My bike is already equipped with all the accessories except the extra gas can but with a 5 gallon tank and getting a little over 200 miles to the tank I’m not too worried. To resolve that issue, companies like Baker Drivetrain have developed a solution. Build a custom motorcycle with the best custom aftermarket parts. is part of the Cruiser Network, a division of Bonnier Corporation. Never ran out of gas have missed a few motels due to weather but by using I never get charged a fee for not getting there if I cancel even after 4 pm. I will admit I plan most of my trip. But the Sportster is capable of so much more. Maybe you're into touring. The cylinder heads were also cut to give the engine compartment that “Big Twin” appearance. We tick off our picks for the most scenic, interesting, and memorable events across the country you can attend on two wheels, Helmet manufacturer updates its top-of-the-line touring helmet, How and when to inspect and replace your 2019 Touring model’s air cleaner, Our book list offers two-wheeled tales of action, adventure, and more, These 5 killer products will help you get the job done. And he’s absolutely right too: Mr. Price won a total of 46 national motorsports competitions in the 16 years he raced. Adding a luggage rack to the rear fender provides even more room for you to strap extra luggage to your bike. Ryan is one of the lucky ones who gets to combine their passion with work. Here are a few of our picks, geared mostly toward Harleys. As a matter of fact, one of the hooligan bikes I built was ridden on the El Diablo Run by Brad Gregory and a few months before that it was a basket case that had been cut in two pieces. “Our store is a progressive dealership,” Mark says. But I … With clean air filtering up and over the shield, it makes breathing easier as well. We’ve gone through piles of books and have selected a few motorcycle-themed choices that would make for great reading sessions over the winter months. I’ve got the 6-speed upgrade, windshield and similar luggage carrier. They can turn any model Sportster into a touring bike capable of big miles on the open highway. Harley-Davidson Sportster owners can now have their favorite motorcycle converted to high-end, high-class custom Bagger styling by the folks at Baggsters Inc! Bike N' Bird 18,897 views. An extra fuel container provides the added insurance you need when you are miles from the nearest gas station. Staying on the mid-controls for the entirety of a long ride can cause cramping and discomfort. Removable bags also allow you to take them with you once you reach your resting point at the end of a long day of riding. Hell, Led Sled Customs built an entire business model around bad ass Sportster choppers. Doug will have his unique Bagger on display at the, "The only thing you see, you know it's gonna be, the Ace of Spades". Sportsters aren’t necessarily known for great range. If you’re not sure how to adjust the preload, be sure to check out our article on motorcycle suspension tuning. AMA EnduroCross Series, August 25-November 3, Roland Sands Custom Harley-Davidson Road Glide Performance Bagger, A First Ride On Harley’s Stripped-Down Tourer, The 2019 Electra Glide Standard, Quick-Detach Windshields For Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 2019 Milwaukee-Eight 114 Air Cleaner Inspection And Replacement, Garage & Shop Essentials For Motorcycle Enthusiasts. All rights reserved. This is awesome. MSR fuel bottles are no bigger than a thermos and will fit nicely into your luggage. Removable saddlebags mounted on supports provide a good starting point for a luggage option. The folks at Biltwell pulled off the ultimate version of an off-road Sportster in my opinion. A tire repair kit can also get you back to town if you get a flat as well. Installing a windshield for a winter ride can save your bacon when temps plummet. If you would like to carry a bit more gas with you, the Reda fuel can is designed to be the shape of most H-D style saddlebags. Last month our videographer loaded up his 2001 Sportster with camping gear and rode to Mexico and back on the El Diablo Run. I am 69 years old and travel on my Sportster every year on a long trip. Bucko, thanks for the input. HARLEY BAGGER PARTS, FENDERS, BAGS, LIDS, FAIRINGS, SPOLIERS, ETC. Running at those higher speeds can lead to increased vibration and a not-so-good fuel economy. If I can get by on a Sportster for some short trips, that would be great. As an owner of the iconic cruiser, you know the joys of taking your Sportster for shorter jaunts. One point in this article that causes me concern is the reference to “keeping up” with the bigger bikes. Also, it will keep pelting rain off of you if you get caught in a downpour. Also available are custom Baggster conversions for the Harley-Davidson Dyna-Glide motorcycle. The Iron bikes are built to be a blast to ride with the iconic EVO engine and a lowered, fine-tuned suspension system. We are constantly striving to provide new and fresh designs that are timeless. Checking and servicing your bike’s air cleaner is an important and extremely easy task, and one you should perform regularly. He was a racer and builder through and through, and we feel that we are honoring his mission with every completed project that leaves our shop doors.”. Performance and looks. Performance and looks. Most Harley tool kits should have most of what you need to make a roadside repair, but it is good to double-check.