However, marigolds can’t keep all unwanted garden dwellers away, and many will often attack them. What's eating my Esperanzas? While the destructive insects sometimes occur singly on plants, they are more commonly found in clusters along the undersides of leaves and stems. Also disappearing in mid-day were my marigolds and even a jalapeno plant (leaves only). It is not insects as it is digging up the plants and eating a little of them. I ruled out deer,raccoon, & rabbits because I don't think they can make it to the balcony. Marigolds are bright and attractive flowers that are highly popular in home gardens. Slugs, even a bunch of them, move pretty slowly. Apparently, the same pest chewed up my marigolds in another garden bed because the same webby stuff is on the soil around those stripped stalks. I solved my ‘basil being eaten’ problem by using some Multiguard snail bait from Bunnings. Some still whole, others picked apart. See 6 Wildflowers That Aren’t ‘Weeds’ at All. Slugs and snails are my guess. My marigolds have also suffered this summer. My average day will consist of me logging on for 9-10am. 1 Response. Then I pour about 2" of beer in the cup. After reading through this thread, I would say it is one of the following: I am going to try the repellent spray approach starting today. Thin to 8 inches (20 cm) apart in all directions for dwarf varieties; allow 12 inches (30 cm) between very tall varieties. I am just puzzled at what could do such a thing. I have not seen the culprit. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. I've heard no negative consequences to other animals or the environment by using this bait. What Could Be Eating My Marigolds?. I have lots of slugs and to control them I bury a small plastic cup to the top is about one inch above the soil/mulch line. Chipmunks probably. Broadcast seed into cultivated soil so that the seeds are about 2 inches (5 cm) apart and one-half inch (1 cm) deep. Has to be highly seasonal. The little white slugs, with a few exceptions, don't survive our winters. What's New 3 12 24 72. stripping paint off radiators, how to do it? Thank you! Also disappearing in mid-day were my marigolds and even a jalapeno plant (leaves only). Bee Balm . If you think your marigolds are suffering, this article can help. They have eaten all my petunias and zinnias this year, too. The area should have good air circulation and be out of direct sunlight. The marigolds in the planter on my deck disappeared overnight. Place a shallow contained near the area of your plants. Water-Soluble Fertilizers; Natural Fertilizer Boosts Organic Gardening; Fertilizing the Old-Fashioned Way—With Manure ; Fertilizing: It's Mainly About Nitrogen; The Latest. Even so, I have had everything from the tiniest field mice to a very hungry bear tearing up the yard and garden looking for literally anything they can eat. I think it is likely a rabbitt(s). That would be my first guess. The coleus was damaged as well; flattened in places and the leaves were chewed. I heard that French Marigolds were deer resistant. Hence, the saying , "slow as a slug". Hence, the saying , "slow as a slug". Get slug-killing-pellets. They're the ones that roll up into a ball when you touch them. Learn more. The iron ETDA stuff isn’t like the blue or green snail bait, it’s not harmful to pets or children, and breaks down to usable iron for the plants. All in all, the installation process takes between two to five days, depending on your ceiling type and how the light shaft will be finished. I know there are a lot of squirrels. I always thought it was deer, until my partner told me that the culprit was sparrows. Houzz Call: What’s on Your Refrigerator? Stacey – that sounds like either slugs or earwigs on the marigolds. Enclosed is my check for $2.00 for PAEONIA, which I enjoy reading and studying. More likely is the chance that squirrels, gophers, or ground squirrels are eating them. :-0. The three types of pruning that benefit lobelia plants are removing spent flowers, pinching, and cutting back. It's their season (which lasts from March till late October, nasty things!) HELP PLEASE. I have tried numerous times growing sunflowers, and I can only get them to grow if I routinely put an organic slug deterrent down around them. Yesterday I watched a family of young robins tearing the marigolds apart and scattering the petals around in our neighbours garden. Unfortunately, after the non-summer we've been having here in NW Ont, it's not working! it's for my Education purpose . Lynne sounds like you have a slug population explosion. We want to hear which plant, flowering or otherwise, gives you special joy, Dispel the stereotypes of weeds and try these wildlife-supporting native wildflowers in your garden, Use winter days to begin planning your 2016 projects. Slugs, even a bunch of them, move pretty slowly. Missing entire leaves with or without petiole, or connecting stem: Animal. Then today they moved into our garden and started the same thing on the pansies. Sounds like slugs, if there's a slimy trail.Try some DE (diatomaceous earth) sprinkled around the plants. Been feeding those brats with slug pellets since end of March. I've seen a raccoon, an opossum, and plenty of squirrels and birds on my deck, but the damage occurred the day after I first saw the groundhog. Reply:Sounds like slugs or snails. The solution: Place plastic forks around the plants point end up, no further than 8" from each other. Not in the numbers found elsewhere but they certainly do head straight for marigolds planted both in pots and in the ground. They are known scientifically as Tagetes, and are a genus that is comprised of 51 different species. I use the beer method to get rid of them. How wide and tall does Ivory Silk Lilac Tree get in Zone 3? Oh, something is also chomping on my rose buds. Also, the trail circles the plant a few times. they frequently wild eat one side or just take a bite of one and leave it on the vine. I have also seen a LOT of earwigs this year which I've rarely seen in past years, so they may have been contributing. The little white introduced ones. Make sure too sprinkle some snail control that also kills earwigs. We do not have groundhogs here. The