The Fear Footage has a very simple (and ingenious) premise: Deputy Leo Cole is dispatched to a house at 11628 Hangmanor Road in Darkbluff, Maryland, after a 911 call of a previously demolished house of horrors reappearing out of thin air. Bigfoot’s Bride- I Guarantee You’ve Never Seen a Bigfoot Like This!

I was really looking forward to this one, but when it started with a segment showing a news report about "creepy clowns" I knew I better gets my expectations down quite a few notches. The Fear Footage 2: Curse of the Tape has just as many jumps and jolts as its predecessor and they are just as effective. After receiving an ordered Blu-Ray copy of this amateur found footage anthology horror flick in the mail, complete with the Blu-Ray enclosed in a mock evidence bag and a mock missing poster of Deputy Leo Cole included, I was excited to check this one out.

On April 19th, 2016, Deputy Leo Cole vanished. Simply put, for low budget indie horror this one is probably the scariest one I've seen. Better luck next time.

The acting...ugh.

Due to its length and online resources I can tell. This is the live action version, Five Nights At Who Gives A Fuck.

I don't really know what I expected but that was about it. Storm Chasers– When a team heads out to chase a storm, their night takes a very unexpected turn for the worse….Much worse. Look, it was fine. Downstairs– Also taking place within the wrap around story, the officer begins to realize that something is very wrong with this house. Sure there are some issues but over all I thought it was good. Having seen countless horror movies it’s a rarity to actually be scared but this experience started to make me feel like I was IN one and that if I watched this movie I would die in seven days or some weird shit.

Not to the max, I mean there still are flaws to be found in this film,…. From the moment I received the first email from writer/director Ricky Umberger up to this moment that I am writing this review, I have felt like every step of this process has all been part of the experience that he intended for me to have. A lot of people walking around and getting scared. Though not for everyone, I surely enjoyed this one a lot.

The Fear Footage.

I do not know the budget, I cannot look it up, the online sources only say "low budget" film. I REALLY liked this one.

The Fear Footage didn't impress. 761 likes. 2018 An homage to…, Bryan Fitzgerald (Fitz of Horror) January 12, 2020 Synopsis: On April 19th, 2019, Deputy Leo Cole’s body camera footage from the…. Day by day he discovers dark secrets about the woods making each night scarier than the last but when he hears a familiar voice in the woods he decides to take his flashlight and investigate, leading him to the shocking answer to what’s in the forest.

Hard to know what to make of this. Lean, fast-paced with effective visuals and excellent use of sound. Written by Bryan Fitzgerald (Fitz of Horror) May 28, 2018. No Facebook page, no IMDb page, no results in a Google search and absolutely nowhere to find a physical copy.

This film doesn't have any atmosphere or suspense, it relies on jump scares. The film is shot predominantly at night or in the dark adding to his expertly timed and perfectly executed scares. First off, I wasn’t expecting an anthology so that was a bonus to start. Blurays will be available through 3.5 /10.

Running a little over an hour The Fear Footage is exactly what a horror film should be. As a horror fan that has seen hundreds of “scary” movies, THIS is the kind of film you look for, something unique, memorable and actually scary. Every Horror Film Made from 1895 - present. POW! The next morning his body camera was found. This is the perfect example on how to make a good and effective scary horror film on a "shoe-string" budget.

IMDb Putting your movie out there for all to see is even harder. Usually I can find at least a little something to like in a found footage movie like this, but this movie was the absolute hottest of garbage. This movie is just people running at the person holding the camera or person holding camera turning around where someone managed to sneak two inches away from them. It's not fair to give this movie a lower rating based on it's budget because there were mistakes but it was well crafted for what it was. Beyond that, though the formula remains the same. Truly creative story telling and masterful scare crafting! I heard about this film via an Instagram account for said film that followed me.

Great idea, but amateurish execution. The Fear Footage is an example of this, the money clearly had absolutely no money no actors and nobody with the ability to write a good script.

© Letterboxd Limited. The cgi rain looked funny and something they didn't have to include in the movie and the acting sometimes wasn't at its strong point. After receiving an ordered Blu-Ray copy of this amateur found footage anthology horror flick in the mail, complete with the Blu-Ray enclosed in a mock evidence bag and a mock missing poster of Deputy Leo Cole included, I …

The original Fear Footage was an anthology, however, The Fear Footage 2: Curse Of The Tape tells one story. Surprise anthology! Going into creepy house, VHS tapes found with short stories on them. The next morning, his body camera was found.

