Toyota Hilux Hilly. Luton and Box Bodies | Galvanised steel ram trunnions. Platform | Pick Up Conversions Tipping and Arboricultural | Land Rover 110. Chassis weight: 1725kg. Body dimensions: 2600mm OAL x 1930mm OAW. Barn Doors. • Heavy duty moulded door covers Weight with new body: 2198kg. • Enhanced front and rear differentials, for optimum torque and drivability Drop in infill panel to window aperture. • Quick installation Weight with new body: 2171kg. 2016 Toyota Hi-lux Extra cab 4x4.2020mm OAL x 1820mm OAW.Fixed 400mm OAH sides. LED rear lights.2600mm OAL x 1780mm OAW.Chassis weight (No tub) with 3/4 tank fuel: 1680kg. Toyota Hilux Single Cab 4x4. With the lid attached to the underside of the body. Mitsubishi L200 Extra Cab 4x4 Pick Up ConversionDrop In Headboard infill. Arboricultural Tipping body conversion.2100mm OAL x 1780mm OAW x 1000mm IDH. Toyota Hilux 4 x 4 Single Cab Pick Up Tipper Conversion2300mm OAL x 1760mm OAWRemovable Arboricultural ConversionStandard Tipping Body with removable arboricultural conversion. All Alloy Tipping body. Toyota Hi-lux 4x4.2300mm OAL x 1730mm OAW. Standard pick up tipper conversion specification is as follows:100 x 50x 6 Alloy Channel chassis runners100 x 50 x 6 Alloy channel body subframeCrossboarded smooth alloy plank floorCab high alloy head board with radiused outer pillars, 400mm hallow plank lower panel, 50x25x3 box section top rail. Mitsubishi L200 Body options come in a wide range starting from a heavy duty sub-frame and basic bed kit to a fully finished body ready to go to work. 2400mm OAL x 1740mm OAW x 700mm OA sides. Vision flap to bulkhead, lift-up hood. 400mm dual action alloy hallow plank tailboard with galvanised steel end brackets. This completed vehicle comes with National Small Series Type Approval, warranty and breakdown cover for peace of mind. Body weight: 309kg. Under body storage box. 2600mm OAL x 1820mm OAW. toyota hilux tipper conversion About. In order to prevent the risk pertaining to SARS-CoV-2, Carlex Design headquarters in Poland will be closed for visitors starting from 24 March 2020. (199kg heavier). Chassis weight: 1857kg. Conditions for storage or access cookies, you can change your browser settings - failure to change the browser settings, you consent to the saving. Radiused alloy captive framework. • Bactericide treatment to all laminated surfaces. Mesh Window Protector, 63mm Rear Removable Load Rack, Tonneau Cover, Hilux Steel Tray with Front Wheel Carrier Cage & Wooden Floor, Toyota Hilux 9/2011 to 2015 - Ultimate Bar, Mounted to a Steel Frame to Ensure Low Stress on Chassis During Tipper Operation, Solenoid Valve Controls with Dash Mounted Switch, Can Be Manufactured to Suit Any Make & Model. Our core values of high quality workmanship, customer support and attention to detail, coupled with a 'can do' attitude are at the heart of everything we do at Pickup Systems. Body:2140mm OAL x 1780mm x 1000mm IDH.Alloy subframe, floor, hollow plank panels. Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle. All clip on panels constucted from lightweight honeycombe panels to maximise payloads. Remove the dropsides, tailboard and rear pillars and you have a platform body. Please be aware that any conversion undertaken on your vehicle will potentially have an impact on the official fuel consumption and emissions data. If you're just starting out and you need business, equipment, tech or training support you're in the right place. Most commonly requested are: Ford Transit. Galvanised steel rear pillars. 700mm x 400mm x 400mm.Integral tool box to N/S of body,body length x 600mm OAW x 380mm OAH. Toyota Authorised Converter status confirms that a converter meets Toyota’s own stringent production and process quality standards in every aspect of the conversion process including type approval, warranty and after sales service, giving customers complete peace of mind. Toyota know that business is never just business which is why we have created a range of commercial vehicles you can trust. This gallery shows a selection of our Pick Up Tipping and Arboricultural Conversions Vehicle Bodies. Fleet operators, leasing companies, vehicle dealers, local authorities, and emergency services. LED rear lights.Chassis weight with 1/4 tank fuel: 1771kg. Removable double galvanised steel bolster to rear. Bi-fold fully removable roof, removable rear head/ladder bar.Weight with factory tub & full tank fuel: 1859kg. Chassis weight with 7/8 fuel 1772kg.Chassis with body & toolboxes 2209kg. Half Curtain Sides | New body weight: 435kg. 2200mm OAL x 1830mm OAWBody painted to match cabDrop in headboard panel, rear pillar extensions, doors, ladder bar and side extension panels. This lightweight yet rugged aluminium tipping body, designed to fit to the Toyota Hilux Single & Extra Cab pick-up truck making for a great workhorse for use in many different industries.