Would you say these builds are still up to date even with anything new that has been released in the past year? It frequently feels like I’m doing most of my shooting with just my turrets, especially on some of the lower turn rate ships. This starship's equipment slots, base hull capacity and shield capacity scale as your level increases. – Superior Accurate (if your Acc is quite low) but they would be build in the same way for the other careers. I couldn’t use Cannons for the longest time, I was just terrible with anything where I had to face my target to fire.

Only use one if you actually slot RSP. basically dont fly around just point with your nose to your target, sometimes it could help to fly a bit forward and back. – a Nausicaan engineer with Pirate (Diplomacy T4) isn’t bad either.

Purchasing this starship will unlock a Fleet Ship Module discount when purchasing the Fleet Shepard Miracle Worker Battlecruiser. – Deft Cannoneer (only if you have problems with sliding around), And of course the profession and race specifics: Terran Taskforce DHC plus four Spiral Wave DCs, Martok Omnibeam, CC heavy and sensor-linked turrets.

A brief guide to getting the most out of Hangar Pets, Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit – Nebula Class (T5) [MoD], Fleet Arbiter Class Battlecruiser (T6-Avenger) [MoD], Fleet Hestia Advanced Escort (T6 Prometheus) [MoD], Fleet Yamato Dreadnought Cruiser (T6-Galaxy-X) [MoD], Fleet Pathfinder Long Range Science Vessel (T6-Intrepid), Yorktown Science Star Cruiser Flagship [MoD], Heavy Command Cruiser (Kelvin Timeline Connie), Fleet Experimental Science Vessel (T6 Dauntless), Fleet Archon Intel Assault Cruiser [T6 | MoD], Fleet Advanced Light Cruiser (T6) *2017-09-27, Fleet Advanced Research Vessel – Sutherland Class (T6), Atlas Class Prototype Dreadnought Cruiser [S13], Andorian Pilot Escorts T6 (all allied pilot escorts) [S13+], Exploration Cruiser Retrofit [discount | T5u | ViL], Tactical Escort Retrofit [discount | T5u | ViL ], Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit [discount | T5u | ViL ], New-Orlean Class Recon Destroyer [T6 | ViL], Narendra Class Support Cruiser [T6 | ViL], Miracle Worker Flight Deck Carrier [T6 | RoD], Legendary Temporal Operative Escort [T6 | BR], Legendary Miracle Worker Assault Cruiser [T6 | BR], Legendary Temporal Flight-Deck Carrier [T6 | BR], Legendary Kelvin Timeline Intel Battlecruiser [T6 | BR], Legendary Command Exploration Cruiser [T6 | BR], Fleet Kolasi Siege Destroyer (T6-Guramba) [MoD], Fleet Kurak Class Battlecruiser (T6-Mogh), Lethan Pilot Escorts T6 (all allied pilot escorts) [S13+], B’rel Bird of Prey Retrofit [discount | T5u | ViL], Kar’Fi Battle Carrier [discount | T5u | ViL], Marauder Flight-Deck Cruiser [discount | T5u | ViL], Fleet Kara Advanced Warbird (T6-Ha’apax) [MoD], Fleet Morrigu Heavy Warbird (T6-Mogai) [MoD], Dewan Pilot Escorts T6 (all allied pilot escorts) [S13+], D’deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser Retrofit [ T5u | ViL], Mogai Heavy Warbird Retrofit [ T5u | ViL], T’varo Light Warbird Retrofit [T5u | ViL], Krenim Imperium Warship [S13 build available], Tholian Recluse Carrier [+ ViL Support Version ], Breen Chel Boalg Warship (T6) [S13 build available], Lukari Science Vessel (T6) [S13 build available], Na’kuhl Daemosh Science Vessel (T6) [S13], Xindi-Aquatic Briostrys Dreadnought Carrier (T6) [S13], Xindi-Reptilian Sistruus Escort (T6) [S13], Cardassian Intel Science Dreadnought – Damar-Class T6 [ViL], Cardassian Intel Flight-Deck Cruiser – Ghemor-Class T6 [ViL], Cardassian Intel Escort – Detapa-Class T6 [ViL], Hur’q Assembly Multi-Mission Science Vessel T6 [S15], Vaadwaur Miracle Worker Juggernaught [T6 | MoD], Vorgon Ytijara Dreadnought Cruiser [T6 | MoD], Fek’Ihri Fa’rang Dreanought Carrier [T6 | RoD].

It does take time though. Use at least 2 very rare ones and one rare to get the maximum uptime. Federation starships come with standard equipment and weapons of the lowest mark available at the ship's minimum rank. Or is that equal? – Anchored (only if you’re not flying around) It draws inspiration from many of the experiments attempted by the Shepard-class Battlecruisers of the 23rd century.

How far will I fall behind a cannon build in dps? Same Engine, Deflector, Warpcore and Shield as above.

– a Lukari Eng from the Colony gives +10% outgoing shield and hull healing I learned back before we had them, it’s easier now. Players can obtain this starship from the Zen Store for 3,000 . DPRM = Dynamic Power Redistributor Module
– Calm Before the Storm My Captain is a Science / Engineer.

– Maquis Tactics (great for Warbirds) first time using this spreadsheet, somewhat trying to get used to it.

One of six possible Innovation effects will be randomly selected each time the Innovation mechanic refreshes.

The Gagarin-class Miracle Worker Battlecruiser features built-in Innovation mechanic which requires activation of three bridge officer abilities corresponding to colors on the Innovation display window. Damage Multiplier =((0.25+(3*(75/(150+Resistance))^2))/(0.25+(3*(75/(150+Debuffs))^2))) *(100/(100+Resistance Bonus)). – Terran Targeting Systems

Judging by that document that you’ve provided, assimilated module mk xv > hostile acquisition. Does it make sense to build a phaser build with the console and torpedo of the set house of Martok? To say it plain, in the time that you optimize a phaser build at reputation level (t6), you already got the disruptor one ready to go at mk XV (for the fore weapons) with all the stuff you need. I’m a fan a beam arrays/omnis so for disruptors the full nausicaan set could be seen as optional.

Ship Builds | 67. Successfully matching the colors will automatically trigger the available Innovation effect for 10 seconds.

Thanks man, that actually helped a lot!

would it make sense to replace these with something from the exchange or reputation system? There’s not much you can do to add more survivability besides changing EPtE to EPtS or adding a defensive console. would that make sense in your opinion? – Hive Defence The timeline is also great for a short dps boost. The KCB does not proc Mixed Armaments. Consoles are four Polaron Locators from the Spire, Morphogenic Matrix Controller, Piezo-Electric Focuser (Lukari 2 part set bonus). More debuffs are always great, but in a team environment Pen’s value quickly gets into the 3-4% range. – a second console from the Synergistic Retrofitting Set  There’s plenty of rewards towards that in the story missions that can also be replayed. would they drop below spirals?

A beam ship with the Nausicaan set will also work nicely.
Gagarin class with Delta Rep T6 shield . The Gagarin-class Miracle Worker Battlecruiser comes equipped with the [Console - Universal - Refracting Energy Shunt]. Only the Terran Taskforce Phaser and Disruptor are better. Spiral Waves are too expensive?