Inspect the Lands under acquisition; scrutinize the Valuation statements and Awards. Furnish the progress reports on various items of review to the RDO Office and Collectorate. purpose, Incorporation of changes in FMB / Tippons and Village registers, Renewal of missing stones at field & village level, Preparation of layout for Rural & Urban Permanent Housing programmes & special housing programmes, Measurement, mapping of subdivisions of L.A./Assgnt/ Ceiling /H.sites/ ROR. Searching for any AP land records utilizing Aadhaar card number. In Agency Administration deal with Civil & Criminal cases, Attend the work of Registration and Stamps, Treasury and Trove, Evacuee properties and Bhoodan lands. MANDAL REVENUE OFFICER / DEPUTY MANDAL REVENUE OFFICER (MRO OFFICE) /MANDAL REVENUE INSPECTOR/ ADDITIONAL MANDAL REVENUE INSPECTOR / SURVEYOR/DEPUTY SURVEYOR, G.O.M.S.No. The land survey number works as a record of information relating to a specific plot of South Mopur property in Andhra Pradesh state. Attend the Telephone Advisory Committee Meeting or on exceptional occasions, depute the Joint Collector to attend keeping the Post master General and other concerned of the meeting informed of the fact. The administrative Officer in the rank of a Tahsildar is the general assistant to the Collector. The Andhra Pradesh Registration of Births and Deaths Act. Search for stolen property and bring to the Police Station. In the G.O. Relief and Rehabilitation in case of Natural Calamities: Like Floods, Cyclone, Hail Storm, Earth-quake etc and when a large number of people are affected, Organize relief camps and supply of food, water, Medicines, Clothing, Utensils, cash, etc. Attend meetings of Village Tribal Development agencies and assist them in preparation of micro plans and in implementing them. O.Ms.No. Write confidential reports of all Gazetted Officers of other Departments. Cinematograph Act, 1955 Regulation thereon. Collectors. Decide on transfers, grant of leave etc., of Assistant Public Prosecutors, Grade I AND II. REVENUE DEPARTMENT FUNCTIONS. Court Fees and Suits Valuation Act, 1956. Hire vehicles to the Categories of Government Servants for whom the D.R.O. Most of the files are routed through him. Attending to the work relating to rehabilitation of Pakistan / Burma / Bangladesh / Sri Lanka repatriates. Education & Welfare Infrastructure Development Corporation (APEWIDC), INTEGRATED TRIBAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (ITDA – YANADIS), A.P. If any transactions have taken place to that particular land, it would be displayed on the screen. Perform the duties and exercise powers as Additional Collector under section 6(a) of the Andhra Pradesh (T.A) Land Revenue Act for Telangana only. Oversee the maintenance of Furniture and Typewriters. b. Maintain P.Rs., Tour Diaries, Advance Tour Programmes. Secunderabad Lease Lands under Secunderabad Land Administrative Rules. Control Expenditure and Receipts through review.