The 5-Inch Elastic Cummerbund is a high quality alternative to current elastic offerings from other companies. It's solid, and although difficult at first to lace up, once done, it's done. Lol. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program, This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. To date, the majority of manufacturers have not taken end-user communications needs in to their design considerations - we endeavor to break that paradigm. Material breathes and flexes as you move around, bend down, and take deep breaths. *** The LV/119 FRONT Plate Bag requires a REAR Bag and Cummerbund for proper operation. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully. How does the LV119 compare to ? Great plate carrier. By using 5-Inch Elastic, we allow for the stable carriage of taller items as they are held more securely. It doesn't have external mounting that can get snagged or rip off when exiting vehicles in haste. I’ll use the Wolf Grey set to illustrate. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Click here for the cummerbund installation quick start guide. Totally new carrier. All LV/119 Plate Bags offer placard and chest rig integration via removable 1 Inch ITW NEXUS Buckles. I've never had issues with not having room for extra items and gear. The lumbar region, however, is completely slick. The only one is that I live in Austria and that I either can order directly from Spiritus or from The overt fits the bill exceptionally well. Lastly, the plate is retained by a Velcro flap. Words and pics: Rich Norman. Practice makes perfect. This item was spray painted over with black paint giving it a black multicam look. Top quality. It offers superior construction processes, including triple stitching on the elastic cells to prolong life and prevent cell failure when stuffed with-non standard or oddly shaped items. Add on top of that a long list of facts. It seemed like a fiddly system and I wasn’t sure it was optimal. Users may also also cross pollinate cummerbunds, shoulder covers, and other parts that will be available. Works great with many third party MOLLE accessories as well. Extra Large- 11" x 14.00"Thickness - MAXIMUM of 1.20". Buy everything. Additional components are required for proper use. Lightly used. The carrier was designed to snuggly fit United States Standard Issue SAPI cut plates. The 5-Inch Elastic Cummerbund is a simple and effective solution for professionals who need to carry and have rapid access to additional ammunition and equipment on their sides while still maintaining a low profile. Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I spent 2 weeks out training in over 105 degree weather and the LV-119 kept me much cooler than the issued stuff would have. It certainly creates a degree of stand-off between the wearer’s chest and the plate. Perfection. Not sure how to combine Spiritus Systems products? I’ve been wanting a elastic cummerbund for years for my LWPC. the tri-fold shoulder wraps are more way more comfortable than I thought they would be and I can wear it under a hoodie or light jacket with basically Zero printing. LV-119 Rear Covert Plate Bag. For a start, if you require something that’s even lower profile than the Slickster, say, the LV119 could be it. for the cummerbund installation quick start guide. This product is amazing. View cart for details. When measuring, users should dress as they would while actually wearing the carrier. The cummerbund attachment is a proprietary system that allows for the use of all of our cummerbunds as well as allowing for a wide range of adjustment. NOTE: The LV119 Cummerbund is part of the LV119 Plate Carrier System. Wore mine during a three hour trek through the mountains in the rain and often forgot I was wearing it. There’s also a couple of lengths of shock cord, to be utilised in the cummerbund set up. And here you are. Best Material I’ve seen used. I had the elastic cumberbund which was great as well. All products were provided free of charge by Spiritus distributor Tactical-Kit, and will be returned to them after I complete my evaluation. Comes with only what is seen in the pictures. Like I said, Spiritus System’s designed their cummerbund’s to be laced into their carrier, it can be used with every carrier out there. I wonder what an old school LBT would look like with a Spiritus Systems cummerbund. The LV-119 carrier definitely exceeded my expectations. I was blown away by the weight considering how rugged the PC is. Aside from the shrouded QD clips, the rear of the plate bag features another Spiritus innovation: a softshell document holder. Spiritus uses obviously high quality materials for all their products, and the lv119 Overt front panel is no exception. operational and functions as intended. Very well made front plate carrier. I use this with a JPC. SIZINGThe cummerbund comes in two sizes: Size 1 and Size 2, each offering up to 14 inches of total adjustment. Everything you need and nothing that you don't. Love the modularity with the Micro Fight Chasis. *** Height 12.00 Width 9.00 Depth 1.00 The LV/119 C O V E R T Rear Plate bag is a slick no frills solution for those who need to wear hard plates in the lowest profile possible. The LV/119 C O V E R T Rear Plate bag is a slick no frills solution for those who need to wear hard plates in the lowest profile possible. Stitching is flawless. Definitely feels high quality. 