tony flinched, the scene at the beginning of Bucky being tortured by Hydra flashed through his mind. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Steve managed to get behind Tony and put him in a choke hold but Tony fired a repulsor beam, knocking himself and Steve back. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). The tension returned as everyone leaned forward in their seats, curiously to see what this was all about. Tony is still not managing to get Steve as Bucky jumps down with a cry, striking him with the shield in the back, knocking him off Steve. Steve angrily approaches the chamber, saying Zemo had killed innocent people in Vienna. Twice. Strange readied himself once more as he eyed Tony, knowing it was about to get ugly. He'd studied them, followed them, Zemo says. If I ever see you again, Mr. Rogers, I will have you arrested and go for the death penalty." I'm sorry Tony."2. Bucky starts to run for the exit as Tony frees himself. The scene then changes to Wakanda. So he could understand. Strange eyed Tony and Steve, knowing what was about to happen. Seeing Bucky still had a rifle on him, Tony points out there was a truce and Steve gestured at Bucky that Tony was okay. Tony reads it and Steve's voice is head. Pepper walked slowly, deliberately across the smooth marble floor of the Wakandan palace. Clint flinched, memories of all the lives he had taken for Loki flashing through his mind. She reached up to flatten her strawberry blonde hair in the Wakandan humidity. There just isn't time for it, not when he's got the whole future to change. Steve smiled sadly, remembering simpler times, back when it had just been him and his best friend against the world. Wakandan technology even rivaled Stark tech. She rounded the corner and finally saw what she came for. Pepper turned to address T'Challa, turning her back to the room of shocked people, "You are harboring the murderer of the love of my life, and even though I have no animosity for Wakanda, I urge you to rethink your choices.". Her voice almost hoarse from shouting softened as she said, " He would have been a great father, so much better than your friend Howard ever was to him," friend was emphasized to make the most impact on Mr. Rogers, "But because of you, he will never get the chance to meet his daughter, so I will ruin you, and I will raise my daughter to know that the reason her daddy doesn't tuck her in at night, is not because he did anything, but because of some washed up heroes with misguided loyalty to a man who only ever cared about Bucky Barnes, and took advantage of your daddy's generosity, trust, and finally last in a long line of things Steve Rogers took from my sweet Tony, he took Tony's life by leaving him to drown in his own blood, the way he died only in his worst nightmares about Afghanistan that woke him up crying in the middle of the night." "She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small box, "I was deciding whether to accept his proposal,". Bucky raises his rifle but Tony blasts it out of his hand. "Bet I can beat that," Tony said confidently. Bucky points out he can't trust his own mind, so it's best for everyone he go back under until they can get Hydra's programing out of his head. Under normal circumstances, Tony knew, he would be teased for having to rely on FRIDAY to beat Steve. "Either this guy is the luckiest man alive or there's some cosmic force out there making sure everything goes according to plan," Tony added.1. "You thinking about retiring for good?" Then Tony Stark returns to earth, broken, sick, desolate. Something even he seemed to know, judging by the horrified look on his face. Tony stares at the Avengers symbol before taking off his glasses and walking inside. She straightened her aching back and bit back the beginnings of nausea. "That doesn't make sense. May says she hopes Peter got in a few good licks, which he says he did but his friend was 'huge'. He'd killed people before, but he'd never murdered someone in cold blood. I thought he was just messing with our heads Tony," Natasha told him and Tony nodded, an unreadable look on his face. "But you're Captain America!" My faith's in people I guess. The Soldier drags Howard's body over to the car and places him in the driver's seat; positioning him as though he'd been killed in the crash as Maria watches in horror. "Can you really blame him Tony?" Their conversation is interrupted by a knock on the door. He should've had more than enough time to wake them up," Sam said confused. There will be a break chapter then we will move on to Black Panther. In order to help people, I'll