He risks his own life time and again to save working class people, even those who endanger him – Coleman Reese, for example. I wonder if the author of this blog has as much difficulty with alienating others in his private life, if so, I’m sorry for that. I’m not a schemer, I show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are”. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. I guess I’m taking the insults to heart… pout, pout. Some of these ideas are patently untrue–the Joker IS a planner, and lays extensive plans. Fascinating thesis and discussion. I think your suggestion that I be edited is a fine one, along with the entire thread that spun off guest’s first comment which s/he only ever repeated thereafter. The apology is appreciated and I hope you’ll accept mine (from my previous comment). Accuracy. Goh reacted in an extreme way because he was mentally unstable. This is now the most-read post ever on AUFS. Students might have been teasing Goh in a good-natured way. Like George W.!!!.. Does that mean he wants to watch just any world burn? But Batman is right: fear the day when ‘the people’ sides with the Joker. When working with texts, “findings” often means describing how a particular feature of a text or a particular idea works—and why that feature/idea is important. But you spat in the face of Gotham’s criminals- didn’t you think there might be casualties? Neither is it creative, apart from for the Joker, who just has his minions to set it all up for him. Instead, the studios either owned or worked in close collaboration with movie theatres, the vast majority of which had only one screen at the time. All wealth within Gotham is concentrated within one of the following two organizations: the mob or the Wayne Estate. The boost that arner Brothers Studios got from these advertisements allowed them to grow their business, and even obtain a large loan from Goldman Sachs that was used to build more…… [Read More], Mass Shooting Could Have Been Prevented The, mass shooting could have been prevented. They are necessary to the system they despise. It’s an attempt at coming to grips with some of the themes in the movie, a cathartic but not exhaustive brain dump. War paint”. 6) Who were/are the engineer's important artists? The point made over and over and over again in the movie seems to emphasize this. There’s no warrant for claiming that “All wealth within Gotham is concentrated within one of the following two organizations: the mob or the Wayne Estate” – that’s twisting the facts to fit your preconceived interpretation. ) Speaking of which, I don’t think not spending the evening glued to a computer waiting to respond to comments on the batman movie shows a lack of courage. Part of my anger was that your argument permits you to ignore all the posts that have followed the initial post, and it seemed that you were doing that quite willfully. It is not simply a dichotomy between truth and fiction: it’s about being consistent with what one actually believes. However, as has been the case in the comics, and is emphased by the Joker noting his similarity to Batman (which also problematises the idea that they are all too oppositional) who remember, has no knowledge of his alter-ego, that Batman is more the truth and Bruce Wayne more the front. Finally, if the actions of the Joker you believe ultimately want to establish a radical democracy (though there is little evidence of this, he hardly cares for his henchmen supposedly building it), but en route one requires torturing large groups of people psychologically (what is the boat scene but this?) Weird. Watchman and its influences You know what, you know what I noticed? For example, the sculptures on display in Sebastopol include one of Yankees legend Babe Ruth. Adam, it shouldn’t be a shock to you that when your comments come off as rude (a personal quality in communicating that you are displaying) people would critique the manner in which you run your blogs. Because of this we see a chain of crimes happening around the city and the people of Gotham turn their faith toward the Batman. He has light blonde hair that is cut short on the sides and is longer on the top. Throughout this scene Nolan utilizes the sound of the cello to construct suspense and tension making the scene unforgettable. She later told me she assumed that Commissioner Gordon was supposed to be one of the bad guys. I’m just personally not that excited by the batman movie. Does that not mean that it cannot see what the object that it intends to strike? Why does he declare “This is my town now”? 10% of the total essay) For this assignment I have chosen to review The Dark Knight Rises. She tells Bruce that she doesn’t believe there will be a time when he doesn’t need Batman, and the mixing of personal and (quasi-) professional is strong evidence that her instincts are right. I will not make any overtly political statements here, except to say that the complacency with which we as Americans have accepted atrocities and miscarriages of justice committed around the world as well as right here at home may have consequences beyond what we can imagine. In the latter case, he is manipulating the mentally ill to his cause and has little regard for their safety or well-being – allowing them to be captured and potentially tortured by Dent, shooting his own henchmen in the robbery at the begining, putting a bomb inside one of them in the jail. (…felt some of my analysis of the Joker could use some further substantiation.). The fact that it succeeds most of the time is a testament to Nolan’s script and artistry. Heavy discounts for tickets were eliminated and more aggressive sales techniques were adopted as well. For this assignment I have chosen to review The Dark Knight Rises. Second … great rejoinder by Alex, esp. I don’t mean to suggest that enjoyment is clouding judgment, but that