It’s a high risk/reward area with a lot of odds stacked against a new spawn. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. Wasserquellen: Ihr braucht auch Wasser, um zu überleben. Bitte gib Deinen Benutzernamen oder Deine Email-Adresse ein. Outposts are safe, but not terribly fruitful, and if you're in dire need of food or gear, I'd head to a town or bunker instead. A small handful of zombies are lurching around as well. (if you need more help identifying where these bases are, head to Scum Map Org website). Review: The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope recalls familiar horror tropes, to a major fault, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 11 – map challenges, Destiny 2 Update Today – Weekly Reset Details – November 3, 2020, The Holo-Day Bash and Winter Express are returning to Apex Legends. And no mechs, and usually no other players in sight. This entry is less about good loot and more about an awesome spot to explore. How to Start a Fire Easily the best loot spots in the game, because of their high amounts of containers, and the military items that hide within them. To help reduce the stress and wasted, precious minutes, we have created this handy guide to point you in the direction. If you manage to slip past them and into the buildings you might just make it out of there with some sweet loot. Also, they cannot be distracted, unlike the puppets. After luring out and killing a few nearby zeds, I managed to sneak close, open the bunker hatch, and drop inside (the mech shot me just as I got in, but I survived). Hidden within the west end of C2, beneath the Dam, is a full-sized replica of the Prison setting from the popular TV Show The Walking Dead. Polizeistationen: Die Polizeistationen, die auf der Map blau markiert sind, bieten euch viele Waffen. By Editorial Team Sep 1, 2018 Oct 27, 2020 Share. Be warned: These places are usually full of other players looking to take out fresh spawns, as well as a host of mechanized robots that will kill on sight. Food and water are scarce and, if you don’t even know where to look in the first place, the chances of your character dying within the first few minutes are pretty grim. Follow our SCUM Military Bases Guide on the locations and the expected loot in the Military Bases. – Die letzte Woche vor Beyond Light startet, CoD MW & Warzone: Neues Update bringt die Modi, die sich immer alle wünschen, FIFA 21 bringt erste Liga-SBC, deaktiviert sie schon nach einer Stunde. If you travel from the west, you will reach the top end of the Dam which overlooks the lake in quite a spectacular fashion. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, There are wild animals roaming the lands as well if you have the weapons to take them down. He's also a fan of offbeat simulation games, mods, and ignoring stories in RPGs so he can make up his own. They're dangerous areas for any number of reasons, in other words, so watch your six. Der Zeitaufwand war relativ gering, genauso wie das Risiko wenn man weiss wie man die Basis raiden muss ohne die Mechs zu aktivieren. You can't currently get inside the TEC-1 buildings, so search the containers and small office cubes. Now, of course, you will have to be careful of the usual Mechs and zombies around, as well as other players searching for the same loot you are. It's Early Access, so some of this may change during development, but here's a look at the best locations to gear up. Underground bunkers (marked with yellow dots on the map) are a great spot to loot: the one I visited had several basement levels packed with guns, ammo, body armor, tactical clothing, and even MREs, which were great to eat after subsisting on zombie flesh and mushrooms on my way to find the bunker. Receive news and offers from our other brands? If you are geared out and looking for a cool place to explore this entry sits at the top but beware, there are a lot of mechs patrolling this area too.  −  Loot quality: 3/5 1 Melee 1.1 One-Handed 1.2 Two-Handed 1.3 Throwable 2 Ranged 2.1 Bows 2.2 Handguns 2.3 Sub machine gun 2.4 Shotguns 2.5 Rifles 2.6 Assault Rifle 2.7 Light Machine gun 3 Grenades Opening Canned Food, Sniping Tips Best Places to Loot in Scum | Location Guide Adam Newell; August 31, 2018; Guides Scum The world of SCUM is huge and can be daunting to navigate for players. Jackets will allow you to have more inventory slots thus increasing your carrying capacity for equipment and items. Wichtige Orte in der Spielwelt: Das Spielgebiet in SCUM ist 144 km² groß. ); These animals are usually found in forests or grassy plains, away from towns and structures. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. In Abschnitt C2 entdeckt ihr eine größere Wasserquelle neben einer Stadt. Since Scum's map (opened by pressing M) shows your location with a small blue arrow, you can quickly identify where you are in relation to the spots marked on the map. There are also plenty of berry bushes scattered around the map for you to forage. PC Gamer is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Trenches (bottom right of C3) is the best, it’s a full set of military tunnels with the military loot to go with it. Share. Der Online-Shooter SCUM lebt nicht nur von den Gefechten, sondern auch davon, Loot zu finden. These animals are usually found in forests or grassy plains, away from towns and structures. Die grünen Punkte stellen die bereits oben genannten Bunker dar. By . 