Above deck the Passport 40 has a sensibly designed cockpit for seagoing action, there’s room for up to four with wide seats and a coaming that’s trimmed in teak, large cockpit drains, and plenty of cockpit locker space. Where Perry makes a departure from his usual formula of that era is the choice of a standard transom instead of his normal canoe stern. It's interesting to note that Perry accepted the commission by asking for a hefty upfront fee instead of the usual designer's fee and commission arrangement after noting the dubious nature of the letter's stationary, “Yacht Builders, Frozen Foods, and Eel Farms.”. It was after all the boom years for Taiwanese boatbuilding with exchange rates and cheap but good quality craftmanship favoring the exchange. The pullman berth arrangement tends to be more practical as the berth situated a little back is more comfortable and the head at the forepeak doesn't mind if it gets seaspray from an open forward hatch. The request as Perry recalls was for an interior based on his previous work on the Freeport 36 with Islander Yachts. The original stainless steel chainplates were of lower quality and subject to leaks, inspected for leaks and signs of corrosion. Old-school craftsmanship The Passport 40 comes from the first generation of performance cruisers for which its designer, Robert Perry, has generally been credited with when he introduced his groundbreaking Valiant 40. The ballast was of iron encapsulated in GRP. All boats feature a seagoing quarter berth sleeping two in the starboard aft cabin. For further research it's worth contacting other owners on the Passport 40 email list run on Google Groups. Cruising World polled their readers to determine the best sailboats of all time. The consensus is that this is probably caused on boats that have had their rigging tensioned really tight in the past. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Agent Email: info@cruisingyachts.net. James Smale and his team of 30 are responsible for current manufacturing engineering and future product launch coordination. Tune in for the Princess Yachts X95 Launch. You can opt out or. The fee proved no impediment and the boat was duly penned and then built by King Dragon boatyard in Taiwan. You’ll find guides on the most beautiful and interesting destinations to add to your bucket list, must-have gear and accessories to equip your yacht, tips on maintaining safety while at sea, and crowd-pleasing drink and food recipes that will impress your family and friends. Below the waterline a cruising fin keel drawing 5′ 9″ and a skeg hung rudder, their profiles looking very similar to the Valiant 40. Joe Souza makes ukeleles in Hawaii and is an island icon. Princess Yachts infuses form and function into yachts built with impressive efficiency. The original stainless steel chainplates were of lower quality and subject to leaks, inspected for leaks and signs of corrosion. All the sail control lines are fed back into the cockpit and the main winches within easy reach of the helm to ease single handing. You will delight in their performance in any sea condition, and revel in the comfort found throughout. With the benefit of having, and consistently maintaining, the highest residual value of any medium sized yacht in the industry, Passport owners are safe with the knowledge that, historically, their investment has often actually increased in value as the years go by, a very rare and unique situation in the world of sailing. Many boats on the market have been well looked after. Perry has penned some fantastic boats in his career, the Passport 40 shares company with the Valiant 40 and the Baba 40 as being his most popular in the 40-foot range so it's interesting to note all three share the basic hull lines which the Valiant 40 pioneered. The engine is located under the saloon table and provides good access. Like most GRP boats built in Taiwan of that era, the Passport 40's hull was built strong and heavy with lots of polyester resin and glass. With most teak decks of significant age, the screws holding them down are often a source of leaks and deck rot. With a fuel capacity of 13,400 litres, the X95 has the range for far-reaching, adventurous voyages. From the safety features of the custom-fabricated stainless steel deck fittings to individually customized interiors, every detail large and small is taken into consideration. ft.Fuel: 128 US Gal.Water: 135 US Gal.Designer: Robert H. Perry (Design #112)Year Introduced: 1980Year Ended: 1991Builder: King Dragon, Taiwa. The fuel tanks are of black iron, which on other boats have been a weak point, in the case of the Passport 40 they have been glassed over externally to help mitigate corrosion from the outside. Below the waterline a cruising fin keel drawing 5' 9" and a skeg hung rudder, their profiles looking very similar to the Valiant 40. Princess lifts the lid on the craftsmanship, skill and passion that goes into each and every impeccably finished Princess yacht produced. Passport Yachts have always relied on the best craftsmen and designers available to create vessels that last generations. The Seakeeper 1 gyrostabilizer is designed for boats 23 feet to 30 feet in length. Later models switched to aluminum tanks. Passport Yachts are built by master craftsmen to the detailed specifications of legendary yacht designers such as Robert Perry and Bill Dixon. Cruising Yachts :(619) 681-0633. Like most GRP boats built in Taiwan of that era, the Passport 40’s hull was built strong and heavy with lots of polyester resin and glass. Renkin in particular had the hull built thicker than Perry's design spec, arguing the solidity was what buyers loved. Located In: Mazatlan, Mexico. From the exceptional furniture quality woodwork to the reliable and well engineered systems capable of handling any ocean voyage, Passports are in a class all their own. The equation incorporates SA/Disp (100% fore triangle) and Disp/length ratios to create a guide to probable boat performance vs. other boats of comparable size. Cocktail: Tajin Cucumber Pepper Margarita. All rights reserved. Deck fittings tend to be solid and of top quality, the original boat had a single bow roller as standard, but many have opted for double rollers and have since updated with a electric windlass. Everything is of the absolute highest quality. The joinery, finished in teak, is superb, though the sheer quantity of teak can be a bit dark for some. Most Passports were originally built by King Dragon yard in Taiwan. The ballast was of iron encapsulated in GRP. Over time this strip has been made refitting more difficult. People and Food: Offshore Banana Pancakes. Current Price* US$188,000. KVH has been pushing the marine-electronics technology envelope for four-plus decades. It's been reported that mild steel was used in the rudder cage as well as the mast step and both have been sources of corrosion, inspect closely. It’s functional with plenty of pantry space, large refrigeration bins, and features twin sinks not too far from the boat’s centerline. John Kretschmer mentions in Sailing Magazine that the original design objective was to allow the boat to be sailed under a single mainsail alone. This is a high-quality boat…I think with this Passport that you’re going to go sailing around the world and you’re going to really enjoy the voyage and the boat.