The problem with non-convex colliders it only works properly on locked object. Ideally this guide will be made obsolete in later versions of TTS as you will upload these straight to the Steam Workshop. If you have duplicates of components, just create a single JPG – you can copy and paste the piece multiple times once you’ve loaded into Tabletop Simulator. More tris will cause the collider to fail. WH40k - Death Korps Infantry Platoon [Models]. How you choose to import files impacts if other players can see them when you're finished.For help with importing, visit Asset Importing. Card back 1 needs to correspond to card front 1, card back 2 needs to correspond to card front 2, and so on. Description Discussions 2 Comments 107 Change Notes. Unfavorite. Blasto. Don’t go crazy with poly counts, use a normal map to add fine detail. I bought TTS a while ago and just felt very confused by the whole thing. A few of the … Fill it in as follows: Face – enter the URL of your card fronts template, Unique Backs – check only if each card has a different back, Back – enter the URL of your single card back OR the unique card backs  template, Sideways – check only if your cards are meant to be used sideways, Type – Box for square, Hex for hexagon, Circle for circle, Rounded for rounded square. 8 Different coloured/textured Safes/Vaults That I have made. 43. If it involves 3D models or other complex pieces, see the knowledge base that the development studio put together. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Guide needs an update. Pick one you like. A set of dials for whatever use you may have. • Randomizes object rotation when shaken or the "roll" key is used. Non-convex should be set to false (unchecked) when using compound colliders. I needed a turn marker for Pathfinder, but I couldn't find any dragon that I liked in the workshop. Need help on your board game? Three sided die. A custom 2D figurine optimized for 1x1 grids in Tabletop Simulator! An animated toy cannon that can launch dice or anything else across your game board! I built this little model trash can, and imported it as a bag, so now if you have stuff that is unwanted on the table you can just drop it in here out of the way. reloaded the room couple of times, all is working fine, thank you for your heads up, (I have the error in my only public screenshot in TTS in case you wanna have a look), great work! Make sure the normals on your mesh are facing the right direction. Switch between its modes by clicking the center of the device. The game just stopped seeing some files (which are in the model's folder in C:\Users\Янушка\Documents\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Mods\Models and the game is mapped to the documents folder for saving data) and can't download them either. It’s pretty straightforward. Are you tired of the bulky metal base used for the custom figurine model? Less than 25k vertices per model. Any, the board is re-scaled based on the image used. This is my 1st every mod upload to the workshop.. so I hope I get everything correct! Please see the. I could easily make two or three articles on livestreaming board games. 12. When open, it is a bag that destroys any object which tumbles into it. A few of the League of Legends characters. 25. When I put one of each on top of each other, that works just fine and they stack normally.