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Best practices for insights professionals. User responses start to populate in as little as one minute or less and on average, Suzy can deliver 300 responses in less than 60 minutes.
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In fact, we challenge you to find results any faster and higher quality anywhere else. Powered by over one million users, Suzy is a perfect blend of art and science; a mix of human and artificial intelligence. 625 Broadway, 9th Floor, New York, NY, 10012, United States (845) 218-1088

Workshop your campaign with its intended audience. 2009 . Use Suzy to test concepts, messaging, and refine campaigns in real-time. Just ask Suzy. Millions of business decisions are made every day based on untested assumptions. Suzy puts the voice of the shopper at your fingertips. Our platform combines advanced research tools with the highest quality audience to deliver trusted insights in minutes. Suzy is a real-time market research platform. Our blog with original insights and articles to help you stay informed and plan your next move. Suzy. Just ask Suzy. We don’t buy audience responses from 3rd parties. Suzy is a consumer intelligence platform that helps organizations make better, more informed decisions, faster. Suzy helps companies create products people need, campaigns people love, and offers people actually want. Scaling Up. ASK SUZI This is a cover block, with a heading, a paragraph, and a button block. Business Model. Say goodbye to cost per response with Suzy's proprietary panel. Get in touch with Suzy (@SuzyyL) — 745 answers, 1156 likes. Which means our pricing is simple, flexible and designed for the enterprise. Original analysis of shifting consumer sentiment and behaviors. Need feedback on pricing?

Target a specific demographic, a niche audience, or integrate your own custom typing tool. Thu … Insights that go from ideation to commercialization. Free research, recordings, and upcoming events. Quick launch answers in seconds and get answers in minutes, In-platform data analysis, graph customization and image download, Retargeting to any previously asked question and crosstab by those responses, Crosstab and export data on every result by multiple data attributes, Create and manage Targeting Profiles and custom tags to organize and filter Actions and audiences, Customizable word cloud with the ability to remove words, customize colors and save verbatims, Raw data exports in multiple formats to import into SPSS, R and other data analysis tools, A variety of question types including surveys, open ends, rank, scale & grids, Identity verification, real time open end result reviews & other measures for the best industry spam rates, Integrations with third party workflow and data tools, 1-Click Retargeting with follow-up recommendations.

What's the Suzy Difference? Suzy is simple enough for everyday business teams while meeting expectations of advanced  researchers. Ask Suzy.

Series C. Total Funding. About Us REVIEWS This is a group of blocks in columns. What makes Suzy truly valuable to brands is the unparalleled speed by which they are able to collect real-time consumer intelligence through direct consumer interactions. Tue 9am to 5:30pm. Mon 9am to 5:30pm. 51 to 100. Suzy is a consumer intelligence platform that helps organizations make better, more informed decisions, faster. Suzy puts your entire market at your fingertips. $38100000. That's why we created Suzy. In the development cycle, every decision is critical.

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