He is also having his own joggers company at the young age. It is an online selection process in which participants are given various tasks to perform in order to get shortlisted. Rohan chose Nikhil's Gang and Kashish chose Prince's Gang. Witness all the action on Voot. The remaining 2 roadies move to the last round. This page was last edited on 12 September 2020, at 17:30. Gang Prince were 2nd Place, Gang Nikhil were in 3rd and Gang Neha were in 4th. It was an open Voting session. Also, Sonu got injured in this task while performing. ii) He had to put any one female roadie each in the other two gangs. After ten minutes, their positions will be interchanged. The team member has to throw the collected eggs to his gang leader who has to put one egg each in an inverted pot and break the pot without cracking the egg. Phase 2: The second member has to duel the second member of the opposite team to pick up the brick and give it to the third member. Girls will make them ready whether boys will take ornaments for them on a local vehicle. Round 1: The roadies have to pull a log of wood tied with a rope along a pulley and drop it on a box to break it and get the flag in it. The boys and the girls competed separately. The task had 3 stages. For this task the gang leaders had to decide who would go against whom, but the competition would be between all 4 of them. Shweta Mehta, who won the MTV Roadies Season 15, is a fitness freak and used to post many videos on Social media platforms about boxing and other gym activities. His task in the audition was to sit on the table(an imaginary Horse) and to propose a girl while riding. Sonu, Geetika, Shubhada, Abhishek, Sharan, Nishkarsh and Preeti won immunity. The pair coming first will get immunity as well as one advantage. Gang Neha, Nikhil and Prince voted Raftaar and Raftaar voted Nikhil. Finally, he got 4 votes from the panel and qualified for culling round. Stage 1: (1) The girl has to free herself from a bamboo cage. The raider has to tag the defender's face with their gang colour. The pair who came second will choose one gang leader who will decide that into which gang that pair should go. Also, you can Free Download MTV Roadies Xtreme Episode 13. Amongst the two winners, the member who has been selected as the strongest, will have immunity along with the other two members of his/her gang (except the weakest member of the gang). If their vote matched with the gang leader whose name has been written, only then the vote will be counted. Gang Prince and Gang Neha formed one alliance while Gang Nikhil and Gang Raftaar formed the other. Two gangs had to form an alliance. Ranvijay gave the choice to Nikhil whether he wants Mehakdeep to select in his Gang. 2) After crossing the obstacles, the first member has to pull down a bar, acting as a counter weight by which the second member gets pulled up to a certain height. This season the auditions were different from past seasons, the contestants had to get a least of 3 votes from the gang leaders and as a twist Rannvijay had a special power and had 2 votes. Gangs after auction is mentioned in Gangs part below. But Sonu, Nishkarsh and Khurshid performed well in this task. MTV Roadies Xtreme is the sixteenth season of Indian reality show MTV Roadies. It would be interesting to see who will vote out in next episode among Priya, Nishkarsh, Kriti or Abhishek. Karan Kundra interacted with all the roadies. In the surprise Vote-out Geetika Sood and Nikav Bharucha were voted out. For this task, two gangs had to form an alliance. Gang Raftaar were in 1st Place in the Task but due to disqualification, they didn't win Immunity. Having promised the Xtreme, the season is off to an exciting start because the battle for immunity has already begun. The other winning member who has been selected will have immunity alone. Round 3: The roadies have to climb a ladder and reach the top to place their flag. In each round, there will be one raider and two defenders. Free Download MTV Roadies Xtreme Episode 7, Qualified Contestant Names in MTV Roadies Xtreme Episode 7, Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 7 01 April 2018, Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 7 Free Download, Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 7 Kolkata Audition, Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 7 Online, Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 7 Voot, Sandy Saha Roadies Xtreme Biography | Wiki | Age | Height | Career, Sonu Jat Roadies Xtreme Biography | Wiki | Age | Height | Spouse | Affairs, Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 9 | Xtreme journey begins, Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 6 | Pune Audition Written Updates, Kumkum Bhagya 21 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Written Episode: Abhi kisses Pragya amidst the fire. For this task, the roadies had to challenge previous seasons champions and finalists. Prince and Nikhil formed one alliance. All started with contestant Harshvardhan Bhan who is a professional dancer and of age 27. 1 minute 30 seconds got added to the other alliance. 3. Subhadha voted for Sharan. You need an account on Voot to download, which you can sign up easily with your Gmail or Facebook account. The gang leaders had to write the name of the roadie in the danger zone whom they wanted to eliminate. Pavneet voted for Mehakdeep. RanVJ asked him to dance. Prince mentioned that he killed a dog last year when the dog was barking at him. For this task, Gang Raftaar competed against Gang Nikhil and Gang Neha combined for 3 immunities because of Gang Raftaar being targeted in the 7th task. Nikhil-Raftaar broke 4 pots. He also showed his strength in squats while taking Prince on his shoulder. 