It's best to sneak over there with a jumper. Drop down from the roof to the balcony. The research point is connected to an antenna located on the building's roof. Research Point 2 – Go around the hospital marked on our map above and look for a lower roof you can reach with Marcus while on the ground. It's best to get there using a jumper.

Fly your Quadcopter close to it and hack it from distance. You can attack enemies or sneak in using a jumper (the collectible is on the pipes).

You will notice that you can’t reach it, but there is a truck parked nearby.

Follow the tunnel and drop inside the chamber where the CCTV box is located.

In order to hack in you must first locate four close circuit terminals (red lines in NetHack mode).

The research point is inside the building in the construction site.

The research point is on the building's roof.

Research Point 16 – This Research Point is easy to get but hard to find. There's a security camera above the collectible.

a van) by the stone walls and climb onto them. '&https=1' : '');

When you reach its location you will see that is behind a locked door. The most difficult of research points from 62 to 112 were listed below. In the next room jump inside the air duct on the right side (notice the grate on the floor), and follow the tunnel. The research point is on the roof.

So, this is something to keep in mind for players who are in the middle of the campaign and are hurting for some XP. After that activate the quadcopter and fly towards the roof.

24 – The research point is behind a large billboard.

Each secret you find means one Research Point added to your account.

While outside, send the RC Jumper to hack the box close to the ground, after you distract the guard using the Electronic Door panel on the wall nearby. Jump on the air conditioning boxes, then cross the bridge between the buildings and you will find a small office with a CCTV box inside.

Park a van or another vehicle at the base of this building and start climbing on higher blocks when playing as Marcus. Finish this puzzle by activating a quadcopter and remote hacking an antenna. It's a briefcase in one of the main wooden structures and it's best to sneak over there with a jumper after creating some distraction. Begin by looking around the neighborhood for a lift that you could hack. 94 – The research point is on the building's roof.    . The research point is at the top of the tower. Finally, you should be aware that our Watch Dogs 2 Research Points locations guide follows a specific order. After reaching the garage don't look for an entrance - just boot up NetHack. 46 – The research point is inside the hospital. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Ubisoft or Ubisoft.

Research Point 38 – West of Coit Tower is another Research Point you can collect using only your Quadcopter. Research Point 35 – For this Watch Dogs 2 Research Point use the RC Jumper and enter the air duct located under the front stairs of the restaurant in the corner of the street. After you've solved the mini-game use a quadcopter to hack an antenna. Sneak into this location using a jumper and find a red terminal on a wall of one of the buildings. Our Watch Dogs 2 message board is available to provide feedback on our trainers or cheats.

After a successful jump hack the red terminal. Hack into the red terminal. When it comes to leveling up in Watch Dogs 2, there is a handful of ways to do it.


It can be found inside the shaft, and contrary to what you might assume, you don't have to get onto the roof to be able to enter this one.

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Reach the other side and enter the air duct. Activate the jumper and use it to travel through a slide. The research point is inside a building under construction (it's a restricted area).

Research Point 17 – The final Watch Dogs 2 Oakland Research Point is not included in our video guide but it appears on the map above.

This point can be found in a briefcase found on the roof of Proviblue Bank.

This point is hidden under a pier - easily accessible when playing Marcus. Key points of Watch Dogs 2 - Research points. Enter through the hole above the white wooden fence, then look for the collectable at the other side of the pier (close to the shore). Activate the jumper and head to this building's cellar. At the end of the climb, jump from the metal construction onto the roof (better use booster).

After you've obtained the access key open the door. the yellow cement mixer) or the boost in order to achieve a perfect flight path for the jumper. Go around the balcony, hop on the boxes on the other side and hack the Blume CCT box. One of terminals is near the stairs in the restricted area (sneak through or kill the guards); the other one is the other section of the roof. Locate the briefcase with the collectible and sneak in using a jumper. Swim underneath the pier, as shown above. The research point is on the roof of a small building. Begin on the freeway and make a jump using the jumper so that you'll fly over the fence.

Now, head upstairs and quickly grab the Research Point, then recall your Jumper. Research Point 13 – For this Research Point you need to solve a puzzle on the Christ the Light building. Use a quadcopter to get closer to the large structure and do a remote hack. Use a quadcopter to get there.

There are enemies and a guard dog here. When you do, hack the red closed-circuit terminal. This point is under a small pier. The research point is under the bridge in the park.