I’ve searched for feathers since and made a conscious effort to look out for them but 7 months on, I’ve seen none float by or appear as these ones did. I opened the door to the Jeep and the feather floated up and went into the jeep on the drivers side floor. Lately they have been only black. Interestingly, despite how different one culture can be from the next, the white feather symbolism remains pretty consistent throughout. This really got to me emotionally. My husband and father of our 3 children was killed on the 20th October 2017, so this is the first Fathers Day without him. Parker was a human as a dog could be. Enter Your Email Below & Get Energy Healing With Your Angels FREE! So I had to stoop to have a closer look at it. This is similarly true in Christianity. it was windy most of the day…..” I decided to drop everything and I drove back in rush hour and prayed that the feather would still be there!!! it’s ok, you’re going to be alright, and I am here, loving you and supporting you….”. I’ve been finding tiny white feathers occasionaly since my huusband passed away 2 years ago. We just recently moved to the state where her family lives and she grew up. I’ve put the feather I my purse as I don’t want to loose it. I hope I continue to see them because I can’t stop grieving for my husband I loved so much and still do. Angel signs of this type appear in unexpected places and white feathers are no exception. Tips for Planning (and Attending) a Funeral Using Zoom, 10 Best Online Memorial Sites: Cost, Features + Reviews. Have you asked your angels a question recently, if so, what. Angels are the pure energy of love and light, and so while they're always near us, their energy is so light and fine that from the. A quote that she had on display in her home reads, “You are never alone, as we accompany you constantly, even when you are unaware of our presence. I have only found out I have a serious health problem and have been so anxious for two weeks. And it’s by listening to them that I understood some were lucky while others were not.…. I miss him terribly, so my other siblings, his wife, his children, grandchildren and other family and friends. I cried and think this is a sign that I’ll be ok. Today I found a white and black feather when I was in the garden I could not believe my eyes I believe my daughters dad frank is looking over me. My mum passed away nearly 5 weeks ago. and have not seen anything like it in my life…God is Great. No window was open and we don’t have any feather bedding . Once you know that it’s an angel sign, then what? I have been feeling very low lately and extremely stressed out the past few months, my anxiety has been awful and I have really struggled. It's really quite true. Uncover spiritual secrets today by watching my videos on YouTube. It could make you feel relaxed in life and just enjoy it as it is. My mum passed away February 2017 i think about her every day and often cry .i had her ashes put into a pot with a memory of mum rose .i have 3 separate pots of roses .memory of dad and a golden wedding rose all standing at the side of each other but when i got up this morning i was surprised to find a white feather on my memory of mum rose .could this be a good sighn …. then yesterday at work i was talking to a co worker an di went o hand her something and thats when a feather appeared in my hand, . This morning I found a small beautiful white feather on my pillow. They say (maybe in humor, maybe true) that your Guardian Angel sits on your right shoulder protecting you from evil (the Devil is said to sit on the left). In the west, much of our understanding of death (and what comes after) comes from Christianity. I dont know where it came from and the windows were shut in my bedroom but I opened my wallet and there it was, my wallet was in my bag (the bag hasn’t left the house in months). I feel he is sending me positive vibes to stay strong. I was in our bedroom closet and going thru some clothes in a basket and at the bottom of it, I found a white feather. This is not the first time I have found whit feathers . Ever since then I’ve always taken notice whenever I see a feather. Many are overwhelmed by their faith, choosing this as a moment of prayer. Amazing. Was a little upset it had mysterally disappeared. I tried to copy it using a needle on the same tank top but it was so difficult to do. And guess what? Learning how to speak to my guardian angel gave me real strength and energy to fight all the difficulties in every day life. • When you came across the feather, what were your first feelings, thoughts, or impressions? I feel hopeless I think I could of done more for Karl it’s my fault he could still be alive if I didn’t play games and turned light on.We have now got to wait for Coroners report as there was no telling. It was the most stressful move ever. I decided to pick up the feather and check it out and wonder how did this feather land on me? I have been told that my dtr would send me a sign. !!! A third sighting turned to be quite spectacular. Maybe my angel – protection. We have been in communication through dreams and other ways including the feather. At the moment a white small soft feather dropped next Wondering what the future holds? It is a small one. August 18, 2020. Wishing Moon reply: “Hi Loraine. To begin, it’s important to understand death in different cultures. Then yesterday afternoon when bringing in my groceries, I saw a single white feather on the back step.. Since she passed I’ve been finding white feathers all the time. I believe the feathers I found today were a sign from my mom and aunt that everything will be okay and they are looking our after me. The white feather might just be the answer to it or a validation to whatever you have been having doubts about yourself or connecting with other