I Shauntelle is a steward over Gods money to help feed God's children and create job's so people can feed their family. I know there is nothing You can't do. A lot of people pray and pray for things, but it never happens for them because they have no faith that God will come through with what they asked for. Then I'd give some to my church? Obviously, you can't win the lottery if you don't first take the step of actually buying the ticket. Perhaps we have not seen the best way to make money, and that is why our economic situation is not the best, that is why we bring you this prayer, with which God will give you the necessary wisdom to start making a lot of money. Money opens many doors, and we all know it, although not all of us have access to large amounts of money and the lottery can be that great option, with this prayer your luck will increase, and the chances of you winning will grow. I like playing megamillion When I win truly speaking firstly I will buy everything God promised me through his prophets and I will create jobs and donate money to the church and then give to the people in need, Oh god I will help needy and poor , I will give them if I not win I ve to die I've live this world pls help me , I m having lot of debts they are killing me pls help me , In this situation also I m helping needy, I will.pay off my debt . I help any one dat come my way I play no's. I will play lotto Saturdays my wish when I get this money is to build my CHURCH ASSEMBLY OF GOD MLUNGISI QUEENSTOWN. You do not lose anything by entrusting your finances to God; perhaps he can help you and your family have the life they always wanted, and money is not an impediment. I’m always thankful for whatever blessings God gives to me and to my families, He is always there to help and guide me in all my trials in life. Also I can continue again my long time doing/sharing whatever goods or foods my constituents needs as part of my advocacy every Christmas time. I would like to open a shelter for homeless woman and children. When l win will help a lot of people who are in need. Hi, when I will win the Lottery In USA I will share with my friends and family, donate to Church and some other organization!! I play the Mega Millions and the Powerball Lottery. Be grateful for what you do have and don't get angry if what you asked for doesn't come right away. Pray to Win the Lottery offers two prayers for winning the lottery. Even though you desperately want money, you cannot go the wrong way because this will only bring negative consequences in your life, cling to Our Lord, with this prayer make money without doing bad things. The first step is to purchase a lottery ticket. Thank you, I will start with you because you help me how to pray and I will help the needy I will build the house of God no family that I will know will sleep hungry. Thank You, Lord. Amen. I have never resisted any gift You have offered and blessed me with, Your Almighty. Amen. Amen. I seek Your guidance, Lord, and Your holy, almighty blessings as I am looking to win the lottery. Winming the lotto will bring so much joy to the people close to me because life is going to change after so much struggle and not having enough to pay for school and leaving in a good place, I am going to donate to charity in the Caribbean and helping good friends. I wish I can win lotto so that I can invest some in my business and pay back all my debts and buy myself some retirement property and live a debt free and happy life. This is awesome! Hi, Finncal probelam Also to keep for my 2 daughters education. You have to be straightforward, respectful and not in a forceful way, but in a way that you know you've given God His glory and you've worked hard and deserve to be blessed. Amen. I am one of those people that does help ALOT of people with food clothes and do what I can with Godspeed Ministry.Take to those after Hurricanes or Flooding food clothes toiletries. I also wish to pay all my debts. With debt piling up (as a college student, I know a lot about debt, especially since I'm going to be paying loans for the REST of my life) and bills everywhere you look, something has GOT to change! I pray that God will bless me. I ask, without greed, for Your blessing to win the lottery. When iwin Lotto I will put my 10% tithe paying and support poor familys please God bless me iwl do so as am saying, My husband has always provided for our family someone came as a friend and took some of our money I can't tell my husband it would would destroy him please pray I get some way to put it back and help my family and give to the needy thank you Jesus amen. Believing can be very hard sometimes, but if you don't believe, then you could potentially be blocking God's blessings. Put God 1st, pay off all my debts. When I receive my successful wining game. And I pledged to put smile into the faces of whoever come to me for help and also bless people with the 10% of it, including you pastor ryan. I would do all the things that I requested in my prayer request. Plus work partime at the High School for Christians; write my book, travel and enjoy my retirement with my true soulmate, family, friends and associates; privately. I Believe in my Heart that I will win the lottery . If I win the lottery I will send money to fiji for old people's home, disable people that care by the homes, children who are neglected by family's and staying under social welfare homes. I met my God in this Church and now I am a child of God. Praise God, Sir Ryan, you are here to strengthen our faith in Him. I will share my winnings to the church where I used to contribute/donate before. Although I am not perfect, in Your eyes I am, and You have forgiven me for all of my sins and love me with all of my imperfections. I want to help others dear to my heart and in my community, and ask for You to give me what I need to win the lottery to assist my community. Lord if I win this euro million hot pick tonight, I will give one tenth to the poor.Amen. Many people have had their lottery prayers answered after God blessed them with a Mega Millions jackpot or Powerball winning numbers. Ready to take care of your wealth. And you do! . Our family is an essential part of our life, but sometimes we cannot support them financially, this prayer will fill your family’s experience with luck, and they will win the lottery that they need so much. . Ready to learn a prayer to win big money? Like I said, once or twice a day is enough, but keep in mind, God will not always grant you wealth in money. . Make me a ruler of many things. In Jesus mighty name My life has been turned upside down. I would help those in need, and pay all my debts, then buy myself a rancher home, and a nice much needed vehicle. so help me God. We are all capable of doing perfect things, but sometimes we don’t know how, Adored Father, look at me and fill me with wisdom to achieve what I want, I want to give my family the best life they can have, and money is an impediment, I know you can help me and turn on that spotlight in my head that will help me to be better, I ask you, My Father, it is not for me, it is for my little ones, they need a good life, I want to give them to you, and I don’t know how to lay your hand on me and illuminate the path I must follow, So I will have the money necessary to give the best life to my loved ones.