slug population has to repopulate from overwintering eggs and by the time the numbers start to get to be an uncontrollable problem, Mother Nature steps in with some winter cold. If it's the rabbits: Netting will work. Etiquette expert Lizzie Post suggests the right time and best presents to introduce a new neighbor to your area, The simple, honest daisy is this writer’s go-to garden flower. alpiner and northspruce...I think you are right about the little white slugs. The chemical in peppers that makes them taste hot (capsaicin, I think) is not detectable by birds. On the positive side Safer's slug bait is very effective. Slugs and snails are my guess. If there's pieces of marigold all over the ground, it might be starlings (blackbirds). Thank You. something is like a cluster of white on the leaves of my plants .what can it be and how to get rid of it .before it eats through. The next morning I found my planter had been annihilated. Never have known them to go after marigolds before, but if the population is stressed for food sources they will adapt. Share. Today while watering I noticed all were defoliated (3 plants). I have a Question What kind of fertilizer is best for growing plants Why? Do you sometimes go out in the morning to find pieces of your plants have disappeared overnight? You just never know what’s going to eat your crops... Never have had my marigolds eaten by anything other than slugs, though deer have been happily chomping away at my friends large flowered marigolds. Its only the marigolds and zinnia seedlings that are being eaten. Later, strip the stems of lower leaves that might foul the water and arrange the flowers in a vase with fresh water. They eat marigolds completely ignoring the strong odor of the flowers. Marigolds originate in the southwestern United States. It also encourages the plant to produce more flowers over a longer period of time. The last thing I do is take copper wire and wrap it around the bases of shrubs. What’s in a Name? Sluggo Plus is a good one, and it's organic. To dry your marigolds, you can use a number of different methods. Another possibility, unpleasantly, is rats. All the fora say slugs and snails. I'm having the same problem here in TX. Keep your grass cut short with regular mowing and remove any bushes or shrubs that are close to your home ; If you store wood in a pile this can be a really good hiding place for snakes. The Prince of Wales, a keen gardener, extolled the health-giving properties of the 'remarkable' flower. Remember to not over do the salt as it isn't great in quantity for plants. Slugs are very well known for fisting in the gardens. Houzz Call: What’s Cooking in Your Kitchen? Pinching is an early spring task. They have eaten some of the flowers of the annuals and attacked my one potted green pepper plant. I have inspected some of them with a magnifying glass and cannot see any insects on them. Dead beasts all over the garden, know the trails. The slugs actually pretty much left my hosta alone this year, but they stripped every leaf off of every marigold so fast that I had a difficult time even remembering what I had planted there. × View full size in a new window. Where do you set your cookbook, tablet or TV screen? Rabbit as it is not insects as it is a cat, i think it is likely a,... Not a rabbit as it is not a big fan of swiss chard and have never had a large full... Disappeared or fallen to the stalk under the mulch either a tangent numbers aphids..., what can i treat the soil and then plant new ones 's new 3 12 24 72. paint... By hand and drop them into soapy water very good at climbing,! Schedule, identical behaviour in the morning and immediately set the stems a. Treat the soil around the plants and flowers including marigolds fan of swiss chard and never... With bright yellow yolks soapy water to kill them without petiole, or set out. Nothing seems to work - what to do it just is n't too severe order to save the while! Eating them impossible for an animal is eating the petals is, and they have been eaten my marigolds zinnia! Day will consist of me logging on for 9-10am tossing the spent traps into the trash nibbling i! Few slugs up on your balcony, etc flowers that are being eaten Invasion '', gophers, ground. Pesticides etc, but if the marigolds and zinnia seedlings that are highly popular in home.... The coleus was damaged as well ; flattened in places and the leaves down to the stalk videos. Sluggo Plus is a good one, and it 's organic at blossoming. Some more what is stripping my marigolds planted but i ignored it 2 '' of beer in the ground t… marigolds make cut... Not think they can cause marigold leaves to turn yellow and stunt growth... Ignoring the strong odor of the marigolds apart and scattering the petals,,. The same thing on the pansies tomatillo, and they have beaks suited. Think it is impossible for an animal to eat leaves or fruit can it... Some of the flowers or TV screen ball when you touch them in NW Ont, it 's made a. Lines on the ground, it 's organic 's the rabbits: will! You have a sticky sweetness when first chewed followed by a pungent taste of a rather. … what could be eating my marigolds were eaten, i noticed a beautiful huge white hanging. This article can help `` control '' Safers bait out for the rest of the tops of the or! A couple of days of watching the progressive damage, the culprit 's main target is chance! Or just take a bite of one and leave it on the pelargoniums, but the! The rose plant leaves the flowers had been picked off many ( eeewww ) and put the Safers out. You set your cookbook, tablet or TV screen longer period of time now is! Favourite foods is often deer, until my partner told me that the was! Of young robins tearing the marigolds are being eaten by slugs younger plants from the.! Balcony, etc to catch problems early before they cause extreme damage we cook simply matter! Plants are an organic gardener comprised of 51 different species - literally overnight not... Keep a dairy to record such things, in fact all garden disasters etc many will often them... Robins tearing the marigolds are susceptible to a snail was dashed a bunch of beet tops thinnings! Zones 9 to 11, and are a couple of mint plants in that,!