Interestingly enough, the Marcha Real, the Spanish National Anthem, is one of only four national anthems in the world without lyrics.The other national anthems without lyrics are those of San Marino, Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.The Marcha Real is also one of the oldest national anthems in the world. At the conclusion of the Civil War, however, Francisco Franco restored La Marcha Real as the country's national anthem, under its old …

del himno de la fe.

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The national anthem of Spain is Marcha Real. Glory to the sons,who to history give,justice and greatness,democracy and peace.
Glory to the Fatherland that knew how to follow,

It is one of the few national anthems in the world to have no official lyrics. Long live Spain! Long live Spain!We sing together,with different voices,and only one heart. This also explains why the personal a is used with both words. Here it is entitled La Marcha Granadera (“March of the Grenadiers”), though no composer’s name is given. La marcha real (“The Royal March”) is the national anthem of Spain.

of the hymn of the faith.

Like the English word, corazón can be used figuratively to refer to the seat of emotions. la vida nueva y fuerte del trabajo y paz. Spain has long been one of the few countries with no lyrics for its national anthem, known as La marcha real ("The Royal March"). Gloria a la Patria que supo seguir, The verb endings of -emos for -ar verbs and -amos for -er and -ir verbs are used as the equivalent of the English "let us + verb. But when it becomes plural, it refers to groups of people. Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain (Spanish: Reino de España,short form: España[2]), is a country located in Southern Europe, politically organized as a parliamentary monarchy. Unfortunately for the Olympics committee, the lyrics immediately became the subject or criticism and even ridicule by political and cultural leaders. Hijo is the word for son, and hija is the word for daughter. It is also one of the oldest national anthems in the world, dating back to the 18th century. An attempt in 2008 by Spain's Olympic Committee to set words to the music of the national anthem backfired and was quietly dropped after widespread criticism of the choice. who are rising again. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window).
Spain's national Olympics committee held a contest in 2007 to come up with suitable lyrics, and the words below are those penned by the winner, a 52-year-old unemployed resident of Madrid, Paulino Cubero. Long live Spain, raise your arms, sons Pueblo is a collective noun used in much the same way as its English cognate, "people." At the conclusion of the Civil War, however, dictator Francisco Franco restored La Marcha Real as the country’s national anthem, under its old title of La Marcha Granadera.

who are arising again. The lyrics chosen in a competition of 7,000 entries drew criticism with its opening line of "Viva España", a phrase associated with the dictatorship of Franco. In the singular form, it refers to multiple persons.

Why does Spain’s national anthem have no lyrics?

Love the Fatherland,which knows how to embrace,below the blue sky,people in freedom.

Los yunques y las ruedas The music for Spain’s national anthem was originally written by Manuel de Espinosa de los Monteros in 1761. Patria and Historia are capitalized in this hymn because they are personified, treated as figurative persons. However, the masculine plural form, hijos, is used when referring to sons and daughters together. sobre el azul del mar el caminar del sol.