people lately. Then, this morning, I was sitting on a step in my garden and a small white feather landed on me! Anyway I went to get my laptop from under the bed and next to it was a big white feather, straight the wayI new it was a sign, although unsure who from as my sister died in November 2007 or my Dad who died in April 2020. Most of the time these “spirit” signs come your way just to remind you to relax and be at peace with nature and flow of life. Most recently I put it down to a neighbour’s homing pigeons, however my son and I have moved. Twitter. I believe she is a guardian angel to my kids as well. I want to thank my guardian angel for being there for me, watching over me and letting me know to stay strong and that everything will be ok. So whenever they came across a feather, they would take great care of it as a powerful talisman in battle or a sacred gift. He then started flying into ANOTHER TREE CLOSER TO ME!!!! After my grandad died I would find a number of feathers in strange places. Thank you God and my Angels. Only three weeks ago so its still pretty raw. None of us have down filled jackets, nor do we have birds, so it’s odd for us to see feathers in our homes….The following story is a funny one…the evening after the funeral while we all gathered at my home, my boyfriend comes out of the bathroom with a worried face asking me for the plunger…he reassured me that he had only gone to do number “1”, but for whatever reason the toilet was plugged. I hope you read it because I feel it has an important meaning to it. A feather of this color can, therefore, be viewed as a symbol of purity and morality. , she was the kindest sweetest lady, 3 days ago I met Then she said that it would be a feather. I have put the feather in my phone case & took comfort from it , I can only hope it’s a sign that my mum is ok, I had a small white feather on my bed I thought it came out of my stuff animal I checked everywhere on my stuff animal several of times can’t seem to find a opening tear anywhere…but, it’s strange because I don’t know where the feather came from, I lost my husband nearly 4 years ago ,when me and kids have a really down day ,I have noticed a feather just fly’s across our path ,it helps us so much knowing he is here for us ,puts a smile on our face. They can be large, small, thin, thick, fragile, sturdy, and some of them can even appear with unusual patterns of shapes. Anyway I went to get my laptop from under the bed and next to it was a big white feather, straight the wash I new it was a sign, although unsure who from my sister who died in November 2007 or my Dad who dies April 2020. This pain has been so hard. I am terribly grieved and miss him so much!! This morning, after I got out of the shower, I found a small, white feather in my pajama shorts! My beautiful, kind and caring Mum passed away earlier this week after after a battle against that horrible disease, cancer. Since then I have seen a few white feathers. I know my mum felt the presence of Angels & she was certainly aware of their love & the peace they provided. There are also different colors of a feather that you could find, such as black, orange, blue, and even gold. The other morning I woke up to find a white feather securely lodged into the sleeve of my pajamas . The first question to ask yourself is what you have been thinking about lately, or what you have been yearning for or going through. I now feel she has sent me a sign that she is ok! Everything is going to be okay with time. Finding a white feather is a symbol that your angels are near. Have you lost someone close to you? Of course, if the feather you find is not from a bird protected by the treaty, you can bring it home with you…, Many people like to use these special feathers as decoration, in craft projects, or on altars…. White is also a symbol of faith and protection, and when you find white feathers in peculiar locations the message is especially significant. And since her death, I am certain that she uses them to send messages to me.”. This guardian angel trope is common in Christianity and other religions, and it led to the symbolism of the white feather. He was a man of God and loved his family. Do you associate with the color in any way? LAST WEEK MY 20 YEAR OLD GRANDSON PASSED AWAY SO THAT NIGHT I ASK HIM IF I COULD HAVE A PIECE OF HIS WINGS.. when I WOKE I WENT TO RESTROOM AND WHEN WENT TO GET BSCK IN BE THERE IS WAS ASSMALLER BEAUTIFUL WHITE FEATHER. It always comforts me. By the time we (my 5 brothers and sisters) went up and we knew she was ready. On 16th of October 2017. When she was dealing with cancer she asked me to contact my Chicken friends for a request for feathers. A spiritual visitation has taken place. The cost of a 20 minute reading is £32.95 with each additional minute charged at the rate of £1.50. I immediately knew it was Mom sending a glorious message. I’m aware that we have angels watching over us and I felt something so strong inside of me telling me that my life is about to unfold itself and I’m going to achieve all my future endeavors and that I’m so Blessed and protected always. One day while dusting the library bookshelf, I discovered one little tiny white feather. I was lying in bed in an afternoon with my mobile on my hand.. suddenly a white feather just came towards me..as if someone has targeted me..at first i thought might be an insect but later when it was in my pillow i hold it was too soft..later i decided to preserve it..i kept beneath my mattress wandering as if it will flew away being too light..so i kept in the middle below my mattress.. then i had my lunch.. wandering that if it get disappeared..after i finished my lunch..i checked it..but it wasn’t there..i lost my granny 4 years ago..since past 2-3 days i was missing her a lot..might be she came to meet me….