1. Check here for sizing and compatibility before you order. They can be used for routing comms and hydration. The Front Plate Bag – Covert is shown below with the supplied ITW female QD clips installed. Would buy again. This thing makes ALL the difference. I was so excited to finally be able to get the LV119 well part of it that is. How does the LV119 compare to ? Spiritus Systems LV119 Covert Rear Plate Bag « Back *** The LV119 Front Plate Bag requires a Front Bag and Cummerbund for proper operation. I use the left side for magazines and right for grenades. The fact that this is a cohesive system means that users can mix and match accessories in most cases. Not only can I carry Extra mags on either sides of the cummberbun i can Carry other similar size equipment . Not sure how to combine Spiritus Systems products? The channel’s openings are finished in hypalon. The Spiritus Systems LV119 Cummerbund 1" Strap provides a way to secure your plate carrier when you do not need to carry additional equipment in your cummerbund. This is the best carrier system on the market. The LV Series of vests hosts an attachment system like no other. Minimalist, super durable, and very comfortable. The Micro Fight Rig is the heart of this equipment. The front bag features a 3 Row / 4 Column MOLLE field that doubles as a 6” x 3” Velcro Field. ***. Just received my MC Black LV119, shipping was fast and it arrived sooner than expected even being in California. The A D V A N C E D Cummerbund features premium, Berry Amendment Compliant materials sourced from industry leaders in textiles manufacturing. This most order I made was somewhat of a large one, had a small hiccup with the order but customer service was extremely fast. The fact that this is a cohesive system means that users can mix and match accessories in most cases. It moves with me when I'm active, doesn't feel constraining or bulky, and keeps my tender manboi sides comfortable. Click here for the cummerbund installation quick start guide. This item does not include a Front Plate Bag, Rear Plate Bag, Shoulder Covers, Placards, or any other accessories. Spiritus designed the LV119 ecosystem to be issued to operators in its entirety. If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact Really effective. The base of each compartment is semi-enclosed with elastic stirrups. Comes with only what is seen in the pictures. For sale is a pre-owned Spiritus Systems LV-119 Placard 5.56 Multicam READ "Black". This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. Looking forward to getting the rest of the pieces. Perfect amount of stretch, easy to insert radios or magazines into the pouches on the sides. As far as quality and feel, it’s everything you would expect from any top notch company. I love this cummerbund, the plate bags are held tight against my body, but can still expand and move as needed. Do yourself a favor and set up notifications on Instagram or Facebook so you don’t get left behind the next time they’re in stock. Makes long wear much more bearable than the stock cummerbund on the JPC. Despite their minimalism, they actually do a pretty good job of preventing the LV119’s shoulder straps cutting-in to your neck, if bare. Velcro on the reverse of the cummerbund secures to the front plate bag. After a bottle of Jameo fueled research I came across this gem and have been on cloud nine comfort level since....thank you Spiritus Systems for another outstanding product! Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. I don't like to have big pouches under my arms anyway, so i don't need molle. Comfort goes a long way and the Overt system is built with comfort and high speed. The tabs also allow users to pull on the cell and make it easier to load and extract equipment. Clothing slips over the carrier with ease and there is no tell tale bungee or PALS topography embossed on the surface of your outerwear. The added pouches are great for extra mags or a radio. 2. Just purchased my second complete rig and this is definitely some of the best quality gear on the market. Spiritus Systems. Indeed, the innovative (if time consuming) method utilised here renders the LV119’s external lumbar section completely smooth and snag free; as per the design brief, presumably.