Froaude later confronts Sion, wondering why Ryner is still alive. Milk of the Taboo-Breaker Pursuit Squadron. Sion sends a task force led by Claugh to pursue a supposed Alpha Stigma bearer in Estabul. "Alpha Stigma" are known to be eyes that can analyze all types of magic. Unbeknownst to her, Luke Stokkart switched the invitation for a copy of a writ from Sion to the Pursuit Squadron ordering them to kill Ryner if he goes out of control or is found to act against Roland. We weren't sure at first what "relay dances" were either…. For the first 12 episodes, the opening theme is titled "Lament: Joy Soon" (LAMENT~やがて喜びを~"LAMENT ~Yagate Yorokobi wo~") performed by Aira Yuhki,[3] and the ending theme, "Truth Of My Destiny", is performed by Ceui. Together with Ferris Eris, a beautiful and highly skilled swordswoman, Ryner goes on a journey to search for relics of legendary heroes from the past, and also uncover the secrets behind his cursed eyes. Ryner is against the idea of using the Alpha Stigma as for the means of war. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Her only further use to the family name is as the bearer a child, to be fathered by her own father. Ryner and Lt. During his time in military school, Ryner seems to be a waste of space during the magic training session. Ryner works his fingers to the bone for Sion's birthday celebration. Lucile summons Sion to test his suitability as king; the new king assigns Ryner and Ferris to search for hero relics. Ryner is nearly tortured to death as punishment, and he allows to be confined in exchange for Kiefer to be released, also rejecting Sion's offer of escaping from prison. The magic knights ambush the school troop when they least expect it. Lir, who has been tailing Tiir, takes the opportunity to strike at the refugees sleeping in the hideout. Lir leaves when Luke joins forces with Ryner while Tiir takes the refugees to safety. Season 1, Episode 19 November 5, 2010 Tiir, the magic-consuming man who brutally defeated Claugh, pursues Ryner and offers him an escape from his life of struggle. Ryner and Ferris, taking Arua with them, head to a manor, where Sui and Kuu have taken Kuku hostage. Ferris fails to save Ryner from the mysterious Duke Leiral. … During a heated confrontation, Sui triggers the deadly Alpha Stigma from within Ryner, however Sui has underestimated the limit of this legendary power. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is an anime television series adapted from the light … Raina Lute est un étudiant et antihéros par excellence. The first DVD and Blu-ray compilation was released in Japan on October 22, 2010. Both Ryner and Milk are reported missing, which raises speculations. Froaude provokes mutiny between Roland and Estabul, which is not what Sion had in mind. Meanwhile, King Sion's secretary is assassinated. [1] In 2010, Funimation licensed the series for an English simulcast release. In Gastark, King Riphal spells out his plans for Kiefer. After Riphal surprisingly asks Kiefer for her hand in marriage, Kuu arrives with a wounded Sui, who mentions the name of Ryner, troubling Kiefer. Meanwhile, Sui and Kuu track Ryner and Ferris down again and incite another battle. Ryner and Ferris somehow get lost at sea, washing up on a coast of Roland, briefly running into Luke and Milk. Ryner visits the rescued Alpha Stigma child and unwittingly sparks a confrontation with Lucile over his concern about Ferris's family history. Fifty Estabul magic knights ambush Sion and Ryner's school troop. Later, they set out to assassinate the king who caused all their troubles. Iris reflects on the adventures that Ferris and Ryner have endured since King Sion assigned them to find the legendary hero relics. Ryner and Ferris search among the ruins of Nelpha for relics, and are pursued by Lt. The magic knights of Roland killed Kiefer's older sister and captured Kiefer's younger sister four years ago, which then urged her to become a military double agent. A furious Ryner attacks Lir at full force when one of the refugees is killed, but Ferris again steps in. Back in Roland, Miran urges the king to make his next move to address potential attacks on the kingdom. Ryner agrees to return to Roland with Ferris, but only under the condition that she is the one who takes his life if he were to lose control of the Alpha Stigma. Lt. Sion takes Froaude as his new assistant to Nelpha, where another assassination might occur at the next royal banquet. When the party begins at night, fireworks burst into the sky, as even Milk has a birthday of her own. Claugh has an idea to prepare fireworks for the upcoming festival, despite it could take six months to make it happen. Other name: Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu Synopsis: “Alpha Stigma” are known to be eyes that can analyze all types of magic. Both Ferris and Sion contemplate their relationships with Ryner. Now that Sion is the the king of Roland, he orders Ryner to search for useful relics that will aid the nation. However, the two soon discover that a deadly curse is spreading throughout the continent.