I woke up at maybe two in the morning because I felt something hit my head. Nothing. Contents[show] Legend of the Skin-Walker In the Navajo legend in Polar Twilight-Polar Night, a skin-walker is a person with the supernatural. Once a Wendigo becomes a Wendigo it can no longer switch back and forth from human to monster like a Skinwalker or Shapeshifter... ... Well the Skinwalker is mostly associated with the Navajo Tribe folklore, the Wendigo creature originates from stories within the Algonquin First Nation Tribes. I’m sorry but it was a Rob Zombie movie come to life. I remember being really scared at this point and couldn’t think straight. Arizona is full of stories of encounters with skinwalkers. The old man stood his ground and told them to not be disrespectful and to not meddle in things that were past their understanding. But the "big" thing that really made me think that this was a Skinwalker is because when I returned home that night I came across this Youtube video of a man filming the sound of multiple Skinwalkers screaming at each other and I instantly became very frightened and knew for a fact, that this was the exact same thing that I encountered earlier that night! ... Once a face to face encounter or outright attack from a Skinwalker occurs, ones perspective on the realities of the shadow world will certainly be changed forever. My family owns a farm in the heart of an Indian reservation. The question is difficult to answer. Never, never talk about them out loud with anyone! Another well known location for these terrifying encounters is Skinwalker Canyon located on the Navajo Nation Reservation in the Four Corners area of the United States. All the kids slept in the basement, in a big room with sliding glass doors to the outside, as the room was on the side that wasn’t underground. First thing she did was grab ashes from the fireplace, load three shells into the shotgun from under her bed, bless herself in Navajo and went outside to shoot it. If you accidentally lock eyes with a skinwalker, they can “absorb” themselves into your body and take control of your actions. Skinwalkers are actually known as witches in Navajo culture, and they used to be humans. Those claws were at least two inches long, sharp, like an animals. When it came to Skinwalkers, I was an absolute skeptic. It flashed its teeth at me in a snarl, yellow and huge. The Navajo Skinwalkers historical origins come from an ancient Navajo legend of a terrifying shape-shifting creature known as "Yee Naagloshii", which translates to, "The One who walks on all fours". That night we went to bed early. we stayed up telling scary stories often, but one night a few weeks in, we decided to make a campfire out back. 3. “Hear that?! After a couple of minutes I hear my mom attempt to wake up my dad and see if he can hear it. My mom used to tell a story of how back in the 80’s when she lived with her siblings and my grandparents (still in Shiprock, but the southern outskirts) about how she and my aunt saw a Skinwalker just outside their driveway under a street light. The Navajo people themselves do not venture into the canyon for fear of becoming a victim of the legendary Skinwaker or becoming cursed by it's supernatural powers. In the middle of the path, was a large dog-like creature, hunched over with its front hands an inch from the ground. My uncle is Mexican and Native American. the house is in Michigan so it gets slightly chilly even in the end of August, and there was a slight breeze so I put on a jacket and ran to join them outside, skipping breakfast, not wanting to miss out on anything fun. A man with the body and head of a wolf sounds familiar to those of us interested in folklore: could it be that the so-called “werewolf” is actually a Navajo skinwalker? They may stalk or secretly watch these individuals for as little as a few hours or as much as a few days... ... Once a Skinwalker has singled out an individual target they will began to follow and intently study the voice, appearance, laugh, and even facial expressions of the individual while being sure to stick just out of the direct line of sight of that persons peripheral vision. Skinwalker Canyon is known to the Native locals as "Ojo Amarillo Canyon". In 1996, a team of scientists ventured to a Utah ranch to investigate a series of bizarre phenomenon. We arrived in Shreveport, made a phone call to another friend, who we were actually supposed to be staying with. We stayed at Magnolia Inn, it was a shit hole, but it was nice and cool. I noped the hell out and ran back to the bedroom. Winslow and Window Rock is especially famous for these encounters; you’d have to be very brave and perhaps stupid to go there looking for a skinwalker (I would not recommend it). We were walking through the paths for about five minutes and could barely see the fire through the trees when we decided to turn. I smoked my cigarette, absent mindedly flicking ashes out of the window. I have never experienced anything like this and I have been backpacking in the woods all my life. It looked right at us and I know I was paralyzed with fear as it dashed away the opposite way from us, towards a creek that ran through the yard. Lastly never, never, openly talk about them with anyone and keep your doors and windows locked when sleeping! In July 2004, near Gallup, New Mexico, I had my first and only encounter with a Skinwalker. Looking for about a good 5 seconds, I wasn’t able to see anything so I was getting ready to turn around and walk back to bed thinking it was just a stray cat or something. I tell her I hear it too and we lay there and listen. He also said that Yoshi’s tend to harm people by using some sort of human bone straw to spit at someone (think…spitballs only deadlier) and get human bones into them. The only person that knew where we were was the buddy on the phone. It did move quickly, but not quick enough to avoid the light from a nearby light post and the porch lights. Instead of walking like a normal dog would, this thing moved like a toy rocking horse. This was a perfect scenario for a horror movie, it was cloudy but there was full moon, and it was breaking through the clouds just right to light up all the snow. My uncle is the most badass person I know and it scared the crap out of him.