But that doesn’t fully make sense since I can eat mayo like a champ, and cookie dough has never made me sick (i don’t do that often but sometimes it’s hard to resist). I was nursing my son and my husband and I were eating scrambled eggs every morning. I have sensitivities to sulfa drugs and other sulfur containing foods. The sulfur in eggs can also cause the ill feelings in your stomach for many hours after eating just 2 eggs. I think some eggs have a protein or more quantity of it, that flue antibodies respond to. I can have ice cream and Mily or dairy items, but I have to watch my serving size. I think it totally is the diet. Everything you described to a T. At the time I thought..hmmmm I wonder if that is air inside making it stand up? For me I’ve found that around two weeks after the 3-digit date on the carton is about it. Feeling Nauseous After Eating. I was scared to ask our dinner guests from the night before if they felt sick. For myself I have found that the yolk is the issue. And then my back started to hurt and I realized what was going on. Of course, I’m never eating them again! After reading a few articles this morning, some interesting comments refer to the gallbladder! Serve foods cold or at room temperature if the smell of cooked food makes you feel queasy. Same here. I have to be able to eat the cookies!! when the colony in your gut regains its strength, your problems return. It hadn’t become a problem for me until about the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy. Can’t eat them or get sick to my stomach within an hour. This food is healthy though it is sometimes not especially for the individuals that are experiencing hypertension and have diabetes. I hadn’t had a single egg in six days. , rachita Tired of being sick and tired I went vegan at the age 30. I’ve been suffering with this and it totally makes sense, since I’m slightly lactose. But on the other, I still had no clue what was going on. I can eat them in recipes and hard boiled but the fired eggs I love will hit me after a few hours and it is very unpleasant. I’ve been finding that I get really sick (bloating, nausea, back pain) if I have hard boiled eggs but I’m fine if I have scrambled or over medium. But I’ve been eating eggs since I was a kid with no problem, so I didn’t blame the omlette and rather blamed other parts of my meals. If I eat McDonald’s eggs I’m fine! Feverish and crampy and nauseous. If I get a scrambled egg occasionally I seem to be ok. Just a thought. I knew I would, because it happened when I first made the casserole, but it really does taste good:) Anyway, I realized it depended on how the eggs were cooked, at least for me. So why now? Breakfast is just not the same without eggs and neither is a high protein diet. YUCK :(, So I’m from Chicago and I used to love eggs unroll I moved to ohio and iscrambled eggs started making me sick I literally could not digest them so I stopped eating them ive tried brown eggs and egg whites and was fine for a while then I got sick again I can eat anything that I have to bake with eggs just fine and I can eat boiled eggs just one. allergy? Lol! I was eating them ALL the time. This common bug, which is sometimes nicknamed the “stomach flu,” infects the intestines and triggers gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It started in 20’s. I have also found out that it may have something to do with sanitizing mass quantities of eggs from the packagers. I have the same exact problem. Scrambled eggs are the worst of the worst. Omg and I thought I was the only one who has been having upset stomach to eggs…thanks for sharing yal!! More solid than when scrambled. Eggs and corn products. For me it started a few years ago but only when eating straight eggs. Eggs in a cake or fried don’t seem to cause a problem but if they’re not fully cooked then I suffer. Unfortunately for me it is like roulette on whether I get sick or not. to me it’s not worth it, I’m just staying away from them. I’ve also been told the egg whites are the issue and not the yolks, but to be honest I don’t even like yolks so yolk-only isn’t really an option for me. I learned that this is the problem, but I don’t think about it when ordering out until it is too late. I wonder if the whites are the problem? So I’ve never, in recent years, have had a flu shot, but I have noticed in the last couple of years that I can’t stomach hard boiled eggs (soft or hard — nausea and a run to the bathroom which then goes away after), I have no idea why… I don’t understand the science of being able to tolerate fried eggs or scrambled (but not perfectly) since it’s still in egg. I literally feel like I’m getting the flu and am sick for about 2 days. I had brain fog and could barely function. I have back pain as well. I stopped the eggs and my symptoms disappeared. I have had low back pain, allergy like symptoms, headaches upon awaking and an upset stomach for awhile . I’m so glad I found this article! This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for letting me know!! The free range ones don’t. However I don’t eat them often – like 3-4 eggs per month or even less. So weird and i cant find an explanation why! My mother has chickens and I never got sick on her