so that says something, I got one in my store and I putt with it a lot . Like many of you, I'm a bit enthusiastic for all things golf and have a spouse which finds this "enthusiasm" borderline ridiculous. Contact on the toe and heel really stay on target well; you can tell this mallet has a fairly high MOI. The X5R essentially takes all the corners on the X5 and rounds them off. I use an odyssey white damascus 1 and love it. If your a Scotty fan and collector it has neen disappointing. I am a good putter, who has struggled, with distance control, on the medium speed greens of the courses I normally play. Display as a link instead, × The X5 and X5R are those putters. I love the shape of the head, but the way the shaft enters the head makes it harder for me to line up. I previously used a 34″ Cleveland Voodoo mallet putter, with lead tape on the top, to add more weight through impact. My experience is the complete opposite of this. The X5 and X5R putters use a 303 stainless steel face that mimics the denser feel of Cameron’s blade putters. If you like that hollow little league bat feel then this is for you. And agreed feel is subjective, I just expected it to feel more solid like the newports or golo, Your email address will not be published. Walked off course as consistent rain, over many days, had made the course nearly unplayable. Available August 25th Please email to pre-order the Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M. At Address: The Futura X5R (left) and Futura X5. Product: Toulon Design San Diego Stroke Lab putter, Pitch: From Odyssey/Toulon: “The Odyssey Toulon San Diego Stroke Lab Putter is our take on on another classic putter. Seems like you have something against Scotty and anything he’s made in the last several years. The Pure grip is not my thing, and it would be great for T Squared to offer a few more options, but that is an easy fix and a very minor criticism. Titleist has added another model to its popular Futura range of putters, the Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M. Especially with a lot of these new putting styles trying to create a SBST stroke. How does Scotty know that this model will take off? All rights reserved. My advice: take more time trying before buying. I have a tendency to position my putter face opened to the target at address, and the combination of alignment features gave me immediate feedback if I was doing so. Had a Bettinardi BB1F blade style for years (similar to a Newport 2.5 for those that are unfamiliar). Since then Tony and his father have been creating high-quality putters in the same facility that creates high precision instruments for the medical field. Dozens of his fellow PGA Tour players were using high MoI, face-balanced (face points to the sky when balanced on a finger) mallets, but the straight back-and-through stroke these clubs promoted didn’t suit Thomas’s arced motion. I agree, I think the only reason it drew hate was because they went up and down about how it was a JT putter but it wasn't. after coring. People hate on it because it doesn’t have the cool slant neck where as other companies have theirs. I stand closer to the ball at address, so need a face-balanced type putter. Some might call the abundance of alignment features overkill, and these putters weren’t designed with them in mind. Cameron has struggle with this type of putter and think it continues with this. Steve – I am many things, but I don’t believe “naive” is one of them. Cameron fitted a Futura X5 with a flared neck for Thomas who toyed with it for a couple of months before finally putting it in his bag at the Barclays. And just when they start to feel really good about themselves, I hand them a golf club! × The feel and sound of these putters are hollow. I also like the alignment. I want it known the next model -Futura 5W- is an excellent putter. Great putter for me for 2 reasons --1. love the smaller head and 2. the less bend and bit of toe hang works great.....personally, it simply makes putts and is more forgiving than my Mil-Spec and Select Newports. More photos of the Toulon Design San Diego Stroke Lab putter (and other Toulon Stroke Lab putters) in the forums. Some like it firmer some like it softer, really? -change grip to Super Stroke 2.0 grip. I tend to prefer putters with softer lines, so it was no surprise to me that I liked the X5R. ie. “I added a leaned over, stainless steel half-neck spud that came off the topline and accepted a single bend shaft,” he says. Newer Post Older Post Home. But for the detail-oriented crowd the Cameron brand tends to attract, the two shaping options could be the difference between buying and not buying. But nothing beats my California DelMar that has been in the bag for over 3 years. I might send it in to be customized all black, but not a huge deal. Parallel lines denote the steps from the top lines of the putters to their midsections, and then from their midsections to their wing-back fins. You can post now and register later. Have a brand new 5.5 for you. p.s.   Your previous content has been restored. The Futura 5.5M (‘5’ is the size, .5 refers to the shorter shaft bend, and the “M” stands for MOI) has 3.5 degrees of loft, has a non-glare Silver Mist finish, two removable Stainless Steel sole weights, a stepless steel shaft, and black Matador mid-size grip. 2 -2 putts from 38 feet TM tour spider, odyssey 7s). I wouldn't say superior...I would just say different. The putter  feels and sounds great, much like the Miura KM-009 reviewed previously. Why did this putter draw hate? I don’t track stats but really like the feel through the stroke. I actually hit one today. The Futura X5 and the Futura X5R certainly fit that description, and use a winged-back design that has been popularized by other putter makers. ( i usually prefer plumber neck blades). Other companies have to do cool things to promote sales but Scotty has such a strong brand he doesn’t care. Labels: futura 5.5 M review, new scotty cameron putters, scotty cameron futura 5.5M, scotty cameron putters 2017. Hcp 19, i have bought the X5R in August and after 4 courses, I have established my best perfomances ever: 28 putts and +15. They offer a few different head shapes from small traditional blades to high MOI mallets and even a custom program to get exactly what you want. The Futura 5.5M has some toe hang also, but the head shape is different. In July 2016, while working on a GoPro promotion, Justin Thomas visited the Scotty Cameron studio in San Marcos, Calif. I thought it fit my stroke pretty well and I have never owned a Scotty Cameron. 3 -9 foot 1 putt On the green, the T Squared TS-713i really performs fantastic. I spent considerable time looking for this club. I just realized that the Scotty community is a bit hypocritical, because the "Inspired by Jordan Spieth" model putter was essentially just a 2014 select Newport 1 with like an "Aztec Gold" type finish. I always have liked darker finishes and this looks high end while still reducing glare in the brightest conditions. From a materials standpoint, the most notable feature of the X5 and X5R putters are their aluminum sole plates. Moreover, it is a beautiful putter! If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts. #GOLFTECGreats: Featuring some of GOLFTEC’s greatest tips and drills, Throughout GOLFTEC’s 25 year history, there have been many milestones and achievements we’ve been recognized for-Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Sports, Inc. 5000 List of.