Nice young cow exposed to SEQUOIA GALA for late spring early summer calf 2021. Heifer calf at side out of OL OUTPLAY born 10-16-19, Fancy brindle cow exposed to OL DURATOR for late 2020 calf, Nice big horned heifer. 'Pretty and Productive' Texas Longhorn cattle for sale at Rocking O Longhorns. Texas Longhorns for Sale or Trade has 5,480 members. Rocking O Longhorns Home of "Pretty and Productive" Cattle Lockhart, TX. I have a huge lake on the ranch and many friends come fishing. Nice fall 19 show steer. Celie is bred to OL Durator for a 2020 fall calf. If you see one you like, please let me know and I’ll contact you as soon as I put a price on her. Leahton Park is family owned and operated with the tourist season running during the cooler months each year. Star Creek Ranch is dedicated to the future of the Texas Longhorn, and I recognize the iconic nature of the breed. Please e-mail or call us if you are interested in purchasing a specific Longhorn, or if you have questions. Pairs. Exposed to OL OUTPLAY & OL DURATOR, BRED COW.

$6,195.00. Nice bull that's roaning more each day. 77 4/8" Tip to Tip! PHONE: (512) 791-7118 Ross Ohlendorf. This allows me to provide the best conditions possible for my animals to truly thrive. As owner and operator of Star Creek Ranch, I understand the unique qualities and needs of the Texas Longhorn breed, not just from my years of experience in raising cattle, but from my time as a veterinarian. Pairs. Halter broke young steer that was shown in Abilene. I love visitors, and would be proud to show you around the property and let you meet the cattle face-to-face. Texas Longhorn Steer Taxidermy Shoulder Mount For Sale # 23480. We have several Longhorns available for sale. It is an amazing place.

Black & white.

The future of this iconic breed depends on the quality of the cattle added to the breed, therefore, I am dedicated to the health and welfare of every animal on my ranch. Genetics matter in the world of cattle breeding, but for specialty breeds like the Texas Longhorn the quality of the gene pool is absolutely critical. View Details. Won his class at the World Show and is ready for a good home. And it is important not to lose the features that make Texas Longhorns so desirable such as calving ease, disease resistance, good temperament and milking ability to raise that baby at her side. These historical cattle are direct descendants of the millions of Texas Longhorns that walked in the great trail herds from Texas in the late 1800s. Young OL OUTPLAY son out of a CLEAR WIN daughter. BRED COW. $6,795.00. But more importantly, I know that the future of the breed depends on the responsibility of breeders in the industry. But beyond the horns, my Texas Longhorn cows are carefully bred for correct conformation, stunning colors, and coat patterns. Genuinely one of the best things we've done here in OZ! We have been breeding, raising, showing and selling Registered Texas Longhorns for 44 years. Whether you want to build a quality herd to compete in futurities or the Horn Showcase or to own an iconic piece of the Old West for your very own ranch, you can find the right Texas Longhorn to meet your needs at Star Creek Ranch. While I typically do not my price my heifers until after weaning, you can take a look at the range of colors and coat patterns of future prospects.
Exposed to DCCI young bull SEQUOIA GALA, Beautiful brindle & white heifer out of THE SHADOW. By utilizing embryo transfer, I am able to diversify the gene pool within my herd, enhancing the health of the herd and building a better future for these legendary animals. With a strong parental base, these young ladies will continue to develop into outstanding brood cows one day. Well done - such a learning experience. Julie & Barry (Ranmark, SA), Wow what an amazing visit! Flashy big cow bred to OL OUTPLAY. $795.00. Bred Cows. My cows are hand-picked for each herd sire to complement their conformation, color, and horn growth.

Bull calf at side out of OL OUTPLAY born 11-16-19, Clear Play daughter exposed to OL OUTPLAY, CLEAR PLAY daughter with nice OL OUTPLAY heifer calf at side born 2-19-20, PAIR. Texas Longhorn Cows For Sale. Bulls . Nice 3 year old bull that will add size, bone & color. Available.

Life is great at Star Creek Ranch and I invite you to come for a visit. **If it is discovered that a cow or heifer will not breed or milk as offered a reasonable exchange will be offered. If you are ready to start your herd, I invite you to visit Star Creek Ranch today. Nice Clear Play daughter with bull calf at side born 2-17-20 out of OL OUTPLAY, PAIR- A CLEAR WIN daughter with nice bull calf (dob 7-22-20) at side out of OL TURNOUT. I love to help new breeders just getting started by answering questions and sharing tips and ideas. About the Ranch Breeding Programs Longhorn Resources Contact Page Terms of Sale Star Creek Blog, Herd Sires Herd Sire Prospects Bull Calves Trophy Steer Prospects Brood Cows Heifers Heifer Calves, (281) 541-1200 8405 FM 1361 Somerville, TX 77879, 2020 All Rights Reserved.Website Design by The Clix Group. $1,295.00. Nice young cow with sweet heifer calf at side out of OL DURATOR born 8-15-20, Nice flat horned heifer exposed to OL DURATOR. He's out of our big horn bull OL OUTPLAY and big horn Drag Iron daughter OL HIGH HOPES. Beautiful black and white young cow with OL TURNOUT heifer calf at side born 6-8-20. Exposed to OL OUTPLAY, Nice young cow exposed to SEQUOIA GALA for spring 2021 calf. Star Creek Ranch would be proud to be the foundation for your own herd! Longhorns for Sale: Catahoula Puppies for Sale : Contact Us: Website Designed at Homestead™ List Your Business for Free.

