To complete one sequence: shoot Pelgius with Wabbajack, shoot wolf, shoot goat, shoot bandit, shoot Pelagius, shoot Hagraven, shoot Pelagius, shoot Flame Atronach, and then shoot the dragon priest. Then, put the cursor on the book, and select it. Sanguine's Rose ("Night To Remember" quest).

Leave the menu, then immediately activate the bookshelf again. Go back to Sven, and talk to him about the quest. Note: This trick does not work for pick pocketing.

When you see a skill book, talk to your companion, and select the "I need you to do something" command. Each Shout has three words that can be learned by going around Skyrim and finding them. To enter Skyrim cheats into the PC Commands Console, hit ~ (or the key above Tab) to bring up the developer console, and enter these codes for the desired effect. If you leveled the One-Handed, Sneak, Two-Handed, and Destruction skills to level 100 using this method, you should have 37 perk points and be at level 37 to start the game. If you're in one of the Holds, there's usually a map table in the Jarl's area that has little red and blue flags showing the owners of the holds and towns. First, enchant armor/boots/gloves/etc. Mystic Tuning Gloves: You will get it as a gift from Drevis Neloren at the College Of Winterhold after completing the "Out Of Balance" College Radiant quest. Note: If you decide not to kill, you may not get the artifact. He will never die, and you will not get any bounties for attacking him. When you are outside, switch to destruction magic, and use it against the opponent repeatedly. Note 3: For example, enter "player.setav strength 60" to set your Strength to 60. It never seems to go on sale. This can be used to keep other quest weapons that are meant to be given to others, since the game thinks it is not possible that the item is not in you inventory. Once you reach the area with the bear where Hadvar gives you the bow and arrow, keep hitting Hadvar with the two-handed sword to easily level up the Two-Handed skill. Look for a huge structure and set of ruins. Speak to the first person you find inside the lair, and you will now be a member of The Dark Brotherhood. However, if you have a horse, it is not affected by your encumbrance. Follow the side quest to Windhelm. When he does, sneak out, and shoot him with an arrow. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function: Note 1: For example, enter "modpcs blade, 10" to increase your blade skill by 10 points; it will not set it to 10. Vampires are 100% resistant to ice, and their vampiric servant and drain powers are more powerful.

Directly across from your cell is a guy named Black-Briar. Has Facebook Screwed the Pooch with Oculus? Save the game while looking at her, then attack her after saving. Additionally, you can use a weapon while you attack them, but there is a chance you will kill them. Successfully complete the quest to not be a werewolf ever again. Location 2 - Hand: During the "Speaking With Silence" Thieves Guild quest, go to the Snow Veil Sanctum. Start by going to bars and asking about rumors or information. After the prologue part of the game, go to Embershard Mine. This glitch requires you have 100 enchantment and the perk that allows you to add two enchantments to a weapon. Go to Riften, enter the orphanage, and kill Grinelda. Once you see the book in front of you (it will hover in front of the shelf while the menu is open), loot the book from the shelf in the menu.

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. All rights reserved. They will now shoot that type of arrow instead of the one they were shooting before. Location 3 - Lightening: In Forelhost in the Dragon Priest's Lair. If not, move slightly closer to the bear and keep trying. How do I collect Haelga's debt if she is dead? This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. You should now have a total of three characters. Location 1 - Animal: Go into the Helgen, and take the southwest Bonechill Passage. Note: This glitch was done on an unpatched version of the game. Tell him to follow you, then sneak behind Sven, and sneak attack him. It lets you become invisible once a day for an extended period. At any time, go to Dawnstar. Create as many Iron Daggers as possible, then go to an arcane enchanter (there is one in Dragonsreach). Location 2 - Seek: You will find it in Valthume after completing the "Evil In Waiting" Dungeon quest. Location 2 - Battle: In Shriekwind Bastion. Search the indicated locations to find the Standing Stones: The Apprentice Stone: It is south of Solitude, on an island, in a small water marshland.

Does it really matter what it does if it reveals the map? Eventually you will get a tip to speak with a boy named Aventus Aretino, located in the Aretino Residence in Windhelm. Talk to the stranger at your bedside, and you will then be in The Dark Brotherhood secret society. The Ritual Stone: It is east of Whiterun, south of the river, between Whiterun and Valtheim Towers.

You can do this five times a level, and it really helps early in the game. (bugged mod quest?).

To steal any item, simply grab a basket, bucket, kettle, or any other type of container. Successfully complete the remaining task to get the artifact.

It is just outside the mountain range between the two locations, near the Eldergleam Sanctuary and Darkwater Crossing by the river to the east of the two. Go to the College Of Winterhold in Winterhold. He will give you the key, and then you can simply take your gold back out of the dresser.

The Companions will offer you a special quest that will cure your lycanthropy, which is a permanent change. Location 3 - Pack: You will find it in Ysgramor's Tomb in Winterhold after completing the "Glory Of The Dead" Companions quest. Then, use the Soul Trap spell on your horse. to those of you who can't bear playing the game unmodded: Has anyone seen this game dip below $40? The dialog box will tell the companion to read the book, but the companion will add it to their inventory. Then, ask him to trade, and take the gold you gave him back. Jester's Armor - Boots, Clothes, Gloves, Hat: You can find Jester on a table in the Dawnstar Sanctuary or in the chapel of The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Go to your house, and open the bookshelf.