Now put your foot on the brake pedal and hold it down lightly while turning on the ignition switch to position “II” (all the dash lights come on, but don’t start it). I see a vsa light on my dashboard. The rotation of the wheel grinded the plastic abs part into the metal surface groove of the bearing and coated it and grounded it down not allowing the new sensor to receive and maintain the vsa signal to do its job. Herman, thanks for the details of your experience! Thanks for your update. Honda Odyssey 2007 model is having a recall on vsa with service bulletin 13-098 on malfunction of vsa in the vehicle. I am so thankful that I found your writings here. IS THIS PROBLEM AFFECT IDDLING?MINE HAVE THE LIGHTS ON THE DASH AND AFTER STARTING,FEW SECONDS THEY ALLUMINATE AND THE ENGEN TURNS OFF. I put in the fifth instead of the forth and in 9 and my car don’t want to power on. Code 65 Rear heated oxygen sensor heater Honda sold defective part on this vehicles and there were many complaints about vsa failures on this vehicles. Honda Odyssey owners have reported 27 who now pays the repair cost? I had to drill out the ABS speed sensor, but I did this with the spindle hub still on the car and the CV axle in place as well. I followed the procedure many times. The procedure below has worked for us to clear/reset the “fault” generated by the low battery voltage condition. See Our Ridgeland Honda service team is here to help you to decipher the most common Honda warning lights, including what the yellow triangle with exclamation point actually means. Honda dealership said it was a misfire and covered under factory warranty. Good luck! Another successful reset. Read in another thread that someone blew fuses trying this method on a 4th Gen Odyssey. Thank you! Can someone help by the Honda of America is responsible there should be a recall for this it is manufatured defective vehicle what are you guys doing to protect the american people?. Thank you so much. After your trick everything is back to normal. Two problems related to vsa warning light on have been reported for the 2005 Honda Odyssey. I do think, because I was becoming more familiar with the instructions, that I was releasing the brake pedal quicker after the ABS light went off on the last try so perhaps that made a difference. Besides the apparent loose fuel tank cap, this code can be caused by cracks in EVAP hoses or vapor canister. Mark tells us that he almost never sees a Honda with a VSA issue. I’m not sure which ones exactly, unfortunately, as my mechanic messed around with it for a bit for me, and I wasn’t right there with him. Thanks once again Rob. You can use a good code scanner, or you can take it to the local parts store and see if they will scan it for you. 25. Rob you are awesome. If not covered by warranty (or Honda claims damage), Honda wanted $280 just to diagnose. Let us know if it works…, Fantastic I have honda accord 06 at the first try this work thank you Rob for the tip. Read on, this may be just the solution you are looking for to clear those fault codes and save you having to go to a dealer and pay a labor charge. worked like a charm. On my 2006 Odyssey had to replace the front brakes at around 19,000 miles due to shaking of the car when braking. Initially noticed starting problem where car wont start. Hi Thank you it worked to my Honda Civic 2014 coupe. Vehicle stability assist is just what it sounds like. Clancyalu, sorry I am not very knowledgable of the more serious manifestations of this issue. if not placed correctly, the codes don’t show up. - Easy Fault Reset Procedure. Goes to show that if the lights won’t go out, or continue to come back on, there is more than just a glitch and an actual mechanical issue probably exists. I would talk to a maintenance tech to scan vehicle..modern vehicles are exclusively better off for seasoned Techs or UTI may be able to assist as they did work on some Hondas for free, to give Students practice..Just Sayin..Proud Veteran.. 09 Odyssey touring. A flashing D usually indicates a problem related to automatic transmission. If spark plugs are not changed at the recommended interval, they will eventually start to wear or even worse, stop working. 2011 Honda Crv Abs And Vsc light both on after a dead battery Every step in the directions is working fine but at the end I aM getting 3 blinking lights instead of 2 following the directions after that the lights are still staying on I have tried seveal time Any Ideas with the light blinking 3 times compared to the 2 times Thanks. Recently had front and back breaks put on my 2012 Honda Accord. The contact stated that there was a manufacturer recall in regards to the vehicle stability assist. Thanks! Rob, Thank you so much! Great! Auto parts stores such as Advance Auto Parts and Autozone will scan the codes for you free of charge. I’ll need to add that to the post for pushbutton start models. Let's take a look at some of the most common Honda