It's basically VHS in a sense where someone watches disturbing VHS tapes and weird shit starts happening. Had its moments but also some of the loudest jump scares I've ever heard (as I've often said, found footage shouldn't have a soundtrack) and many of them were false scares which annoyed me. The one complaint I have is some of the POV shots look grafted in from an early first-person shooter type game. know those first person horror games, where everything is dark and all you can see is in the flash light beam, then you loose interest after ten minutes? The writing could have been a lot better but this is still one one of the best found footage films I have seen in a while.7/10, Review by Brennan Dortch Cornelius Thunderbolt ★★★½. The camera work is very weak. 72 mins   Props to the filmmakers though because they did this on a shoestring budget, and making a movie (especially feature length like this) is difficult. Directed by Ricky Umberger. Mobile site. There is a lot more and ill add them as i remember :).

Highly reccommmed for those who like to be creeped out!

Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. The Fear Footage is available on Blu Ray and Amazon Video.

Film data from TMDb. Finally got around to checking this one out.

Found Footage horror is predominantly a miss for me, to be honest.

But thankfully the film is short and the segments move quickly. The Fear Footage coming exclusively to Bluray and Amazon video on 4/19/19. REVIEW | The Fear Footage (2018) June 13, 2018 by Alex King.

  |  Nonetheless, I followed his instructions and pressed PLAY.

I enjoyed this movie.

But sadly when you try too hard to be a much better film, your left with just seeing how its a much lesser film. He clearly set out to make a truly scary film and he succeeded on every level.

Megan’s Bedroom– Actually takes place within the wraparound with the police officer reading a little girl’s very ominous diary and the warnings it contains. What stood out was the warning, “This video contains imagery that may psychologically affect you. Some nice jumps and fun creepers.

Had the pleasure of catching this at a limited screening in Baltimore.

For a debut film from director Ricky Umberger, I enjoyed it a lot. The acting is weak. And instead of garnering disappointment like most movies I get excited over, I'm happy to say my excitement this time was satiated. All that was left of Cole was his body cam, gun, and car.

Storm Stalkers is the definite highlight. Recently, I was approached by the writer, director and editor Ricky Umberger, about a film entitled “The Fear Footage” and was asked if I would be willing to review the found footage film for him. The police officer’s body cam story is the wrap around story but also plays as its own distinct tale. “The Fear Footage” clearly didn’t have a big budget to work with but proves that you don’t need a huge budget to make a great horror movie.

When I opened the case I found a neatly folded handwritten letter from the director with bloody fingerprints and very specific viewing instructions “Turn the lights off, Turn the volume up and expect nightmares”. It carries an heir of mystery that adds to the experience so if you can find a copy to watch be sure to follow the instructions and “turn the lights off, turn the volume up” and expect to be scared!

I mean, it really really delivers on the scares. The rain effects....ugh. Synopsis- On April 19th, 2016, Deputy Leo Cole of the Darkbluff, Maryland Sheriff’s Department vanished after being dispatched to 11628 Hangmanor Rd. And several well-executed jump scares. TMDb Watch The Fear Footage online without registration in HD on 123movies for free. As I opened the package with a few co-workers around I removed a very plain blu ray with super simplistic cover art and very minimal description about the film on the back. the jump scares are rly the only scary things about this film. “The Fear Footage” clearly didn’t have a big budget to work with but proves that you don’t need a huge budget to make a great horror movie. I found out about the screening via their social media/internet campaign. Some extremely creepy scenes (especially the wraparound story). I am a huge fan and supporter of independent horror and the dedicated people involved.

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Time waster with a few good scenes. On April 19th, 2016, Deputy Leo Cole vanished.

I grew up watching all of the great slasher films of the 80s and also have a love for creature features and anthology horror.

Watch at your own risk”.

It's like an anthology of found footage within a larger found footage. I jumped a few times and I loved it!

The special effects for the house's occupants were laughable I'm afraid. Fear Finale– The wraparound is expertly brought to a chilling conclusion with the officer facing his ultimate demise after finding himself trapped inside the house no matter how hard he tries to escape. I feel like it's the most comprehensive list of found footage, POV, mockumentry films…, favorite horror movies (in no particular order), all of my favorite found footage horror movies (in no particular order), All genres and film styles have their black sheeps, but none so much as the dreaded Found Footage.

Creepy footage mostly shot at night. It tries hard to be VHS, using alot of the same digital effects, film grain and wrap around story.