99 6/8" Tip to Tip! Each Texas Longhorn cow roams the lush pastures of my ranch, enjoying the natural surroundings that will help them mature and grow. SEQUOIA GALA heifer calf at side born 6-28-20, Beautiful TEMPTER daughter with super flashy bull calf at side out of OL OUTPLAY born 4/18/20, PAIR. You can buy with confidence when you choose Star Creek Ranch. EMAIL: . View Details. The Texas Longhorn breed is as diverse as the people who breed and raise them. as well as price and location of the animal. Some come to hunt hogs – the scourge of all landowners. Star Creek Ranch is my home and my passion. Please examine the animal purchased and let me know if you have any concerns within 15 days. BRED COW. Cows For Sale. Cattle Sales. Phil & Jean (Sydney, NSW), Great experience, good humour, well worth it!Colin & Lyn, Back in time adventure - Great. 85 0/8" Tip-To-Tip! Available.

This thread if for anyone with Texas Longhorn cattle for sale or trade. Plus, you can see her medical history and her horn measurement history! It is a significant honor to be a recipient of this award, named in honor of a dedicated Texas Longhorn breeder, Dave Evans, and I was very honored to join such a distinguished list of recipients. Add some black & white to your program. Faye & Wally (Yarra Glen, Vic), Texas Longhorns is the highlight of our trip. Every Texas Longhorn brood cow is bred specifically for the qualities that have made this breed so special, starting with those long, thick, and beautiful horns.

RM CARMELA WHIRL; DOB: 4/1/2003 YO Reveille Wind 1720 x YO CARMELITA WHIRL; For Sale - $3,000 Great cow.

Longhorns For Sale. *We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase. Apart from the Texas Longhorn herd, including huge horned Longhorn steers also on display are Asian Water Buffalo, American Bison, African Watusi, Scottish Highland, Indian Gyr cattle and more.
If you would like to join the Texas Longhorn revolution and play a role in bringing this unique breed back to the mainstream, Star Creek Ranch has plenty of choices to get you started. A unique and memorable Australian outback experience where the Aussie Bush meets the Old West! Texas Longhorn Steer Taxidermy Shoulder Mount For Sale # 23872. I have wonderful employees who help me keep the place in top condition and the animals well cared for. Texas Longhorn Tours features one of the largest herds of Texas Longhorns in Australia as well as former Guinness World Record horned steer whose horns now exceed 3.1 metres or 10 feet 3 inches measured from tip to tip. The success of any breeding program is measured by the young stock produced by that program.

View Details. You can confidently choose Star Creek Ranch for high quality brood cows and heifers that will help you build a strong herd. If I can I always take time to show them around. Texas Longhorn Tours is located on an 1100 acre property ‘Leahton Park’ 10km from Charters Towers or 140km south west of Townsville, Queensland. Has been shown at halter and is super gentle.

In 2011 I was awarded the “Dave Evans Breeder of the Year Award” which has been awarded to individuals since 1982 who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of Texas Longhorn cattle through their breeding program. I frequently have people drive by and stop to take pictures. Longhorn Steer Plaque For Sale # 23354.

Bred to OL OUTPLAY, Flashy young cow with a ton of horn.

I am able to gain multiple offspring each year from the very best cows in my herd. Cheryl & Mathew (UK), Wow Thanks for a truly wonderful and educational experienceColin & Gail, Leahton Park ♦ 441 Urdera Road ♦ Charters Towers ♦ Queensland, 4820 ♦ Australia, Texas Longhorn Chuck Wagon Safari & Wagon. Ai'd to Overwhelmer and is now exposed to Sequoia Gala, BIG HORN COW with nice OL Outplay heifer calf at side born 9-11-19, PAIR. Available. I invite you to call me to schedule an appointment to see my cows or just have a nice long phone conversation about an animal that catches your eye.

But these days, the future of the breed depends on high-tech solutions, including embryo transfer and artificial insemination. Whether you want to expand your herd or you are looking to start raising Texas Longhorns for the first time, where you acquire your Texas Longhorn cows needs to be carefully considered.

Nice Clear Play daughter with OL OUTPLAY bull calf at side born 3-28-20, Super nice GF G-MAN daughter that's a super milker. Kay & Phil, Loved it!! Texas Longhorn Bulls For Sale. Mike (Austin, Texas), Absolutely amazing & lots of fun. SPRING SPECIAL Old type Trophy Steer with unique color. Heifers are the showcase of the future of my breeding program. Texas Longhorn Tours features one of the largest herds of Texas Longhorns in Australia as well as former Guinness World Record horned steer whose horns now exceed 3.1 metres or 10 feet 3 inches measured from tip to tip. Feel free to post your animals at any time-include as much information about the animal as possible-DOB, pedigree, breeding etc.