engine codes. I had the car towed to the dealer who told me the vsa senor control cluster needed to be replaced. Whew. Splendide Washer/Dryer Door Latch/Lock Bypass, Converting a Winegard DirectTV SWM Trav'ler to DISH on a 2017 Entegra, 2017 Entegra Aspire/Insignia House Battery Upgrade. When that warning light triangle with exclamation point pops up, there’s a simple explanation. Thank you for publishing these instructions. While driving during rush hour traffic the vehicle suddenly without warning began to apply the brakes and the engine idled down then temporarily seemed normal only to have it reoccur in a matter of seconds. What is important during the procedure is released the break pedal immediately after the ABS light goes off . O2 sensor performing below efficiency is a widespread problem that will cause your Honda check engine light to come on. Van was traveling on a perfectly straight section of highway. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a service appointment, don’t hesitate to contact the Service Center at Patty Peck Honda today. I used a paper clip, but any stiff (solid) light gauge wire will do. If your Honda check engine light stays on after you start the engine, it means the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system has detected a problem with the engine, transmission or the emission system. There is a recall on the vsa for 2007 Honda Odysseys already but mine is not included in this recall but I think differently. all problems of the 2006 Honda Odyssey . Insufficient flow through this system can be caused by blocked or cracked EGR tube or a faulty EGR valve. Or at the very least you can throw them a $20 or something as gratitude. Agree, keep an eye on the battery, clean the terminals, etc. For many drivers this may be stressful, frightening, or just plain annoying. Be careful and good luck! It worked great on the third time. (Released the brake quickly.) After hard stop car shuddered and drove rough upon accelerating . Need help attempted this procedure and apparently has completely messed something up after doing the pin in the OBD my brake pedal has no vacuum to it my van will not start and I cannot get it to shift out of park. My ABS, VSA and Tire Pressure warning light stayed on after I replaced my front rotors and pads. Aaron, sorry your message got lost, are you still having problems seeing the photos? After finding that the lights were still on, I special order another ABS speed sensor from the dealership and installed the sensor but lights are still on.. Just saw your article and looking forward to trying your solution tomorrow and pray it works. Wrestled with this some more and thought about it a lot. Vsa light comes on and stays on. I was leaving a doctors app. Will this work for a 2012 honda crosstour??? Charged the battery on my 2012 Honda Civic CNG model and once started, had the VSA, ABS, brakes and power steering items pop up on my screen. It is not a problem caused by wear-and tear and Honda should be responsible for making the electronics more reliable in Odyssey models. just tried it. Code 8 Top dead center sensor THANK YOU!!!! The wheel speed sensors are responsible for monitoring the wheel speed and send it back to the computer system. This is because the doors are programmed not to open if the car is in motion, but without the ABS working the computer can’t determine if the car is moving or not, so by default it disables those doors. Then we I tried to apply brake to slow down, the brake light turned on. really exist, usually after a dead battery. In this guide, you will learn about common problems that can get your Honda hood stuck. 2012 Honda Odyssey EX-L – had issue with ABS and TRaction control lights on, door would not open unless ignition off. Do not step on the brake, but press the start button once to get to accessory (or ‘I’). When the light comes on, Honda suggests getting someplace safe and restarting the engine. John Goreham is a life-long car nut and recovering engineer. This VSA light indicates that the system is currently activated, which means that it is actively helping keep your Odyssey safe. VSA Light On - You Got The Wrong Tires See Thanks for the help. Thanks for the big help.I tried it 4 to 5 x and It didn’t work until i read the comment from Shawn to release the brake quickly and it worked.Thank you Guys! Dead battery. Select. I turned the car off and restarted it multiple times only to have it reoccur over and over again. Even though Hondas are quite reliable, a few models such as the Honda Odyssey or Honda Accord were prone to having transmission problems. Does anyone know which fuse(s) I burned out on my 2007 Honda Pilot? My 2016 Accord had the ABS, VAS, EPS & TPM lights on the dashboard due to low voltage battery last night. This issue might occurred earlier as I had to change the battery after about 2 yrs. Also please check out the hi,i have a FRV and had battery trouble due to the lock down.