barrel) varmint rifle, double set and single trigger, 5 shot rotary mag., 6.38 lbs. The stock is And Randall F … Stay off CAPS… Just say “NO”.

Here is a manual I found online for the SSG 69s.

If not try a company called Talley they are highly recommended by people who has experience with this. I plan to replace the Zeiss 3×9 with a Leupold tactical version, 30 mm, so I’m shopping for mounting solutions to avoid paying Steyr $275! If you’re going to be careful with it, it should be good-to-go. for standard NATO 7.62x51 mm ammunition (.308 Winchester), as well Having dissed Steyr a bit, let me also point out that the standard trigger guard on the Remington PSS is fairly crappy as well, perhaps just not as crappy. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 1996. got no iron sights. years and treat her very well – nothing down the bbl except copper coated bullets, cleaning fluid on soft cleaning cloth pushed by wooden dowel to keep the lands pristine. Finally, the 5-shot polymer rotary magazines can break and seem to be more susceptible to jamming than a typical box magazine if subjected to sand or dirt. . I think just about everyone who owns one would spend $150 for a new trigger guard! If I could find that rifle now, I’d pay a fortune for it. I tried a variety of different targets to see if that made a difference for my eyes.

This weapon chambered for standard NATO 7.62x51 It’s either 1 in 12 or 1 in 14. 69 is a very accurate sniper rifle. Experience from Vietnam had proven that wooden stocks weren’t cutting the mustard in that wet humid environment. Every gun has it’s sweet spot and reloading will allow you to find this and fine tune it. By 1969 standards, Steyr’s SSG-69 was state-of-the-art: it was the world’s first purpose-built, out-of-the-box sub-MOA factory police/military sniper rifle. He was going to take a shot at some N Vietnamese officer but couldn’t pull the trigger. That means when hunting in darker conditions — pre dawn, post-sunset — the ‘muzzle flash’ does not do a trick on your eyes – the burnt gas and powder burn in that perfect candle-like flame that doesn’t light up the entire world for 10-20 yards around –.

Two colors are available for the heavy barreled version (PII): green and black. It just kicked ass and I felt like a sniper when I carried it. Also it had detachable magazine of unusual design. Mar 26, 2020 #1 Anyone built up the cheek piece/weld on a Steyr SSG/69. Accessory rings fitting the dovetail are available in three sizes:  1 inch, 26mm, and 30mm.

Virtually unchanged after 43 years, the Steyr SSG 69 is still top of the class in terms of accuracy. Not only could young Josef rock a ‘stash, he was also a member of the lucky sperm club: his father owned an armaments factory. Thus, the focus for civilians tends to be on accuracy. I’ve shot at least 5 different sample guns, and every one of them was a .5 MOA shooter, or better, if the shooter does his part. Steyr SSG 69. And to be honest, the quality of the glass isn’t up to modern standards.

The magazine is designed to protect the tips of match bullets from damage caused by recoil or other jarring. If anyone can bring me up-to-speed about the Match, please contact me. You forgot fighter ace, hunter, and conservationist. The Steyr The receiver on the SSG-69 is copied from the proven Steyr-Mannlicher hunting rifle. I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it! Operation: bolt action unit. I also have some Sierra MK’s 190 gr that I’d love to try. Don’t believe everything you read, unless, of course, you knew him personally. According to David Fortier, the SSG-69 has somewhat of a reputation for breaking firing pins. Nonetheless, aftermarket accessories for the Steyr SSG-69 are surprisingly lacking. I deducted one star because of the polymer trigger guard and the stock. Grrr. two release buttons on either side of the magazine. The SSG 69s I’ve seen on GB lately are being given away IMHO! Ask Styria. My current 30mm rings are medium height.

Spacers were also provided with the rifle to allow an individual user to adjust the length of pull to their exact liking. The Remington is typically a .7 to .9 MOA gun with factory ammo, whereas the Steyrs and CZs are typically .5 MOA or better. year were they produce, what’s it worth I was scrupulous in keeping solvents off these parts. The  magazine is transparent, so it is easy to see emergency use. I’d like to go shooting there.

It Then, one day at a school in ’99, it wouldn’t hold anything less than 2-MOA. The standard magazine features an unusual 5-round rotary design, although a 10-round staggered box is available as an accessory. BUT MY MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IS THE DOUBLE SET TRIGGER BETTER OR MORE SAULT AFTER THAN THE SINGLE TRIGGER ? He had the whole gun, scope, extras and drop case on sale for $10,000. I immediately knew that it was a 69. Great news however, I have attached a user manual for this optic that should greatly help with the setup and application. At the time of its

Steyr attempted to follow up on the SSG 69’s success with its later SSG 04 and SSG 08 rifles, eventually halting the production of the SSG 69 in 2015. The SSG 69 was The receiver on the SSG-69 is copied from the proven Steyr-Mannlicher hunting rifle. Just the cold comfort of a steel butt plate giving your shoulder some love. down. Its one of these models: though the SSG 69 may not have been the first rifle with a synthetic Contrary to internet rumors, the barrel is not chrome lined. It comes with a shorter 409 mm (16.1") barrel and can handle heavier A 25 ½” version (1 in 12 twist) also available, as is a 16” version with a 1 in 10 twist. FMJ with a rebated boat tail design.

So I've come here in the hopes that you erudite gentlemen and ladies may be able to steer me in the right direction. MY QUESTIONS ARE THESE : WHICH IS BETTER OR MORE WANTED THE SINGLE TRIGGER OR THE DOUBLE SET TRIGGER ? Seller Type: Private User Licence # 410827273: Location: WOY WOY, NSW, 2256: Transferring Dealer: Lock N Load Firearms Supplies, NSW, 2259 Licence # 409934554: View other listings from this seller: Description: Excellent … Absolutely awesome writeup. Forces     Firearms     I’m not sure if the rifle will do well with the heavier bullets but I’ll try. Using the Berger twist rate calculator it’s marginally stable at 2600 fps mv but on their scale it’s close to being “comfortably stable” My SSG has the longer barrel so I should be able to coax out that mv. This is the one area where the Steyr SSG-69 suffers.