The Moster 185+ is suitable for medium to heavyweight pilots weighing between 80kgs and 130kgs, while the Atom 80 is suitable for lightweight pilots weighing between 50kgs and 80kgs. Parajet Maverick Atom 80 for sale. Yueny Carbon Fiber Vittorazi Atom80 Powered Paraglider Paramotor Propeller 125cm. English (305) 256-5650 Español (305) 506-6656

string(7) "Atom 80" string(0) "" ["post_password"]=> 15160 SW 136 Street Unit #3 Your trusted source for Paragliding & Powered Paragliding since 1988. PAP say that the sensations in flight are the closest to flying with an electric engine! It’s also the ideal engine for flying schools, designed for everyone, thanks to a right amount of power and the possibility of a simple management. Queste informazioni vengono utilizzate in merito ad analisi statistiche anonime al fine di migliorare l'utilizzo del sito e per rendere i contenuti più interessanti e attinenti ai desideri dell'utenza. Even the design is catchy, with modern and innovative lines, able to distinguish it in an unmistakable way. Watch; E-Props 2 Blade Carbon Fiber Vittorazi Atom 80 Scimitar Propeller PPG paramotor. For this reason, dozens of prototypes have been made to optimize the combustion system and the air flow of the Atom 80, including flywheel, heads and conveyor systems. Il progetto prevede, a partire da risultati di ricerca già acquisiti, l'ingegnerizzazione e l'industrializzazione di un nuovo prodotto, il motore Mule250. $7000. + 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. ["post_type"]=> string(0) "" The clutch bell has a surface treatment to protect against atmospheric agents. The Gravity brand has never been about conventional wisdom… Our team of innovators, adventurist, and pilots know passion is what builds amazing products. string(1) "0" The nozzle has been designed to be interchangeable and ensure the maximum cleaning and safety of the manifold over time, which is a very critical part of the engine. La presente informativa privacy è redatta sulla base di molteplici ordinamenti legislativi, inclusi gli artt. Vittorazi Atom 80; 130cm Gravity Paramotors Helix Carbon Propeller ($390 value) Level 1 Swing Arm Pucks, Level 2 – 4 pucks by special order; Vittorazi RH V-Throttle ($149 value) (LH by special request, may delay shipping) Steel Carabiners ($80 value) Vittorazi Prop Spacer ($20 value) ** Please coordinate with your dealer for your machine delivery date. Will keep your personal data secure. Il Titolare del loro trattamento è Vittorazi Motors S.r.l., con sede in Via Marche n. 1, 62010 Morrovalle (MC), codice fiscale e P.I. Close. For more recent exchange rates, please use the.

["post_status"]=> The right amount of take-off power offers simple, straight, clean take-offs with a minimum torque that avoids fluctuations. ["post_date_gmt"]=> To see the entire range of Paramotors and ParaTrikes we sell, as well as the … Fermo restando quanto precede, l'Utente può avvalersi delle informazioni fornite da EDAA (UE), Network Advertising Initiative (USA) e Digital Advertising Alliance (USA), DAAC (Canada), DDAI (Giappone) o altri servizi analoghi.

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Thanks guys! The clutch system is a component that has already been tested for many years in the Fly 100 Evo: now it is lighter, has more precise hooking capabilities and has a longer life. Il progetto ha tra gli obiettivi: l'ingegnerizzazione e prototipazione esecutiva del nuovo motore, il miglioramento delle caratteristiche prestazionali e tecniche del prodotto, l'industrializzazione del nuovo motore, la promozione del prodotto innovativo e sviluppo della fase di commercializzazione per il nuovo mercato. Quiet and comfortable, it has an “Ultrasoft” pull-start starter and contained power and thrust, as well as a guaranteed durability and is able to provide high performance.

string(0) "" Miami, FL 33196. The Atom 80 power curve is soft and constant, allowing absolute speed control in the whole power range. For sale: Air Conception Nitro 200 with clutch. L'individuo che utilizza questa Applicazione che, salvo ove diversamente specificato, coincide con l'Interessato.

3D View. I cookie di analisi utilizzati da questo sito Web hanno i seguenti nomi: ga_, _utma, _utmb, _utmc e _utmz. Cycle 2 strokes Stroke 44 mms Swept volume 78.2 cc Bore Ø 47.6 mms Power 16 hp at 9.500 rpm Cylinder Single cylinder in aluminum Nicasil chromed Piston Diamond profile, 1 chromed piston ring Intake Silencer airbox - Walbro carburetor WG8 … Furthermore, gears for precision and noise have been improved. This page was last updated: 03-Nov 01:04. With the ATOM 80 the idea is to go back to the origins and offer an idea and a new flight experience with an innovative product, able to guarantee maximum enjoyment in total tranquility, thanks to an engine studied in every detail, reliable and sure. I cookie analitici possono essere inviati dal sito stesso o da domini di terze parti. The end result is exemplary and PAP venture to say that this ‘anti-stress’ engine will be the delight of many pilots. – New design optimized with fusion technology to improve the engine crankcase and the reduction drive: – Reinforced silencer plate, thickness increase (+1.0 mm) and geometry change; It’s very easy to transport in car or air travel. Brand New. ["ID"]=> Questi cookie sono utilizzati al fine di raccogliere informazioni sull'uso del sito da parte degli utenti informa anonima quali: pagine visitate, tempo di permanenza, origini del traffico di provenienza, provenienza geografica, età, genere e interessi ai fini di campagne di marketing. For over 20 years Fly Products has been in the business of advancing paramotor design and performance.