To be one of those book enemies go to Big Boo's Haunt, pick star 1 and activate this code. Now a Bob-omb can be the hero if you go to Rainbow Ride, select star 1 and activate this code.

New Training Techniques Coming To Pokemon Sword & Shield! He has no voice, and he can fly. Play as Bookend (book baddy) in Big Boo's Haunt Star 1 (JS).

43, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 Unported License, DummyPrivateMessageAddFormRequesterModule, Can become invisible using D-Pad down (D-Pad up to turn him back to normal), Can put his cap in his hand using D-Pad left, Can glide similarly to SM64 DS by pressing A + B while crouching and jumping (somersault or long jump). Play as Big Bully in Lethal Lava Land (JS).

8. 8107EC3A 0000. Ride Spindrift (SM803) 8133E9FC 8016 8133E9FE F9CC 8133EA24 8013 8133EA26 1FBC 8133EBBE D0BC Play As Big Ice Bully (SM803) 81347D3C 8018 81347D3E 4390 81347D64 8015 81347D66 6250 (Works on Cool Cool Mountain) (Yes, yoshielectron made a Play As Ice Bully code, but it was a small one and in a different level so its different.) Play as Koopa in Bob-omb Battlefield Star 2 (JS). The code also gives you the metal cap and mutes Mario's voice. Start a file and turn the code on and then go to a different area such as inside the castle to then play as a yellow star in any level including outside the castle. Then go to the level and turn it on again, and you'll be playing Big Boo. View All; N64 Gameshark codes‎ > ‎ Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi codes. No, this wasn't made using the spawn code.) Recent site activity. 39 I just had to add seconds 'cause I'm like that. The code also mutes Mario's voice and gives you the wing cap. Note that you may find it hard to open doors, a backflip helps.

Play as Bullet Bill in Whomp's fortress star 1 version 2 (JS).

Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi codes.

D133AFA0 0400. Make your way to Shifting Sand Land, pick star 1 and then turn on this code for Mario to look like the vulture. Play as the Mummy Thwomp in Shifting Sand Land Star 1 (JS), Play as a Cheep-cheep in Wet-dry World (JS).

Play as King Bob-omb in Bob-omb Battlefield Star 2 (JS).

Super Mario 64 on N64; How to Save the Codes: With at least 50 Stars collected, go stand on the enlightened rug, in the Castle Hall.

Collectable Snowballs from Water (SM803) 81330D12 0830 81330D0E 00A0 (If you want it to be Blue Coins from Water, just replace the A0 with 76.)

This code gives you access to altering Mario's lives. Color Codes. Play As Bullet Bill Safety Code (YE) 8133B4D4 800F 8133B4D6 0860 (When you want to exit Whomp's Fortress, turn off Play As Bullet Bill then turn this code on.

& Insane Game8007C250 8080Dissipated Screen8007C448 8000Dissipated Sky8007C4F5 8080Dissipated Water8007C585 8080Dissip.. Have all stars:8120770C FFFF8120770E FFFF81207710 FFFF81207712 FFFF81207714 FFFF81207716 FFFF812077.. My Texture8107ECA0 FD838107ECA2 31008107EC98 FD838107EC9A 31008107EC40 75C88107EC42 1A008107EC38 75C88107EC3A 1A008107EC80 E8748.. PAL841948db 00aeNTSC811954db 7644Note:You can strech mario head on screen and off the screen.

Go to the Bowser in the Dark world level and turn on this code to play as an Amp. Here's how you unlock the very-well hidden Luigi: 2. 7 ?0000-anything this time (might make sense to only make it a max of 000.. Misc. Team Yell Introduced As Antagonist Group For Pokemon Sword & Shield! Each will have Alternate Forms! Unfortunately you cant get on it.) Play as a Piranha Plant in Bob-omb Battlefield star 1 (JS). Now's your chance to play as someone other than Mario. The code gives you the wing cap to fly like a real Butterfly and also, the code mutes Mario's voice. (The TRUE way)". Put on a metal cap to play as a Thwomp in Whomp's Fortress Star 1 (JS). Thanks to YouTube user themonkeymanofdoom for this code. New Ghost Pokemon Revealed For Sword & Shield. 24 1 ;). Cheat Code Debug Control 81269BD8 0C09 81269BDA 5FAB Debug Control 2 D133AFA0 0200 81269BDA 5FAB D133AFA0 0100 81269BDA 98D5 Also see Cheats for more help on Super Mario 64. So I've recently found Luigi in Super Mario 64. Even Goombas can use Peach's slide so why not go to the secret slide and use this code to play as a Goomba.