the debate over matters of taste is a means to the end of the enjoyment. Without going too far in endorsement of corporate philanthropy, it is important to note that before Bruce returns to Gotham, the Wayne Enterprise have let them run down along with the rest of the city – there is no profit in their upkeep for the hard headed profit orientated executives and that this is maybe, if pushed, an indictment of corporations, subject to the sway of market conditions and the whim of their boards, controlling public works. In Gotham, just as in our present socio-political context, mental illness might be seen as a legitimate, individual rebellion against patriarchal law and its resulting hierarchy. Ritts' studies of African natives, far away from exposure to the estern media, are lit in ways that recall his Calvin Klein ads and other commercial representations from America like "Dijimon with Octopus." The mob being destroyed in the city of Metropolis leads to the citizenry being ruled by Luthor(directly or indirectly). Even though there was an increase in guest spending, something which appeared to continue at a strong pace, and the elimination of deep discounts was there to help re-establish the integrity of the brand and to stop teenagers who don't boost…… [Read More]. The Joker calls himself ‘a man of his word’, yet he lies to Batman about the respective locations of Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent. No, seriously — talk about the topic or don’t comment. Many critical race theorists have defined and explored concept Y; by exploring this comedienne’s persona, I aim to extend Y by adding X. Task force shall constitute a wide array of persons who themselves experienced such agonies and torture. Numbers don’t correspond, sadly. He is viewed at a play area in a children's museum. The Joker’s response to the neoliberal order of Gotham City is the only human one: he wishes for its destruction, initially symbolized by Batman. This is the deep irony that much of Gotham and many people watching, too, can’t seem to grasp. In order to meet the needs of major manufacturers, Kidage is competing against firms that offer a wide range of children's bags, of different types. He said, ‘What?’ The history of American sports has seen this process play out in a stepwise fashion; every several years developments come about that enable the enterprise to expand and increase profits. This all problematises the reading of the Joker as outside the economy, or trying to subvert it. Lacking the kind of Kantian-esque perceptual ‘filters’, the a priori structures of the mind, that sort and make coherent the flux of incoming images – the flux of incoming advertising, stock market signals, data etc. If online, are any of the links dead? the joker doesn’t take responsibility for his actions either – he claims to be ‘just a dog chasing cars’ and is in a relation of hysterical provocation to batman (who he does NOT seek to destroy). the message of the film (whether the script-writers intended it or not, and in complete contrast to the above authors) is that ‘the good liberal’ is the real terrorist (so i agree that the joker isn’t the best symbol of terrorism in the film) and also that communism must take nihilist lessons into account and cut all ties with neoliberalism. The director realizes this may not be true with everyone but it is a typical stereotype in our society today. The movie touches upon these questions of human nature, but they are perhaps its least developed. Dent says “We thought we could be decent men in an indecent world. Additionally, knowledge about the limitations…… [Read More], Amazingly, all of the movies mentioned above ranked in the top ten at the box office. These are movie companies and their entire image revolved around the number of participants of their films. the early bits about the Joker’s complicity with the neoliberalism against which he revolts. 4. Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. What annoys him about the gunned up Batmen is that they reflect the problems of his own cause – putting more violence into the system overall, even though it is an attempt to reduce it, hence his comment to Alfred that he didn’t want this. His betrayal by the system he sought to reform was arguably even more painful to Dent than the loss of Rachel. is a road map for the paper; in other words, it tells the reader what to … The new Batman seems to be an even bigger reactionary than the person who trained him (ibid 199). Essay, 4 pages. But who in the end is more consistent with his stated purpose? I should also admit i’m not coming from some high-minded position of cultural asceticism. Nearly as perplexing as the motives of Pitof what really…… [Read More], How to Take a Position on a Favorite Action Character Using No Logic, superheroes in comic books and movies. The Joker’s plots require huge amounts of labor and creativity, and he calls forth a community characterized by loyalty and fearlessness. You’ve even betrayed Guest. This involves “Showing the usefulness of a term or idea that a writer has criticized or noting problems with one that she or he has argued for” (57). hile images of superman, batman, or iron man pop up every time someone thinks of a hero, the truth is that anyone can be a hero as long as the respective person has the willpower to do so and comes across circumstances enabling him or her to do so. Bleat, bleat…. Degree: Juris Doctorate Specialized It is often credited with redefining the superhero and creating the prototype for the broody and morally grey Batman we know today. Hey Adam, Ok, I can see the “morning-after” scenario. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The reasons that this writer raves about the Wolverine and other Marvel characters is that if his cousin Vinnie says the Marvel Comics characters are by far the best, it must be true.