I hope it works for you. Fortunately there are other options. Users around the web claim that if you fall for a scam you’ll have to take your chances with PayPal’s customer service, not Depop. No help. From Chanel Burns, never received the item. Well, that’s all from me when it comes to Depop. Seller would not answer and Depop would not do anything about it. Well, now you do. Your app doesn't look edgy or relevant, it looks exploitative and corrupt. Only few of them got a response. Depop Overview. Plus new people are more anxious to sell with better deals typically. Drop us a reply to your original email thread and we'll take another look. Sorry, you can't just buy from any website, you have to research platform reviews to tell if you are risking your money. Summary. That’s how you stand the chance of getting your money back from Depop in case you get ripped off. One of the most important things you can do to see if a seller is legit is to look at the sellers reviews. But it's not flawless, I think it would benefit from a bidding system maybe? We’re in this together! I tried signing up for Depop. As a seller, you’ll also need to set up a verified PayPal address for safer selling. Buyers will buy your product, use them and will ask to return back saying the description didn't match. All this talk about scam and you would think that’s all there is to Depop, but I assure you its not. NO COVER OR REDRESS!!!!AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But from what i've bought it's always been amazing. I appealed to depop and they sided with her because it's "her opinion" Just keep being a good seller and it'll get buried under all your future good reviews. I don't think the current system takes into account that PayPal has their fees too, including transferring the money to your bank account. Depop didnt do anything to help except to give me a negative paypal balance. Therefore, my point is the app developers/companies should make a foolproof system to protect the customers. This will guide me away for now until it is clean. You are probably wondering where the Depop app stands in all this and its why you are going through Depop app reviews online. So in a way, Depop and PayPal protects both buyers and sellers. I love the app but the fees are so annoying…. Seller was super quick to answer my question! Al they have is a representative commenting on the reviews of this site as if they cared about what happens to you. It’d be nice for a feature to delete all “sold” items and carts from your bag in general. It's hard to see new listings, the way most apps work. One to sell books, one to sell clothes. Depop was my main selling platform for around a year and a half, but I’ve now created my own website to avoid Depop fees and to make my brand more professional. They make charges against your bank with no explanation. That’s the feeling you get, I know I get it when some customers hit me up on the DM, like I can tell from “jump” they are a bug a boo, that is going to get on my nerves. Remember, and then I wont hear from any of the spammy buyers from months. Boycott this company and their malicious and biased attacks on small businesses. Check our FAQ. User's recommendation: Do not use this app,the customer service is trash. Their buyer protection is non-existent. Never answer my emails, just disappear. From a Is the app safe in your view? All rights reserved. Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. If you feel this is unfair, just drop us a reply in the original email thread. occurring. app. Team Depop. I have been selling on Ebay for a year in half just to make ends meet. I have yet to figure out how to see NEW item listings! Depop uses that exact feature to protect both buyers and sellers from scammers. few sales via Depop payments. Review #2114840 is a subjective opinion of poster. At this point, you may have doubts about Depop given some of the complaints listed above. depop continuously changed the algorithm instead of changing things that actually need fixing: my app does not give me an option for sound notifications, i often do not get messages at all, i cannot see photos when im typing drafts, etc. Depop is experiencing steady growth and have raised 62M in Series C funding to expand its US base and tech presence. into spells. For details, please check our. Honestly, if you go in thinking negative often time the universe will deliver just what you asked for.