I also like the feature wherein I can access the photos and videos from the Doorbell via Xiaomi Cloud. You can find one, ranging from about 3,000 to less than 4,000 pesos (PHP). Xiaomi Doorbell; Receiver / Speaker; Toks with screws for wall mounting; Pair of screws to secure the body (the other is extra) Mini Screwdriver; Sticker (but in Chinese) Instruction Manual; 4 AA-Sized Alkaline Battery (LR6) Hardware Doorbell Body. After that parents can instruct the child to open the door or not. You can label and name the person so that when the doorbell sees this person again, it will indicate the name of the person in your notifications. multifunctional gateway. This gadget will make your home even more flawless. It’s quite not perfect. The back panel has … This smart doorbell is feature-packed. Try making your home appliance smarter with Xiaomi Mi Smart Plug. It will only record videos when there’s a motion or when the scene was changed. Let’s begin with this one. Below is a big white bell button. It will be useful if the child is left alone at home. View & download of more than 200 Xiaomi PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. There is a face recognition function. {��B��/�͐�i9�l[�Qۥ�A�� #��*AB��L�� fExٲ�"�Z�����]� YVs?EA��G��:7>6$�.0��M{;���S7��lb��p�~�pv�J�8=��9�r Popular Categories: Cell Phone. It can control the flow of electricity to turn on or off via Mi Home App. A very good start. Opening the box, you will see a very simple package inside: Zero Smart Doorbell, Xiaomi receiver, and user manual. Today Xiaomi introduced the new smart doorbell called Xiaomi Zero Smart Doorbell or Xiaomi AI Face Identification Doorbell. Live video will only be available on that scenario. Let’s find out on this review. Do you remember Aqara Smart Door Lock? Thanks to the function of night vision, face recognition and motion sensor, this doorbell will be a portable guard and concierge. But then, our friend Lazada comes to the rescue! Do you already have one in your home? Planning to have an automated/smart home, it’s perfect that I came across to this device while browsing products online. New Xiaomi gadget has an interesting voice changing function. Xiaomi Zero Smart Doorbell is perfect and necessary gadget for any apartment, a private house, and for the office. The secret to energy saving is the fast wake-up function called FastWake. Xiaomi Smart Doorbell is a great smart device. Specifications: Brand Luke (Xiaomi ecological chain) Weight 920g Cat Eye Dimension 55*55*16.63mm Screen Dimension 137.66*175.32*15.5mm Technology Parameters Support cat eye aperture 15 - … �7.�@�;�&7Iգ6ݥ^� K^Q�Z+?� '��J�R�����t'6(UlOtCt,�(��p���(e3���>E/�=������*�w࠿J��IM-9mŒ����(�����^*EBhpt�Ͱ2�@�ʴa|wY72%ͻm�������x��s��Hy4et����%����L!鋚^�0s�d�G���$,U�3��Rr�������6t*� Sݽg�e �nn�%Q��C6%sk-ծ< But interestingly, this Xiaomi Doorbell is not officially available here in my country. It depends on the seller and which model/package you will buy. As usual, they have minimalist design. The Zero doorbell runs mostly in sleep mode. As for the receiver, it also has compact dimensions – 74 by 74 mm and a thickness of 38 mm. Manuals; Brands; Xiaomi Manuals; Xiaomi manuals ManualsLib has more than 200 Xiaomi manuals . I will write a long term review featuring different battery on this device. At the back side of the doorbell is a 3M adhesive tape, in which can be peeled and stick it to your door. comes in 2 package versions. Below is a big white bell button. In my case, this doorbell will be on our front gate. The smart lock has a rectangular shape with rounded corners. Due to COVID-19, the ongoing health and containment emergency measures may cause service delays at logistic couriers and Xiaomi authorized service centers until further notice. It is an great doorbell for your home, as long as you don’t mind changing the batteries about every month. When the doorbell turns on, it quickly starts shooting, completes the video download and immediately goes into low power mode. 0. What are your thoughts? If your child answers through the receiver, then his/her voice will turn into the voice of an adult man. It’s about Php 2,699. It also acts as a deterrent for thieves. After that, it will be only 2-day free storage. The video is shot in 720P HD resolution. I will quickly go through some … It notifies me when there’s a person in my door/gate anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection. Simply connect your smartphone to Xiaomi Zero Smart Doorbell. The connection between the doorbell and the receiver is up to 50 meters. This device includes free 7-day over-writing cloud storage for 1 year. or you have some questions you want to ask? That’s from the included battery though. As for the battery, Xiaomi Zero Smart Doorbell is powered by four battery. Opening the box, you will see a very simple package inside: Zero Smart Doorbell, Xiaomi receiver, and user manual. As usual, they have minimalist design. You can buy Xiaomi AI Face Identification Doorbell at a price of $59.99. These are two small devices of white color. The single charge is enough for 6 months of use. It means that the guest may not even ring the doorbell, because Xiaomi doorbell will already know who has come and how to react. The dimensions of the lock are only 111 by 61 mm, and the thickness is 23 mm. But then again, due to lack of time and I was tempted to use these Xiaomi devices instead. The Doorbell Hardware consists of a button for the bell, camera, infrared LED, mic, speaker, and battery compartment. You Read more…, For those who are too lazy to sweep and clean their house, here is the right companion for you! I bought quite a lot of smart devices from Xiaomi. The lens angle is 105 degrees. The device can detect faces if you enable it on the settings. Just remove it and attach it to the front door. Inside the box, you will find the Xiaomi Video Doorbell security screw driver, a couple of screws and a set of batteries (thank you very much).