Evil and cruel, Luna's ability to devise inventive and sometimes detailed schemes is hampered only by the ambitions of her fellow Lunataks, and the dissention that is bread within the ranks by her authoritative style of leadership. With the Mutants and Lunataks also gone and the inhabitants of Third Earth safe from any form of evil tyranny, the ThunderCats shift their attention to New Thundera. If you have a copy of these details please e-mail: Snarfer’s introduction in this episode is very similar to Overgard’s other episode. Luna tricks Hachiman and steals his sword, the Thunder-Cutter, and gives it the Lunataks new samurai robot, the Automaton. Original ThunderCats Jaga. After venturing into a remote cave on Hook Mountain in search of Thundrillium, the Lunataks and later the Thundercats fall victim to a bizarre entity with the power to expand upon the negative influences in a person's soul. As soon as Cracker and his new crew arrive on Third Earth, they are greeted by Mandora who holds them back using her boomerang, until Red-Eye makes a snack out of it. Cracker's Revenge is an episode from the original series of ThunderCats. They arrive in the nick of time to save the other ThunderCats from the clutches of the Lunataks and take them to the Cave of Time to return them to their normal ages. The series, for which Leonard Starr was the head writer, follows the adventures of a group of catlike humanoid aliens. Chilla is one of the members of the evil Lunataks of the Moons of Plun-Darr. However, thanks to Mumm-Ra, not all goes according to plan. Overgard’s decision to bring back Captain Cracker and the Lunatak sends up being a poorly executed one. If you have a copy of these details please e-mail: wilycub@thundercats.org. This article or section is a stub and can be improved in areas such as grammar, style, wiki-formatting, spelling and expanding. Luna at one time recovered the magical belt once worn by her grandmother, Queen Luna, and used its power to grow tall and mobile again, but reverted in size when the belt was later destroyed. Chilla freezes Snarfer's spaceship as he heads back to the Tower of Omens. Her statement, “Nothing comes before the law!”, accompanied with her no-nonsense attitude and even the design of her helmet are highly reminiscent of the comic character. Variety is said to be the spice of life and William Overgard deserves a lot of credit for spicing up the ThunderCats saga with his offbeat contributions. 1 History 2 Abilites 3 Gallery 4 Appearances Alluro's dark evil nature is boundless, and the Lunatak takes great delight in the mental cruelty he is able to inflict on his enemies. Just like “ThunderCats HO! Jaga (voiced by Earl Hammond in the original series, Corey Burton in the 2011 series, Larry Kenney in the 2020 series) is also known as "Jaga the Wise" and is based on the jaguar.This elder warrior was once regarded as the mightiest and greatest of all Thundercats by Lion-O himself. When Mandora gets involved, Chilla freezes her and becomes a fugitive from the law. Not only are the evil-doers just as incompetent as they were before, they are defeated with relative ease and are hardly ever a real threat to the protagonists.