be whatever I have to," Steve said kindly. "Thanks Cap," Tony said, causing Steve to look at him confused. Tony lets Steve go, stepping back as if he'd been burned, devastated. Tony moves to head towards Bucky but Steve grabs his arm, stopping him. Steve whirls around as a door starts creaking, warning Bucky to be ready. I'm so proud," Natasha said in a fake motherly voice and Steve rolled his eyes. "No…it can't be…it's not," Tony stammered. He kept something from Tony, however unintentional, that he had every right to know. At Steve's look of surprise, she spoke,"Oh yeah I know he told you, FRIDAY has eyes everywhere. Steve then watches silently as Bucky is put in the chamber, Bucky closing his eyes as it freezes. Tony asked after a moment, the anger leaving him. He wasn't ready for that yet though, so for now, he just turned and looked towards the TV, continuing to watch. I will sway the media to my side, I will use each and every resource at my disposal to ruin you." However much they may have been angry for his actions in these recordings, no one deserved to see their parents murdered in cold blood. "Yes, we've noticed that," Strange said as they looked over at him. After a moment, Steve remorsefully says yes. Scott said, laughing in amusement. It took maybe a week for her and the AI to dig of the locations of "Team Cap". "Hell yeah I was!" Because Steve hadn't known the truth, he just hadn't confirmed it was true. "I never looked into it more. Oh this is just going to be delightful!" He and Bucky go back to Siberia and find Tony… T'Challa removes his helmet, setting it on the ground as he announces his presence, declaring he almost killed the wrong man. Tony kicks Bucky and Steve pushes him. Everyone glanced over at Tony, who simply at the screen, pale, not seeming to be aware of anything around him. Wanda flinched, painful memories of living in orphanages, poverty, staving for scraps of food flashed through her mind. Pepper Potts visits Wakanda post-Civil War, AU because Tony died in Siberia. And now that they're here, he sees Steve has a bit of green in his eyes, laughing at finding a flaw. I'm pretty sure it is WIP and hasn't been updated recently. You have every right to be," Strange said, an understanding look on his face. We found a supercomputer that had been uploaded with the mind of Arnim Zola, a Hydra scientist I captured in World War Two. Tony asked in shock, turning to Steve, pain and betrayal on his face. "I fear there is more going on here than we realize," Thor said grimly as everyone tensed. "I've been on my own since I was eighteen. Why didn't you?" Bruce, well, I can't imagine he'd get passed telling them he was working with Ross before Hulk would come out and show him exactly what he thought about that. Then, the silence was broken by a laugh. Pepper smiled a cruel smile, the smile of someone who has had the other half of themselves ripped from them injuring their soul in the process. She supposed it still wasn't enough for some people. He'd done a lot of morally ambiguous things in his life, but murder was a line he was sure he'd never cross.3. The shield returns to Steve as he rushes Tony, tackling him and forcing him off Bucky. Natasha stiffened, something which only Clint noticed, as fear for Bucky entered her heart. To willingly put himself into a prison to protect others, Bucky was clearly a man of honor. "That makes no sense though," Clint said as he narrowed his eyed. She remembered Zola's taunt about Hydra having something to do with Howard and Maria Stark's deaths, but she had never believed them until now. But the fact that he didn't makes him human, not this irredeemable monster who deserves to burn in hell. Prelude Series aren't meant to be read first but they tend to relate more to earlier movies and take place earlier in the timeline. "I'll listen.". Sensing the conversation was over for now, Strange waved his hand and the recording unpaused. Steve knocks Tony's helmet off and raised the shield, as it to take off Tony's head. The next people to attempt to stop her reign of terror was Clint Barton. Picking Tony up, he throws Tony down and jumps on top of him. Steve tries to explain he didn't know it was Bucky but Tony snarls for Steve not to bullshit him, asking again if he knew. Guest 3: Scott and Clint were shown to be in The Raft during Steve's prison break. Well, that's creepy," Tony muttered. Thor stared at the screen silently, memories of Loki's death flashing through his mind as he swallowed thickly. Tony raised his hands to shield himself and Steve smashes the shield into Tony's Arc reactor, completely destroying it.