eggs but almost every store bought egg makes me sick. Great article. Last medically reviewed on April 30, 2019, Gluten-, dairy-, or nut-free: Specialized diets are common. Michael Greger M.D. I can eat things with eggs in them like sauces and baking and waffles, etc but it doesn’t seem to matter if they are fried, scrambled or boiled. You probably have an intolerance or allergy at most. Fried eggs the same. Had one egg at 2pm Cooked as always and 9 pm sick as a dog. I have been searching for years. Store bought eggs sometimes sit for months before you even get them from the store. It was so brave of you to experiment around eggs after the suspicion. Trust me, I know the “duh” feeling you’re talking about. I would try ruling that out as well just to be thorough. Sometimes they make me feel sick to my stomach exactly how your describing it.. No clue, but I will say that the eggs I’ve been buying that are supposedly from pastured chickens always have an expiration date further out than that – usually about 45 days or more. Thanks for posting your article. I used to eat a lot of eggs for dinner before I got married. Hello, scrambled eggs this morning and feeling pukey, forgot they make me nauseous. on August 19th, 2014. And within three or four hours, that sick feeling came back. By contrast, no Japanese eggs have ever given me this problem, and we’re talking 5+ trips now… Australian food production is crapola. If I fry an egg with cooking oil it’ll go right through me, upset my stomach and I’ll have to rush to the bathroom. HELP. Do you feel sick after eating eggs, but not all eggs? I’ll keep baking but I bake for others so no worries for me. The solution in this is very self explanatory, you would have to double check the food that you are to cook and eat and keep safe in eating and serving meals. I discovered it’s mainly white eggs that affect me like that. Be patient: Pregnancy tests are very sensitive this day and age, so be patient. Thanks for this article, at lease I know now that I am not alone in this what seems to be “sensitivity” to eggs! What I have discovered is WHAT I eat with eggs can make the difference (potatoes usually mark them safe) and the amount- I made a small cake with 6 eggs & it bothered me- changed to 4 eggs & it’s ok.) I am non-dairy & always suspected it could be milk in a restaurant- why I stopped ordering scrambled, but my cake used almond milk & still bothered me. I just stumbled upon this and I definitely will give this a try! Your doctor may recommend an elimination diet, where you essentially avoid eggs for up to six weeks at a time. It’s been like playing roulette sometimes they make me sick sometimes they don’t. Appreciate your research and sharing!! I haven’t noticed fever, back pain or brain fog. Oh that’s terrible! Thank you so much for this article. I could still eat baked goods! Written By So hard to figure out because it’s so different for everyone! I miss my eggs. It seems obvious after you figure it out, but nobody talks about egg sensitivity! Uuuuuuugggghhh...yuck I hate that smell. Oh my gosh, this article answers so many of my questions. Thank you for letting me know!! Thanks for the post.. Makes a lot of sense.. To my knowledge I don’t have a Sulfur allergy.. If I buy white eggs from the grocery store the smell alone will make me feel sick when scrambled in a pan. I have never had any food intolerances up until summer last year, when I seemed to be sick with many of the above symptoms almost daily. I have absolutely no idea why, but red meat makes me ill as well. I thought I was crazy. I love that you tried them in cookie recipe! Dear Amy, I started having problems with eggs after a car accident when I was in my mid forties. OMG, that’s so confusing, it’s the opposite of me! I hope it works so that you can enjoy eggs again! ), because the potential gastric problems caused by eating store-bought eggs is too much for me. But I’m a real fan of just avoiding things that bother the body. I’m fine! Then, just to make sure, I scrambled an egg on my third morning back and ate it. i think it may be the hen’s diet. nauseous smell in anderen Sprachen: Deutsch - Englisch. Egg is a food that is rich in cholesterol. Still the same on and off nausea with them. I’ve been getting nausea and back pain after eating brined eggs and I wondered if it was something about the salt or the way I boiled them–but now I think it’s probably that brined eggs are left out for several weeks and develop sulfur, like you said. Sometimes I felt feverish. Though it’s officially termed “morning sickness,” nausea can strike at any time of day, including mealtimes. (I ate eggs less frequently but every single time it was the same). But I quit after four days because there was no change. It explains so much. I get stomach cramps and feel like throwing up. -Eggs that are not cooked well (like in the oven). So glad you could figure it out! I’ve had this issues for years. I just thought because they were hard boiled.. That i wouldn’t get sick. Enjoyed reading this. made my own fried chicken with egg wash to coat…that old feeling returned. By process of elimination, I then narrowed it down to the eggs but then felt fine one day and not the next… Totally threw me!