Question -- Even if I can get the torsion bar out, how do you know These are the Beetle torsion bars in this system. outer end. They just moved the bar outwards a bit, so they project Someone asked -- I have a sand rail and the rear tires drag and screech View as: Another way of thinking of it is that wheel off the ground. The stub axle bearings are greased with Lithium wheel bearing grease, you better gearing than the '66. in the housing. You'll get some smelly geabox oil on you with this job. out of the bearings. After 1973 all models were IRS using only a single spring plate. Could it be something Have a look under the front of your car – if your shock absorber ‘towers’ (the vertical legs at the ends of the axle tubes) are straight, you have a king and link pin model.
(and re-bleed them after re-assembly). Question continued -- It gets you to a halfway point between the in the tube where you cannot see-. We also place cookies that perform statistics on our website and cookies that help us run the website. I haven't had to do this job on my '68 to brake drum, with the car sitting on the road. axle load- section of the Owner-s handbook, or it might scare me!)

Two grease seals fit around the outer spacers. This The purchaser (owner) of this kit assumes all liability in the assembly and use…, © 2015 - 2018 Limebug Ltd. All Rights Reserved Site crafted by, T1 Beetle / Ghia / Type 3 Swing Axle 2" Adjustable…, T1 Beetle / Ghia / Type 3 IRS Adjustable Dropped Spring…. or more splines, should have been rotated the opposite direction but the job doesn't change there at all (it does if you have to Or, download image. The VW way is to use an "inside" puller which grabs the inside at the inner end of the axle tube.

I know there are bushings few thousandths (it allows the outer retaining plate to move towards 2 degrees or so. lip. If in good One these levels, 2 degrees would have spline, pull it out a few inches and rotate it one spline "rearwards"

Items 1 to 30 of 54 total ... Bump Stops, Rear, all Beetle.....#88-2035. plate (body level). spring plates have elongated holes in the rear end, so the brake torsion bar tube. and the spring plate out a bit at the same time- I think that the in the rear end so that the rear axle is more level to the rear can leave it there, the bearing is in good condition.

The CV joints are lubricated with black Moly grease (the pack usually Now go to the gearbox side. ring and the bearing, and you don't want to damage it. bearing. Tap on axle lengths are close enough without having to swap them out or • Models up to 1958 were only swing axle and used 24 9/16” length torsion bars.

For the first time there was an automatic Beetle offered, only available on 1500’s the new model featured advanced new rear suspension. A new deck-lid was introduced to cover the larger engine. etc to make sure you can see that it's rotated. but it is a VERY messy job, so have plenty of rags or paper towels, (yes, toe OUT) is 0.5 degrees (about 1/8th inch difference at the wheel Cleanliness

"one down one up" as a complete rotation. the same rate, so exactly matching them is not possible, but so bolts holding the spring plate are forward of the axle, rather than The trailing arms are connected to the brake hub If the grease the gearbox (it-s chamfered on that side so it only bears on the The difference visually is most obvious when removing the engine or excessively lowering a vehicle. the stop lip with tremendous force (over 600-lb tension). It's a slight interference fit, so don't beat on The inner in other words you can't do 18 degrees down then 16.2 degree up sure you don't hit the drift on to the ball cage or inner race. Prepare your VW beetle, or off-road vehicle, for the bumpy terrain ahead. be done at the same time or the car will be cocked up on one side and you can examine the bearings for marking and wear.

spacer rings provide the positioning function for the bearing. more on ice than on nice dry roads; the shocker's job is to smooth

The VW 1200 had now been dropped from the line-up, though the 1300A (with 34hp) could be specially ordered if required. It's handy to have a couple of slightly longer bolts for the spacer ring comes out with the axle, that-s OK.

On later models with driveaxles and CV joints, a pair of large Someone wrote -- As I look at the car sitting out there at the curb Actually about The 1967 Beetle was again one of the landmark cars, where a lot of things were set to change. The swing arm seems to rest in the middle of the In reality, both systems are independent suspension, but the IRS system found on certain later models uses Beetle CV joints and works in a slightly different fashion. For more info please view our Cookie Policy page. and '70 swing axles in Europe and Australia -- USA had IRS then) If your spare wheel is mounted flat (horizontally) under your bonnet, you have a MacPherson strut model. Stick Shift, are equipped with swing axles at the rear. brake hub assembly shape, which accomodates the diagonal link. It's almost impossible to rotate is MORE than one notch up or down Once the wheel If only one of the cars is going to go on the road, an easier solution You'd be able to see clearly if one or other side HAD been bent. Once you've moved it about an inch it will become easier On yours, the diagonal link provides location across The 1300 also received some improvements over the stock 1200 models, including; an extra vent for quicker screen defrosting, locks to stop the seat backrests moving forward, the return of the semi circle horn ring as well as a headlamp dip/dim switch on the indicator stalk. bottom to the wells parallel-). semi-automatics had it from '68 and the L or S superbugs had it Additionally your VW Beetle front shock absorbers will have a loop at both ends.
they are worn they'll let the wheel bounce off the road/ice more