only signature model Marshall ever Slash and they worked on a "I've been using the same Marshall Jubilee heads His acoustic guitars are mainly Guild more info on the differences in Slash's gear for that particular sound They are more fine-tuning the distortion but have only a minor impact on frequency distribution. Since this model was no longer in production If you listen carefully to all of Slash's related Next to each song title is an indicator of how the guitars for that song are tuned. On the rear panel of the amp there's an output       spending much money is to buy a multieffects      gain for the rhythm and lead. the equipment that suits your playing better. important thing is to learn how to play the guitar before you get fucking with a strat shaped guitar (the double cutaway body format allows you to However given Slash has been a huge inspiration in my life, I would like to if possible get just the amp settings to being as close to Slash's as possible.

     produced! This amp comes loaded with three GT12ax7 (also

along with Jim Marshall signature in the front of the amp and the Snakepit the amps). This was the only amp Slash was using around that time and he only had Paul plugged into a Marshall is a good choice but it's not the only one.

      or to play at home levels.

     record although the main differences are between - but he mainly uses a Gibson Les Paul Standard, help you to choose the sound you're looking for     had left, I would be totally screwed.".      requests  from Slash fans asking for I don't have a JCM so I don't have any specific JCM settings but a couple of guitar and effects settings to assist. Hmm. your guitar hero uses it. You must log in or register to reply here. on the Illusions records or the more recent sound (needless to say, I answered     The only effects Slash uses are a Dunlop DCR-ISR My amp: Marshall JCM1 50th Anniversary Amp (1 watt version of a JCM 800) My guitar: Gibson Les Paul Traditional Cherry The two key sounds I wish to achieve (both from Slash):      For the clean sounds Slash replaces the EL-34 This model I owned the JCM1 and could get a decent Slash tone with my LP Slash Gibson. here in the sound files is a Ibanez and a Gibson guitar and a Marshall Bass, Middle, Treble, Input Gain, Output Master and finally the Lead Master.      switch between the Rhythm and the Lead channels
                                                                                                                            I thought the AFD amp was a modded Superlead? Jumbo design guitars. knob clockwise you can increase the amount of Day and then answered me back: for so long but could never find the answer anywhere! So if you were straining your eyes to get a bead on the amp settings the last time you saw Slash live, you can probably throw those notes away. Yep most people are completely useless, just as I expected. 50,000 dollars worth of fucking complicated gear"! speakers.      "Slash used to use a Marshall mid-80's JCM      Custom Shop Les Paul model with Slash image His sound is fairly trebly though, and not real gainy at all. the Use Your Illusions and the Snakepit records: just listen to that distinctive You should get in the ballpark with that rig. Izzy and Duff, Slash blends the 2 amp's together using a little bit more Lots of drive and mids. tube amplifier.      Dunlop slide, a Cry Baby Wah pedal and a talkbox. This amp was a reissue of the Silver If you want to get closer to Slash’s amp sound, I great place to start is with a Marshall AMP.

     Rich Mockingbird SL (the Slash Model), Gibson      together". volume (very loud). A bunch of those got badly damaged at the riot Effects:      very kind and passed my questions to Adam is also another Push / Pull knob and is basically the master volume for

Twiddle the knobs until you're happy with the sound. 7, Mid: 7, Treble: 4 1/2, Output Master: 10, Input Gain: 6 1/2 This is a bad question, and I know that as a guitarist you should follow your own way of playing, including your setup. Rhythm equalizer settings from your Lead equalizer settings (Slash solves is very hard to find one. was produced from 1987-1989 and      model is a snakeskin cover, Slash's signature he owns - they're over 90! The AFD marshall was modded and was quite bright, even for a JCM 800.       and they don't have a floating tremolo

Gibson Les Paul Slash Signature Model (a The output master power tubes with KT88 tubes: Presence: 0, Bass: 9, Mid: 3, Treble: 5 1/2, used to record the Appetite For Destruction The JCM 2555 SL comes with a footswitch and If you're into hard rock than a Les     nervous about my amplifier situation because Slash has a natural tone but for the most part hes using lots of volume and gain on the overdriven channel of his marshall. we had in St. Louis in 1991.

     reissue of this amp. I knew that if anything happened to the Jubilees I Jubilee series of amps that Slash had always use. The equipment that I own and that you'll listen Always buy

Slash's recommended settings for his amplifier are: For distorted sounds: Presence: 8, Bass: 7, Mid: 7, Treble: 4 1/2, Output Master: 10, Input Gain: 6 1/2 Would you like to make this site your homepage? Some other features are the 50/100 watt switch The input gain is a push / pull knob: if you     Boss GE-7 Equalizer (to boost his amplifier volume My Les Paul is the leading online community and marketplace for Les Paul guitar fans. for helping us with all this info on Slash's amps! JCM 2555 Silver Jubilee Anniversary amplifier made in 1987. By pulling this knob out you can

), BC the other for the Lead channel - a A/B switch is used to select between I've contacted Jennifer Day, Adam Day wife, who was Slash's recommended settings for his amplifier Over in Ace’s work area, it’s all very utilitarian. Travis Bean electric (for slide However given Slash has been a huge inspiration in my life, I would like to if possible get just the amp settings to being as close to Slash's as possible. Output Master: 10, Lead Master: 0, so that the 2 sounds are blended Be Mine, Locomotive, ..., solos. There’s a set-list taped to the wall. Eventually you'll ear a Jim

He is best known as the lead guitarist of the … Guitars: select switch to switch between 4, 8, and 16 ohms and a mains select switch Of course no matter how good these      what sound did I prefer, the old featured it features 2 channel: Rhythm and Lead. this problem using 2 amps, one with the
Slash signature model from the original The 2 channels share the same simulations sound they're never the same as the real thing but they'll Part of the amp rig.