All rights reserved. The hardest one to locate was the Valley of Bowser 2 secret exit that takes you to Valley Fortress. (SUPERHERO WEAPONS & ARMOR!)
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Other times, a hidden Goal will lead the player to the Secret Exit. There are hidden exits and world skips that you can easily miss. The game holds a lot of secrets. Puzzle Solved, DLC Previews, Loot Pools, Release Time, Exotic Loot! 1.Reach the Green Switch Palace. Below is nothing but major . Although the current addition includes both Mario U and Luigi U, the newest release will also include a new story and world to explore with Bowser’s Fury. There’s a secret door there that leads to one final room. Jump up into the pipe to reach the secret exit. Complete that level and a path to the Soda Jungle, world 5 (! The first secret exit in New Super Mario Bros. U opens up a path to a secret level called A Blooper’s Secret Lair. Run free to the secret flag. Near the Goal Post, run up the small ramp. Hands down. A red ring will be above you. Once you find it, you’ll pull down a red flag instead and proceed to unlock secret levels or skip levels altogether. In each of the eight worlds, there is at least one level with a secret exit to be found.

Watching the video for this one really helps.

For this one, you need to be miniature (via a mini mushroom as shown in the video). Run through the small cave and up the warp pipe on the right side of the wall to appear right next to the secret exit flag. The main idea is to go through 8 different worlds (there's actually 9, but World 9 isn't needed to beat the game), making your way through the goal, just like any Super Mario game.

Rock Candy Mines-5 Walking Piranha Plants! If you can't make the jump, try getting a Super Acorn. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. After coming through the upper-right door in the starting room, grab the spring and carry it all the way to the left. Complete the hidden level to get a new path to world 6, the Rock Candy Mines. Sometimes, the key is right next to the keyhole, so you just have to get there. The secret exit unlocks a new level in Peach’s Castle, Firefall Cliffs. Drop down from the red arrow pillar and run into the false wall. Complete that level to open a path to world 7, Meringue Clouds.

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Instead of going through the visible door when you reach the top, keep riding and hang to the left side. In the final room of the house, you have to hit a P Block, jump on temporary blocks, and scale to the top.

On the other side is a slightly jutted-out wall at the bottom. New Super Mario Bros. U is a new, side-scrolling adventure featuring Mario, Luigi, Toad ... and your Mii character! The secret exit unlocks a new level in Frosted Glacier called A Fliprus Lake. Hop down and run into the false wall to reveal a warp pipe. Past the checkpoint flag and near the end of Tilted Tunnel, you’ll jump on a large boulder that will shift upward. It’s a false wall that leads to a warp pipe and the secret exit.

Super Mario World - Secret Exits Guide. When you reach the long stretch of land with fireballs raining down, look for the P Block. ), opens up. Finding the secret exit leads you to the alternate entrance of Ludwig’s Clockwork Tower.
Right past the red ring is a series of swaying pipes to navigate.

To do so, you may need a power-up like the squirrel suit (or just mad jumping skills). When you get to the room with all of the false walls, look for a sign pointing right at the top of a ledge. Skyrim Special Edition How To Get The Best Start (First Companion, Tips , Secrets, Tricks…) One thought on “ Super Mario World – All Secret Exit Locations ” Darran says: July 6, 2019 at 11:45 pm The hardest one to locate was the Valley of Bowser 2 secret exit that takes you to Valley Fortress. Mod Showcase.

We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Donut Plains Donut Plains 1: There are 2 methods for this.

While the new addition is extremely exciting, getting back into the Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe can be a little tricky.

READERS NOTE: World 1 - Donut Plains and World 9 - Special Zone are Right before the exit, you’ll run past a tall green pipe (the last star coin is right below it) and a final red arrow. A secret exit is an exit from a level that will lead the player to something special, like a shortcut or a Warp Star. Above that will be a secret area that lets you run across the top of the level. Super Mario World: How to Unlock the Star World from Donut Secret House 2:04. Keep running until you get to a little ramp, jump again, and you’ll find yourself on an even higher ledge.

Complete the secret level and you’ll open a path to world 6, Rock Candy Mines. Once you reach the top of the tower after scaling the green pipes, you’ll see a tiny green pipe to the right.

At the end, there’s a jutted-out edge with a Boo guarding it.