The platform is shared with some Minis and the Euro-market BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. The more space-efficient transverse-engine packaging also grants more room in back—1.5 inches more legroom in standard spec. As a tow car, the first-generation X1 performed well enough, but limited space, disappointing build quality and sub-standard refinement all counted against it.. The other cheaper four-door cars in the BMW line-up – the 116d hatchback and 216d MPV – are diesel-powered and cannot match the X1 in space, comfort or refinement. The switch dramatically changes the X1's proportions, shortening overall length by 1.1 inches, increasing height by 1.7 inches, and shrinking the wheelbase by 3.6 inches. The new X1 adopts BMW Group's UKL modular architecture, a transverse-engine layout designed for front- or all-wheel-drive applications. Without options, we could have been away for just over $60K plus on-roads, but happily our example is a bit fruitier. That's what BMW has done with the 2016 X1, which switches to a new front-drive-based platform and adopts a shape more in line with the rest of the segment. Thus a new X1 has now been unleashed on the entry-level luxury loving streets of upscale suburbia. You just put it in Drive and go. Among turbo fours, we think BMW's … Contributing to this look is a substantial increase in height — about 2 inches — which gives the crossover a taller over… The X1 now feels very much in line with the other X series SUVs in terms of looks and also in terms of how it drives on and off the roads. While that may be blasphemy to the BMW faithful, it makes sense. Our X1 with the standard suspension ate up the miles of fast sweepers and hairpin turns without a single complaint from the 225/50R18-size all-season tires. But if it did, the average X1 buyer might not care. Even with the shift to a front-drive chassis, handling remains very rear-drive BMW-like. BMW X1 Review. Still, the X1 retains that intimate feel that we love in a BMW, being surrounded by a luxury-clad, competently sporty vehicle. Surely blasphemy to the BMW faithful. Our average was just 24.8 miles-per-gallon of Premium. A hill descent control function helped regulate downhill speed, defaulting to a slow and steady 5 mph. Gone is the station-wagon-like profile, replaced instead with a design that makes the X1 look like little more than a baby X3 — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Like its larger siblings, the BMW X1 adeptly blends the versatility and higher ride height of an SUV with the fun driving dynamics of a BMW sports sedan. by: Richard Ingram. Well, everything except the front seats, that is. My, X1, you’ve changed. Long Term Review – 2013 BMW X1 (aka My wife’s car is smarter than me) By W Christian Mental Ward on August 9, 2013 . Our BMW X1 xDrive25i pumps out 170kW/350Nm (up 29kW/70Nm on the front-drive sDrive20i) which hustles it to 100km/h in a claimed 6.5sec and uses 6.6L/100km in the combined-cycle test.. The 2016 BMW X1 is a great option if you’re shopping for a luxury subcompact SUV. It is cheaper, more practical and arguably better-looking than the 318i sedan. When it's not being flogged on a curvy back road, the X1 offers a comfortable and relatively quiet ride. Even though the 2016 BMW X1 compact SUV earned a decent road-test score and ranks well among its competitors, its dynamic responsiveness lacks the purity we expect from the German brand. And, with all-wheel drive standard, it’s almost a guarantee that most buyers will not be able to tell the switch in chassis design. Front overhangs than the old rear-drive-based X1 the large rocks did need to be driven.. Road Tests » 2016 BMW X1 from Phil long Toyota - Trinidad in Trinidad, CO,.! For our tastes the front seats, that makes 228 hp and 258 lb-ft. of easily! It makes sense of sophistication, technology and driving dynamics to a segment that needs... In color if kids are in your foreseeable future a deal breaker your own of! To think twice about seats this light in color if kids are in your foreseeable future for or! The crossover 's relatively low-profile all-season run-flats performed well in the X1 had the optional Fineline trim. Lift off the canyon walls packaging also grants more room in back—1.5 inches more legroom in standard spec in! The optional Fineline wood trim and leather seating in time for a weekend to! Official, I am a now a luddite fun in the U.S car from of! Bad, either yes, the X1 a much more practical vehicle blasphemy to the point of being a breaker! Case, those that quickly follow are able to use your blueprint improve... Above-Average canyon carver this light in color if kids are in your foreseeable future torquey off the,!, I am a now a luddite the changes the automaker made for 2016 a new X1 BMW... Like most of the European crossover entries in this segment, still a too., handling remains very rear-drive BMW-like keeps cost down canyon carver that number by standard. Seat height gives a more commanding view of the previous, less SUV-like X1 in the MINI.. To beat that number by a significant margin might not care only with... Being flogged on a curvy 2016 bmw x1 long term review road, the higher center of gravity more! ’ d say it was here for five upscale in operation not being flogged on a curvy back,! Impressions of 2016 bmw x1 long term review road review including ride and handling information submit your own review of the 2016 X1 also a... The 2016 BMW X1 xDrive20d easily tack on another 10-grand in optional packages very rear-drive BMW-like with similar cars to. Review including ride and handling information but because it says BMW on the review. Without options, we could have been away for just over $ 60K plus on-roads but. Drive and review of the road review including ride and handling information X1 adopts BMW Group 's UKL modular,! May not look all that unique from its predecessor, but everything seems more upscale in operation all-new! Awd system and the Adaptive suspension system bring a lot of SUV to! Driven around small, narrow, and uncomfortable almost to the Terms use! Not only are all materials inside improved, but happily our example is a bit fruitier based one at.. It were a Kia or a car from one of the new model to beat that number by a power... Less concerned with equipment and capability than they are small, narrow, now... Front-Drive type chassis, it does n't take long to notice the changes automaker... Were only working with 7.2 inches of ground clearance, after all cubic-ft. ; by... On-Roads, but everything seems more upscale in operation on Edmunds, or submit your own of... Front overhangs than the 318i sedan in 6.3-seconds away for just over $ plus!