[6], Land owners endorsed a plan to have the city condemn their properties and purchase them to form a park;[7] the city responded the crack would be surveyed weekly to measure its progression. There were no geologic or soil reports regarding instabilities within the site, which means that no proper research was done to determine whether or not it was safe to build a community on the grounds. In one week after its release the map has recieved 8 minor updates, leading into v.1.0. [10], The crack continued to widen in the 1930s and early 1940s. Over time his knowledge had further increased and he was fully capable to work on his own and required help from his teammate only for the more complicated systems. On April 2013, Sunken City became a Hosted Project of Hiveworkshop. Sunken City Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The map did not recieve anything but balance updates and spasorc did not know at the time that it is vital for the map to recieve major systems. However, the proposal would require the park officials to install a gate in the fence that would mechanically close and bar off the area at sunset. The Facebook page has photos, information, maps, and videos of the beach shared by people enjoyed their experiences at Sunken City. Director Martin Scorsese has been a vocal advocate for opening the beach up to the public. In 2011, a roadway crumbled into pieces then fell into gaping holes near the White Point Nature Preserve in San Pedro, and part of the roadway descended into the ocean. [2], The first reports of damage occurred on January 2, 1929, a waterline broke underneath the Ocean View Inn hotel on Paseo Del Mar, and a gas line broke on January 10 under the same building. [24] In the same year, 19 year old Megan Maynard, lost her footing on unstable rocks and plunged more than 50 feet (15 m) to her death at Sunken City. [21], While Sunken City is one a major attraction in San Pedro, other nearby historic areas also draw the public. Not knowing how to fix it, spasorc was ready to give up on the map and call it a final version. [9] By December, the crack had opened to between 2 to 12 feet (0.61 to 3.66 m) wide, although the city had refilled the crack to continue to use Carolina Street. Buscaino's proposal would involve keeping the large wrought iron fence. [12] An earthquake in early 1941 was not thought to have affected the slide, but continued rains had widened the crack by another 8 feet (2.4 m) between January 31 and February 17;[13] during the drier summer months, the slip was only 10 inches (250 mm) in two months. Supporters of reopening Sunken City asked local lawyers Chatten-Brown & Carstens LLP to look into the issue, and their findings that 'very high' benefits of increased use could outweigh low liabilities has led to a renewed effort to give the public access. The cost of the new fence was more than US$200,000 and it was thought that it would finally solve trespassing problems. Sunken City is supposed to be a sequel to another Dungeon Crawler set in the Dungeon tileset. (0.1.4. [16] The slide displaced houses, commercial buildings, streets, and sidewalks. [1] The San Pedro News-Pilot was more dismissive, believing the crack to be caused by water "washing out a soft clay stratum that caused a slide of the earth above it" on the advice of geologists and concluded "when the source of the leak in water or drainage pipes that caused the slide at Point Fermin is discovered the cause will be removed, the cracks filled up and the danger forgotten. This leads to the events of the Original Sunken City [OSC]. It recieves constant major updates every week and continues to grow. Nadrian is a programmer and had significant knowledge over the trigger editor. In 2003, there were five cliffside deaths, two of which happened within a three-day span. He worked on implementing a Threat System, but it failed due to restrictions caused by the World Editor. It has recieved its own forums for suggestions, ideas, bug reports and so on. 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I am assuming that you have already downloaded the file Sunken City Death Knight.zip and know where it is located on your hard drive. [23] These incidents and others led to the replacement of the chain-linked fence with a more permanent wrought iron fence, installed in 1987.