Doug Ducey remains on good terms with Doug Roscoe, who attended both his son's inauguration for treasurer and was onstage for Ducey's GOP primary night win in August. Roscoe was hired by the TPD in 1965 and served for 12 years, resigning from the force April 1977, without offering a reason why.

endstream endobj 62 0 obj<>stream This new information involves both Ducey's "cop" father and Ducey's maternal uncle, William P. "Billy" Scott, a convicted bookie and cocaine user, who pleaded guilty in 2012 to international money laundering, in relation to an off-shore, online gambling empire he established in the 1990s on the twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Court records show that following their divorce, there were disputes between Michael Ducey and Doug Ducey's mom, Madeline, over child support. Birth. )$��f��F��4��cYI�p�l�%6�c�rN4n��F��-����w`���!G`��Q ,fb#�!

Make a financial contribution or sign up for a newsletter, and help us keep telling Phoenix's stories with no paywalls. Two months before Roscoe left, he had been informed by a superior that according to police union rules, he could not work while on a leave of absence. To what degree this information influenced his decision to leave the TPD is unknown. Er bezeichnete ursprünglich ausschließlich eine Gegend um Planchas de Plata in der Nähe von Nogales (Sonora) in der heutigen Grenzregion zwischen Mexiko und den USA. Name MI Last Name Maiden Name 1960 John T. Brown 1960 Edward W. Cooper 1960 Michael B. Corcoran 1960 Philip H. Cronin 1960 James H. O'Donnell 1960 John F. Parks 1960 George R. Pelletier 1960 Richard C. Pierce 1960 Thomas G. Ruane 1960 Lawrence P. Sweeney 1960 Richard D. Kelley 1960 George H. Lentz 1960 Michael E. McIntire 1960 James L. McKenney 1960 Benjamin J. Doug Roscoe and Madeline Scott's marriage ended in divorce. x�bb�``b``D� � 9 Find Angela Ducey in US & view Court, Arrest & Criminal Records, Personal Reviews & Reputation Score. Filter by State in Filter by Location. This, while adhering to the candidate's prepackaged biography, depicting Ducey as, in the words of his stump speech "the son of a cop," raised in Toledo, Ohio with all-American "Midwestern values. He said he knew Ms. Scott had a husband, but at the time he bought the house, she was the sole owner of the property.

He has posted photos of the two together, hanging out at a picnic, drinking beers with friends and family. 3 U�3d1�p H��UMs�0��W�V�;��!�X ��0�39tzP�����v)��]�D*O�/�>ᄋoW7�g�\��03n�����2]x�W9��]츁�m �\�;���ްF%�ks����s��� ��U��GwL�͇���#�ҁ�n�`+���f��:qx����# Contact Us, But in 2012, he did so openly, to plead guilty to the charges mentioned above. In October, The Center for Investigative Reporting and Phoenix New Times collaborated on an article revealing Ducey to be the scion of an infamous Ohio organized-crime family named Scott, whose illegal deeds have involved operating after-hours gambling clubs, bookmaking, numbers-running, extortion, loan-sharking, and other lucrative illicit activities. Additionally, he was aware from talking to neighbors that Susan's husband had had to flee the country because of legal problems. � �G�Ȕ��zB�Xp$f����.������CkƋ Requests for clarification and comment made to Billy Scott, Billy Scott's lawyer, and the Ducey campaign remain unanswered. 0000000814 00000 n Scott has had no connection to the address since she sold the house in 2005, Zupan explained. �m�cU�i�����]�R�Vz}�����Q��~F�M_����4���{6;x?�������l��1�7r}��6�nc,H3��0N !�Wu�%��'mߚ���ԙo����d�1?��$��p�&p�X�=&T��q�(�nTr��-�*"��#�a��^�ȕ�\���~�frF�ă&�;9���tsҮ���o3� ޶5� Billy has endured worse. 0000001431 00000 n 0000053810 00000 n

In 1998, Scott was indicted in absentia in U.S. District Court on counts related to illegal Internet gambling and his ownership of the online betting behemoth World Wide Tele-Sports. Ducey's mother visited her on-the-lam brother in St. Maarten in September 2011, almost a year after Ducey's election as Arizona treasurer and one year before Billy returned to the United States to pay his debt to society, forfeiting $7 million in frozen assets as part of a deal with prosecutors, and receiving three years' probation. With a quick search, you can uncover details like: Parents’ names, ages, jobs, and residence; Birthplaces for both the child and parents; Baptism or religious information ; An image of the birth certificate; And birth records are just the beginning. Derniers chiffres du Coronavirus issus du CSSE 31/10/2020 (samedi 31 octobre 2020). During the time Roscoe was a cop, his in-laws the Scotts were getting raided, arrested, and investigated by federal, state, and local authorities on illegal gambling schemes. A William Scott is listed as both vice president and treasurer. 53 14

That was about five years after Susan Scott sold the residence to its current owner Leo Zupan, records show. Billy Scott and Susan were wed in 1989, Court records in Franklin County, Ohio, show. %%EOF This has sometimes led to the mistaken assumption that his biological dad was named "Ducey" and therefore must be the cop in question.