It has a clear understanding of past and present, and for that reason it spends a long time without considering it tedious, a short time without fretting at its shortness, for it knows it has no time to stop. If we regard a thing as wrong because there is a certain wrong to it, then among the ten thousand things there are none that are not wrong. Everything will change of itself that is certain!”     “If that is so,” said the Lord of the River, “then what is there valuable about the Way?”, Jo of the North Sea said, “He who understands the Way is certain to have command of basic principles. These are merely what are called endless changes. Zhuangzi - Chapter 17 (An Autumn Flood) - Heaven and Earth and a Strand of Fur. Turbulent and overflowing were its currents: from across the river one could not distinguish an ox from a horse. heard of the dao a hundred times considers himself as incomparably Compared to the ten thousand things, is he not like one little hair on the body of a horse? Posted by 6 days ago. It comprehends the Level Road, and for that reason it does not rejoice in life nor look on death as a calamity, for it knows that no fixed rule can be assigned to beginning and end.”, Jo of the North Sea continues, “Calculate what man knows and it cannot compare with what he does not know. 79. This reflects a Zhuangzi’s principle of Wuwei or non-action. 112. I should forever have been laughed at by the masters of the Great Method.”, Jo of the North Sea said, “You can’t discuss the ocean with a well frog – he’s limited by the space he lives in. When a man has perfect virtue, fire cannot burn him, water cannot drown him, cold and heat cannot afflict him, birds and beasts cannot injure him. hide. Members. Do not strive to unify your actions, or you will be at sixes and sevens with the Way! Seeing this, the Lord of the Yellow River rejoiced, fancying that all the save. Now do you say that you are going to make Right your master and do away with Wrong, or make Order your master and do away with Disorder? His ideologies are also reflected in the form of his work; instead of presenting his ideas systematically, Zhuangzi prefers to write stories that are open to interpretation. Be stern like a ruler of the state – he grants no private favor. Turbulent and overflowing were its currents: Early Chinese indigenous religions formed the basis on which these two schools of thought developed. report. Turning around he looked across the expanse to face the Ruo1 of When I have heard the learning of Confucius and “. report. Looking east he could see no end to the water. Its racing current swelled to such proportions that, looking from bank to bank or island to island it was impossible to distinguish a horse from a cow. WLiving from within the symbolism found in the I Ching and the virtue that defines us. 4 comments. The time of the autumn floods came and the hundred streams poured into the Yellow River. It perceives the nature of fullness and emptiness, and for that reason it does not delight if it acquires something nor worry if it loses it, for it knows there is no constancy to the division of lots. Looking at it this way, how do we know that the tip of a hair can be singled out as the measure of the smallest thing possible? Is this a true statement?”, Jo of the North Sea said, “If from the standpoint of the minute we look at what is large, we cannot see to the end. Looking at it this way, we see that struggling or giving way, behaving like a Yao or a Chieh, may at one time noble and another time mean. Dedicated to insightful discussion about Taoism/Daoism, and the way to come to realization about oneself and the world. If we know that heaven and earth are tiny grains and the tip of a hair is a range of mountains, then we have perceived the law of difference. derided by those of the great understanding.”, Registered in England & Wales No. share. report. Be benign and impartial like the god of the soil at the sacrifice – he grants no private blessings. Yet man takes something so small and tries to exhaust the dimensions of something so large! Decay, growth, fullness, and emptiness end and then begin again. Therefore the Great Man in his action will not harm others, but he makes no show of benevolence or charity. hide. His actions differ from those of the mob, but he makes no show of uniqueness or eccentricity. Some one had told Huizi that Zhuangzi was come with a wish to supersede him in his office, on which he was afraid, and instituted a search for the stranger all over the kingdom for three days and three nights. Therefore nothing can harm him. So in a sense, Zhuangzi is making fun of Kongzi on his excessive effort to chase after a government employment, directly contrasting that to Zhuangzi’s effortless action. 30990675 Howick Place | London | SW1P 1WG © 2020 Informa UK Limited. The minute is the smallest of the small, the gigantic is the largest of the large, and it is therefore convenient to distinguish between them. Spring or autumn, it never changes. You can’t discuss the Way with a cramped scholar – he’s shackled by his doctrines. One moment empty, the next moment full – you cannot depend on their form. “From the point of view of preference, if we regard a thing as right because there is a certain right to it, then among the ten thousand things there are none that are not right. These are merely what is called boundless turnings. This is called being without bent. The act of inserting Zhuangzi’s own ideas underneath Kongzi’s shell is parallel and directly correlates to the form of this passage. My aim in this paper is to question this view with close reference to the passage itself. He is content to stay behind with the crowd, but he does not despise those who run forward to flatter and fawn. Qufu Confucius College, Sages of Chinese history and The Great Learning. (In 316BC King K’uai of Yao was persuaded to imitate the example of Yao by ceding his throne to his minister Tzu Chih. share. 83. the North Sea and said, sighing, “The common saying, ‘One who has 4 comments. When we refer to the things of creation, we speak of them as numbering ten thousand – and man is only one of them. If from the standpoint f what is large we look at what is minute, we cannot distinguish it clearly. From the point of view of things themselves, each regards itself as noble and other things as mean. If men persist in talking this way without stop, they must be either fools or deceivers! Understand the actions of Heaven and man, base yourself on Heaven, take your stand in virtue, and then, although you hasten or hold back, bend or stretch, you may return to the essential and speak of the ultimate.”, The Lord of the River then asked, “What do you mean by the Heavenly and the human?” Jo of the North Sea concludes by saying, “Horses and oxen have four feet – this is what I mean by the Heavenly. beauty in the world was in his realm. report. And he who knows how to deal with circumstances will not allow things to do him harm. Be cautious, guard it, and do not lose it – this is what I mean by returning to the True.”, Living within the consciousness of who we are yet to become / Volume 10, Opening doors while staying behind / Volume 9, Our ultimate aspiration as we look to pivot and embody transcendence / Volume 7, We are keepers of the dream – as we practice the art of nameless simplicity / Volume 6.