16+ | mild language, Extreme tasks With the action and adventure kicking off in Shillong, the Gang Leaders and the 20 Roadies are all set for the journey. Some boys molested his friend by saying some bad words for her. After Everyone Turns Their Back On Surbhi, Raftaar Stands Up For Her And Tries Convincing Neha To Give Her The Immunity. Phase 2 : One contestant then has to move around the grid and collect 5 flags without disturbing the wires, which on slight touch can make the tower collapse. Kashish Thakur Pundir-Winner, •Gang Prince:- At last, he got 3 votes from judges to qualify for culling round. 6 roadies voted for Samiksha with Gang Leader name Prince and 2 roadies voted for Samiksha with Gang Leader Raftaar. The first girl to come out of the booth and ring the bell wins one immunity for the gang. As a 3-1 vote, Gang Raftaar was disqualified from the task results. i) He had to put Shruti's partner Minnie in one of the other three gangs. Each phase is to be performed by either of the two roadies and the gang leader. MTV Roadies Xtreme is the sixteenth season of Indian reality show MTV Roadies.The show is hosted by Rannvijay Singh.It started airing on MTV India from February 18, 2018. Also, subscribe us to get more updates in the further episodes and for new posts on MTV Roadies Xtreme. Gang Nikhil was full immune so no one was voted out. He also did some pushups while taking Neha on his back. He also showed his skills in acting and stunts. In March 2019, he hosted On Road With Roadies on Voot for Roadies: Real Heroes with Shruti Sinha. The task has 3 phases. 3. Roadies had to vote out one boy and one girl. He took Geetika's immunity and gave it to Shruti. Mehakdeep joined Nikhil's gang after Nikhil chose to remove Nishkarsh. In the Vote-out Shubhada Nishthala and Rohan Hingorani were voted out. Sonu was eliminated in 1st Round and was directly in the danger in the 1st Vote-out. Bibek Bora quit the show, because he could not survive the politics running in the camps. MTV Roadies Xtreme S 16 - Yoga instructor goes extreme. 2) The swinging member had to pick up 10 flags one by one from post A and place them at post B. Kashish Thakur Pundir is the winner of MTV Roadies in 2018. 2) If the roadie could make the challenger fall off the cart with the joystick in one of the three rounds, he/she would win the challenge and get immunity. Team Nikhil and Neha collected one egg but because Nikhil cracked the egg while breaking the pot, they lost the immunity. Watch MTV Roadies Season 16 Episode 2 - Things Get Brutal In Delhi! 1. For this task remaining 4 girls who were not in any gang were paired up with one male roadie each by the gang leaders. For this task the gang leaders had to choose one strongest and one weakest member respectively. In each alliance the strongest member of one gang will perform the task with the weakest member of the other gang. After 72 days, he became the second runner up. Kashish voted for Mehakdeep. Stage 3: Once a team collects 10 tokens, they can move to the second stage. Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 13: After Vivek Bora quit Roadies Xtreme journey due to his personal reasons, Mehakdeep and Sharan got chance to try their luck to get selected on Journey. 2. So 2 members from Gang Raftaar would compete against one member each from the other two gangs. Nishkarsh voted for Sharan. Pavneet joined Raftaar's Gang. Team Mehakdeep and Minnie won the challenge. The winners (1 girl and 1 boy) will get immunity along with all the other members of their gang who are not performing the task. Media 4) After every 3 bells, one member of the performing alliance had to discontinue from the task. Nikhil was given a choice to replace wild card roadie Mahekdeep with anyone in his gang. The alliance completing the task in less time will win 2 immunities. The second teammate has to navigate the driver. According to judges in all actions and lies, Pratik is showing his desperation to get selected for this show nothing else. Nishkarsh and Shubhada joined Gang Nikhil. The pair with maximum number of correct ornaments will get to choose which gang they want to join together. The task was to make Khasi couple ready with their ornaments. In 2018, he hosted On Road With Roadies for Roadies Xtreme and Splitsvilla 11 with Divya Agarwal on Voot. Also, you can Free Download MTV Roadies Xtreme Episode 7.You need an account on Voot to download, which you can sign up easily with your Gmail or Facebook account. The Gangleaders had 100 fruits and they had to bet before every fight. Since sharing is caring so share this post with your friend who is also a Roadies Lover. Vivek Bora was the next contestant who is an actor of Assam movies. Shruti chose Nikhil's gang which gave him the two powers. So he voted against him because other three were wanted to get Sharan In for the journey. Hello, Roadies lovers today we will share with you all the exciting facts about MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 7, Kolkata Audition. Sonu Jat was the next contestant who is from Indore, an International Powerlifter, qualified for WWE from India in Top 65. Before task, there was a vote out session between Sharan and Mehakdeep. Then the partner has to ride a cart up to the numbers and pick up the ornament of that number, giving it to the girl. Rohan got the immunity. Kriti, Nishkarsh and Sandy joined Neha's Gang. Required fields are marked *. 1. Also, he cleared that in this decision he thought for the gang.