The qualities of those with a character of six make's the very best mother or father.Those with this name often take things seriously.Home-based actions are extremely important. © 2020 The Meaning Of The Name. You are good at careers, which involve the young, unwell people, or perhaps working to help the underprivileged. The use of the noun was first recorded in Homer's Iliad. There is a tendency regarding working with old items, such as antiques. Name: Steven Gender: Male Usage: Steven, of breton origin, is a very popular first name. Catalan: Esteve. Steven While you might have significant imaginative skills, the likelihood is you will devote your life to a profession which helps others. It's stated that numbers hold the key to our inner most personality. We always try to deliver a high-quality service to our customers. Variants: For another variant of the name Stephen across the world, see Steve, Stéphen. STEVEN NAME MEANING IN URDU & ENGLISH. Once you have made a decision, you put forth great effort to accomplish your goals regardless of obstacles. In this aspect, you may sometimes give up on yourself (or maybe your loved ones) for the welfare of others. You are a paternal or maternal individual whose instincts about life tend to be spot on no matter what experience may thrust itself upon you. You are spiritually intense and can sting or charm. This may include solving a problem in your neighborhood. The lucky number associated with the name This is one of the unique and popular names with impressive meaning. The total numbers that make up Stephen is the number six. English Spanish: Estéban. It is your actual role in life to be the mother or the father to many. Short form: English: Steve. Hungarian: István. Russian: Stepan, Stefan. Meanings English Baby Names Meaning: In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Steven is: Crown; wreath. This causes you to be able to fix things as well as manage large groups of people. Pet form: English: Stevie. The name Stephen is ranked on the 86th position of the most used names. First of all you are missing out on the blessing of being cared for yourself, but also you are robbing others from the lesson of being able to care for you. The graph below represents the number of people who were given the name Stephen for each year since 1900 in the U.S.A.: For other names check our Name Day Calendar. To test the compatibility of this name with another, enter a name and click Calculate. It is good to be named Stephen, as this is connected with monks and automatically makes you a bringer of good in the world. Stephen or Steven /ˈstiːvən/ is a masculine first name, derived from the Greek name Στέφανος (Stéfanos), in turn from the Greek word "στέφανος", meaning "wreath, crown, honour, reward", literally "that which surrounds or encompasses". Stephen or perhaps Steven is a masculine primary name, resulting from the Language of ancient Greece name Στέφανος (Stephanos) which means "crown, garland", in return from the Greek term "στέφανος", which means "wreath, top, honour, reward", practically "that which usually surrounds or perhaps encompasses". There is an ineptitude that is created when one seeks to help too much, and in helping we need to allow others to gain their own strength. Your name of Steven has formed an independent, positive, and determined personality. You may redistribute it, verbatim or modified, providing that you comply with the terms of the GFDL. It means that this name is very frequently used. Read on to learn what Stephen means in spiritual terms. In the United Kingdom, it peaked during the 1950s and 1960s as one of the top ten male first names (ranking third in 1954) but had fallen to twentieth by 1984 and had fallen out of the top one hundred by 2002. Christian. The most negative trait that you have is the fact that you most probably worry a lot. Steven - Detailed Meaning. The name is significant to Christians: according to the Book of Acts in the New Testament, Saint Stephen was a deacon who was stoned to death and is regarded as the first Christian martyr. The section "History and Origin" of this page contains content from the copyrighted Wikipedia article "Stephen"; that content is used under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). We estimate that there are at least 5186200 persons in the world having this name which is around 0.072% of the population. Variants: Steven, Stephan. Social services would be an excellent career for you because you would be able to get paid to work with others on bettering their life experience, something that you know a lot about and are able to help with. You might exhibit a number of the negative characteristics associated with the number six, these include being too concerned what people think and feel. Not necessarily in physical children, though that is most assuredly a possibility, but there are very few people in this world who can love the way that you can love and you know this as do others. A typical six will involve themselves deeply in matters within their community especially in matters of home and the family because domesticity is where they thrive. His name is derived from the Greek word stephanos garland, crown. In numerology, this meaning is converted into a useful tool for understanding our inner most secrets. The female version of the name is Stephanie. Steven can be significant to Christians: based on the Book connected with Acts in the New Testament, Saint Stephen has been a deacon who was brutally stoned to death and is regarded as the primary Christian martyr. You may have difficulty in trying to find your own personal individuality, as a result this causes problems in connection with your duties and causes. Steven meaning has been searched 5527 five thousand five hundred and twenty-seven times till 03 November, 2020. Many family members names are resulting from Stephen: the most typical are Stephens/Stevens along with Stephenson/Stevenson (others contain Stephen, Stephan, Staphan, Stefan, Stevin along with Stever). It means that it is relatively medium-length, compared to the other names in our database. Your name provides many variants, which contain Stephan, Stevan, Stefan along with Stevon. originated name with multiple meanings. This etymological consumption began a new decline in the mid-19th hundred years. Letting go of the control in this instance is a helpful way to go. Everything in life, can be reduced to a number, and each number has a meaning. This etymological usage began a decline in the mid-19th century. It is more often used as a boy (male) name. The name was ranked 201 in the United States in 2009, according to the Social Security Administration. Find all the relevant details about the meaning, origin, lucky number and religion is available in this page. Your name brings love and new starts into life and attracts money. The six means that you need to be diligent. Steve would be the common small form, while numerous diminutives such as Stevie are also used. You don’t tend to function well in stressful relationships because you don’t know how to handle others who end up being untrustworthy, but one of the problems with always being the nurturer is that you tend to get taken advantage of by those who would just take and take. In great Britain, it peaked throughout the 1950s along with 1960s as one of the top 15 male primary names (ranking third in 1954) although had gotten to 20th by 1984 along with had fallen out of your top a hundred by 2002.The feminine version is Stephanie. You need others to need you because you love to help others. If your name is Stephen then the number six appearance means that you are a nurturing, caring person. German: Stefan, Stephan. There might be an inclination that you are demanding and strenuous of yourself - you do to much! Parents therefore, pay immense attention to choose a suitable name for their new born. * Disclaimer - Lucky number is formula generated number based on Urdu Alphabet just for your interest and knowledge.