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Some places are more abundant in these life-sustaining resources than other, with Military Bases being one. Dafür sind sie in der Regel auch nicht bewacht. Currently, there's not much to be found at outposts, which are marked in pink in the map above. SCUM guten Loot finden. There are a few small lakes located in the corners of the map and can be seen by their bright blue coloring. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? But you can't just mosey on in! As well, there is a nearby small camp that’ll give you, even more, gear and clothing. Hier tummlen sich oft andere Spieler, was zu heftigen PvP-Gefechten führt. Starting Skills and Attributes For exact locations on of these spots on the map, you can check out the illustration, thanks to our friend WillerZ44. Detailed map that includes the areas where you can do base building structures. Right at the border of C2 and C3 connecting the river to the lake at the center of the map, sits the Dam. There are naturally tons of other spots on the map to find gear—your in-game map marks clusters of buildings in orange, and there are even smaller pockets of one or two buildings you can find while running around. Here is a map i found (on Reddit) with all secrets, (all Police Stations, Outposts, Hunting Camps, Trenches, Airfield, Factory, Prisons, Dams, Bootcamps, Train Yards and Gun Ranges!) Darüber hinaus lauern hier noch Zombies. Die Spieler nehmen als Gefängnisinsassen an einer fiktiven Reality-TV-Show teil und müssen von einer In... Also wir waren gestern mal auf einem etwas längeren Trip unterwegs zum Airfield und wir waren sehr enttäuscht was den loot im Vergleich zum Risiko anging. SCUM ist ein Survival-MMO mit komplexen Spielmechaniken. Because everyone else is gonna be going for mech bases too, and you don’t wanna get gunned down. So you’ll want some easy loot to get you somewhat stocked, and there’s more than enough of that going around. If you are looking to hop in, find a weapon, and mow down other players, then the airfield and certain military areas are your best places to find munitions. Unfavorite. Copy. Spieler Suspectlive hat eine Karte erstellt, auf der ihr diese Orte findet. Favorited. The trenches in C3 don't have mechs, which make it a decent spot to gear up, but you're bound to find both fresh spawns rushing in to find loot and geared players looking for PvP. Bunkers are also pretty heavily populated by soldier zombies, some of whom wear military gear, including helmets, who might be a little harder to take down than your average village zombie. Das sind eigentlich keine Zombies sondern gesteuerte tote Menschen (Puppen) ???? function() { I say Factory (top middle of B1) and Train Yard (middle right of B3), because they’re both fairly simple to slip in and out of (just a bit of quick dashing past mechs), have high loot density, and are really easy to hide in. You can also sometimes find weapons in police stations in towns (shown below), which are less likely to have rivals roaming around them. We have listed all the areas where weapons could be found on the map above with a red spot. Moreover, you’ll also be lucky enough to find bulletproof vests and armor to wear ensuring that you don’t go down as easily if you go head to head with a player or a puppet. Hier begebt ihr euch auf die Suche nach nützlichen Items, die ihr an bestimmten Stellen finden könnt. Loot quality: 5/5 Hunting Camps [edit | edit source] B2 - located in sw corner of the sector, has 4 small tents and one large tent with a bunk house and 3 hunting blinds, clothing, weapons and ammo readily available, prime location because of it’s proximity to the boot camp there is a cave just to the nne in the trees. (Puppets swarm to gun shots). But in any large town, you're going to run into a bunch of zombies, both on the streets and in the surrounding area. You will receive a verification email shortly. In our first guide for Scum, the Early Access survival game from Croteam, Gamepires, and Devolver Digital, we highlighted some basics, like how to craft a simple (but useful!) Daher solltet ihr taktisch vorgehen und auch in Betracht ziehen, Euch lieber anzuschleichen. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The Witcher's wrinkly testicle armor is being smoothed out for season two, Cyberpunk 2077 is now delaying other games, too. Luckily, in my time playing I’ve found a few interesting locations that will make life a little easier and more exciting in your journey through SCUM. And you might only walk out with one or no guns, but you’re still gonna get a good amount of gear with it. An den markierten Plätzen werdet ihr aber auf viele Mitspieler treffen, die sich die Schießeisen ebenfalls holen möchten. Mit diesen Tipps solltet ihr in SCUM schnell an Waffen, Ausrüstung, Nahrung und Wasser kommen.