)D134B89E 08608134B89C 8019D134B89E 08608134B89E 5C34Yoshi:D134B89E 08608134B89C 8019D134B89E 08608134B89E 4E28Yoshi's Foot (found by me :) )D134B89E 08608134B89C 8019D134B89E 08608134B89E 50AC, 8133B424 26858133B424 94768133B424 93858133B424 87858133B424 84858133B424 97818129D84E FFFFD033AFA0 00088033D483 0040D033AFA0 00048033D483 00008107EC20 FF808107EC22 80008107EC24 FF808107EC26 80008107EC38 00FF8107EC3A 40008107EC3C 00FF8107EC3E 40008107EC50 FF808107EC52 FF008107EC54 FF808107EC56 FF008107EC68 FF008107EC6A FF008107EC6C FF008107EC6E FF008107EC80 00408107EC82 00008107EC84 00408107EC86 00008107EC98 00008107EC9A FF008107EC9C 00008107EC9E FF008107EC40 FF008107EC42 00008107EC38 FF008107EC3A 00008107EC20 00008107EC22 00008107EC28 00008107EC2A 00008107EC20 50008107EC22 00008107EC28 FF008107EC2A 00008107EC40 FFFF8107EC38 50508107EC42 FF008107EC3A 500080207723 00018020770B 00C750001101 00008020770C 00FF8020770A 007E50000F01 000080207725 00648133B424 10108129D84E FFFFD033AFA0 00088033D483 0040D033AFA0 00048033D483 000081381764 080081381766 002481000090 3C0481000092 803481000094 848481000096 B1E681000098 44848100009A 3000810000A0 4680810000A2 3120810000A4 4604810000A6 903C810000AC 4500810000AE 0002810000B4 4600810000B6 2486810000B8 080E810000BA 05DB810000BC E71281255490 10008125572C 10008125572E 003181255490 10008125572C 10008125572E 003181250900 100081381764 080081381766 002481000090 3C0481000092 803481000094 848481000096 B1E681000098 44848100009A 3000810000A0 46808033B21D 00088033B21D 00648126B1D4 24008126B214 2400, Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. Press L To Spawn Shockwaves (SM803) 8133D2D0 27BD 8133D2D2 FFE8 8133D2D4 AFBF 8133D2D6 0014 8133D2D8 3C0A 8133D2DA 8034 8133D2DC 814A 8133D2DE AFA1 8133D2E0 2408 8133D2E2 0020 8133D2E4 1148 8133D2E6 0003 8133D2E8 8FBF 8133D2EA 0014 8133D2EC 27BD 8133D2EE 0018 8133D2F0 03E0 8133D2F2 0008 8133D2F4 3C04 8133D2F6 8036 8133D2F8 8C84 8133D2FA 1160 8133D2FC 2405 8133D2FE 0068 8133D300 3C06 8133D302 1300 8133D304 0C0A 8133D306 7B73 8133D308 24C6 8133D30A 11D0 8133D30C 8FBF 8133D30E 0014 8133D310 27BD 8133D312 0018 8133D314 03E0 8133D316 0008 810EE060 8033 810EE062 D2D0 (Only works in Bowser fights, waves won't show on other levels. This cheat for Super Mario 64 [Nintendo64] has been posted at 28 Nov 2014 and is called "Luigi! Go to Bob-omb Battlefield, select the first star and turn on this code to play as a Piranha Plant. When standing on the red switch, at the top of the Tower, in the centre of the Rainbow Ring, These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. Sound Settings801A7D40 800?-0 - Stereo1 - Mono2 - HeadsetScore Settings801A7D50 80? 14 >:(, Give me all the secrets and glitches you know. (1-Up Girl) - Super Mario Odyssey (Rock Cover) || Shady Cicada►More Smash Bros Mod Videos►Breath of the Wild Playlist►Nintendo Switch Videos►Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Videos►Tshirts: not greet me on Facebook, twitter, G+, Twitch!Instagram: Plus 40 Would you had ever thought that you would see such things a Goomba riding a Koopa shell! It doesn't have the annoying glitches like not being able to save or go into Big Boo's Haunt and other stuff.) Snowman Spawns Coin Bag Frogs (SM803) 81341E3C 8018 81341E3E 3A98 81341E64 8015 81341E66 2688 81341FFE EB54 (This is the code from the preview.)

The code also mutes Mario's voice. 42 Useful if you want to show everybody that you've gone past the barriers of this game!8033B21B ???

While you have these codes on you must stay outside the castle to avoid crashing the game. Play as Bowser in the Bowser in the Sky level (JS). However, I do want to give thanks to a per.. 37 SM64 N64 Behaviour Change Codes.

It's in a Bowser level so I thought I'd put it in the video.) Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. Play as Monty Mole in Tall, Tall Mountain Star1 (JS). and go to Bob-omb Battlefield star 2 to play as Koopa the Quick. When the mario head appears,press c left o.. 80309437 0019 Flying Hat/Infinite Flying 813094E6 FFFF 80309437 0015 Metal Mario 80309437 0000 No Hat. Thanks to YouTube user pab2000k for these codes: Tooth Looking thing (Mario's nose??? 21

15 Super Mario 64 Codes.

YouTube user predator481 has done a good job of combining codes so that in Whomp's fortress you play as a Thwomp and when you ground pound the screen shakes. Play as Flyguy (Shyguy) in Tower of the Wing cap (JS). 8107EC38 007F. When you have made your way to Whomp's Fortress Star 1 turn the code on to play as a Piranha Plant.

Version 1 (ASMEN0J20) Game ID: ASME-AEA63749 Infinite Lives 020973ec 00000063 Infinite Health 1208fce4 00000880 1210679c […] If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up and share this with your freinds. Go to Whomp's fortress, select star 1 and turn on this code to play as Bullet Bill with the metal cap so you can easily destroy baddies. Go to Jolly Roger Bay and select star 1. Try me! Go to Big Boo's Haunt and select star 5 and then turn on the code to play as a large Boo but be warned that the other Boos won't be fooled by Mario's disguise. Note: You can switch between Mario & Luigi at any time, so you don't have to go back to the courtyard. Help out other Super Mario 64 players on the Nintendo64 by adding a cheat or secret that you know! Go to Whomp's fortress, select the first star and turn on this code to play as a Koopa. It tells below what to replace the variables with for the different colors.